A Guide to Playing Slots on the Strip

Whether you’re looking for the loosest slots in Las Vegas, a night of casual gambling or the casino with the most central location, check out our roundup of slots spots on the Strip. Visualize their exact location with our map of Las Vegas Strip 2024.

Paris Las Vegas Has the Best Atmosphere

With more than 1,700 slot machines set in a replica Parisian streetscape, Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino offers the overall best atmosphere on the Strip. Paris Las Vegas is in the heart of the Strip, which is perfect if you want to use the casino as a starting point for an adventurous night. The odds of winning at their slot machines are better than other central spots in Las Vegas.

Yet, the real reward is enjoying the property itself. You can play the slots, have an incredible meal and have a drink at any of their fantastic bars—all without stepping foot outside. Paris maintains the same excitement as other casinos in Vegas and has a unique, idyllic style that you won’t find anywhere else on the Strip. However if you are interested in leaving the property to explore, Vegas has no shortage of places to eat on the Strip.

Immerse yourself in the romantic charm of Paris right in the heart of Las Vegas by booking a room at the Paris Hotel online today. From the iconic Eiffel Tower views to exquisite dining and a bustling casino, this enchanting escape promises a truly unforgettable Las Vegas experience. Don’t miss the chance to live the Parisian dream in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip – reserve your room now!

Circus Circus Has the Loosest Slots on the Strip

Slots on the Strip at Circus Circus

Seasoned gamblers are concerned with the odds that they’ll see a payout while they play slots. This concept is called return to player, or RTP. It’s the casino’s win percentage depending on the likelihood that a player will win at their slot machines—a statistic that all casinos are required to report to the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

If you’re the kind of player who puts odds over luxury, then Circus Circus is perfect for you. Older casinos tend to have the best odds on the Strip, and Circus Circus generally has the highest RTP among them. It’s rumored that they may even have the loosest slots in Vegas.

If you want to do a deep dive on the loosest slots, you can check out the Nevada Gaming Commission’s in-depth reports. That said, high odds are really the main draw of Circus Circus. The facility itself is the most gritty of the famous Las Vegas casinos. If you don’t mind the less luxurious side of the Sin City gambling scene, head to the north end of the Strip and try your luck at Circus Circus.

Experience the excitement of Las Vegas on a budget while staying at Circus Circus Hotel. With its iconic amusement park, thrilling circus performances, and a range of affordable room options, booking online at Circus Circus guarantees an unforgettable and affordable adventure on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

O’Sheas at The LINQ Is Great for Casual Playing

O’Sheas might be small, but that’s only by Vegas standards. They offer 650 slot machines that tend to be pretty favorable to players, and the energy is its own beast. If you’re looking for novelty drinks, loud music and a wild time, then visit O’Sheas. You probably won’t be able to focus on your machine, but you don’t go to O’Sheas to concentrate. This Irish-style mini-casino is a place to visit with friends and embody the idea that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. O’Sheas is a come-as-you-are, casual spot where you can let loose and bet low. It’s connected to The Linq Hotel & Casino and has a second entrance on the Linq Promenade. The Linq Promenade also happens to be the center of many cool things to do on the Strip in Vegas.

If you’re interested in checking out the Linq Promenade, the Fly LINQ Zipline is the ultimate adventure. Save your money for the slots. Get a better deal when you bundle your tickets and hotel room.

Bellagio Has the Most Options

Bellagio Hotel & Casino advertises an excess of a whopping 2,300 slot machines on their grand casino floor, plus all the amenities you could want. The casino is beautiful, modeled after the ornate designs and rich colors of old European palaces. The casino as a whole tends to yield lower returns to players than less glamorous establishments north of the Strip. Still, several of their older machines have higher RTP rates. A Florida woman once won $1 million playing the Wheel of Fortune Machine at Bellagio.

Whether you win big or strike out, you should take some time to enjoy the luxury that draws so many visitors to Bellagio. With three Michelin Star-rated restaurants, a collection of luxury shops, gorgeous art and more, you may find yourself straying from the slot machines altogether. Their breakfast options including Sadelle’s cafe which is among the best breakfasts in Las Vegas is worth grabbing a bite at.

Bally’s Is Perfect for Players on a Budget

Bally’s is an old-school casino with loose slots and no-frills. Bally’s casino floor hasn’t changed much in the last two decades. Older slots tend to be more favorable toward players, so don’t overlook this casino in the center of the Strip. Bally’s has a vast collection of games, from classic casino slots to video poker machines. Choose your favorite older games or try your luck on more modern machines.

Even though it doesn’t offer the same amenities as its shiny, newer neighbors, Bally’s has plenty to offer. The drink service is fast, the food is cheap, and the selection of slot machines is solid. If you find yourself watching your wallet, head to Bally’s for some penny slots and pizza. Bally’s has recently rebranded to Horseshoe, but the sentiments still remain.

ARIA Has the Best High-Limit Room

If you’re going to the Strip to bet big bucks, the Spin High Limit Room at ARIA is a crucial stop. Spin has some of the best slots in Las Vegas, hands-down. As you venture farther into the high-limit lounge, the games become increasingly expensive to play. Each pull on their famous 7’s machine costs $5,000, so enter at your own risk. ARIA provides high rollers with the added luxuries of dedicated butlers, private restrooms and an exclusive dining area.

Even if you’re not planning to visit the Spin lounge, ARIA is still a great place to play slots. They have penny and dollar slots, as well as plenty of the standard high-return machines that frequent gamblers love. The casino is refreshingly smoke-free, thanks to its air purification system. The entire casino has been retrofitted to be as sustainable as possible. Even slot machines have been given an eco-friendly purpose as displacement ventilation systems.

Mandalay Bay Is the Best Summer Spot

If you mention Mandalay Bay to anyone in Vegas, you’ll likely get an earful about their aquatic playground. To be fair, the faux beach is excellent. This casino has a wide selection of slots—over 1,200 new and old machines—and an 11-acre waterpark. It’s the perfect place to spend a summer’s day because you can go from the beach to the casino floor in minutes.

With a more laid-back atmosphere than the more luxurious casinos on the Strip, no one will look twice if you’re sporting wet hair or flip-flops at the slot machines during the day. If you’re hoping to have some summer fun on the Strip, grab your bathing suit and check out Mandalay Bay. 

Wynn and Encore Are the Largest

Wynn and Encore casino

While Wynn and Encore technically aren’t in the same building, they might as well be. The twin casinos are owned and operated by Wynn Resorts and are located in a massive shared complex. The Wynn and Encore have over 110,000 square feet of gaming space combined. With such large casino floors, it’s no wonder that the complex has over 2,000 slot machines and table games to choose from. Whether you’re planning to spend a penny or $1,000, there’s a machine at the Wynn and Encore casino that you’ll enjoy.

Get in your steps while you gamble or check out any of the lavish amenities at the resort. The facility has an 18-hole golf course, several world-class dining options, and dozens of designer boutiques. There’s something for everyone at the Wynn and Encore Resort.

Gamble More than Slots on the Strip

Las Vegas is the mecca of gambling, casinos and the thrill of chance. Read more about each Las Vegas Strip casino and hotel and try your luck with Ultimate Texas Hold’Em odds, blackjack or craps.

Frequently Asked Questions About Slots on the Strip

What slot machines are hot on the Strip right now in 2024?

Several types of slot machines are always dependable, like Lucky 7 and Double Diamond. Read about the Las Vegas Strip casinos to get a glimpse into each casino’s slots.

What casinos have the loosest slots on the Las Vegas Strip?

While Circus Circus is famous for the loosest slots, other hotels such as Paris Las Vegas and New York-New York are safe bets for loose slots.

What Vegas Strip casinos have the Wheel of Fortune slot machine?

Harrah’s and Park MGM are a few Las Vegas Strip hotels and resorts that have the uber-lucky Wheel of Fortune slots.

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