The Secrets Of Caesars Palace

Between The Bellagio and The Mirage, guests slip back in time nearly 2,000 years after staring into the eyes of an imposing 20-foot statue of Augustus Caesar. The first Roman emperor serves as a spiritual guide for guests who navigate through the columns and statues of Caesars Palace. Founded in 1966, Caesars Palace was designed to give guests a glimpse into life during the Holy Roman Empire, from the wealth and extravagance of the high roller tables to a modern interpretation of The Colosseum, now a 4,296-seat theater where some of the greatest performers of recent history have maintained residencies including Frank Sinatra, Liberace, Celine Dion, Janet Jackson and Liza Minnelli.

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Head towards the smooth marble pillars on the Strip to experience the timeless features of Caesars Palace in the modern age.

Caesars Palace is now an iconic monument that rivals its own namesake in history, just in a modern and more democratized way. When Jay Sarno first started musing over the concept with Stanley Mallin and Jimmy Hoffa, the idea was to have each individual staying at the hotel feel like a Caesar, hence the lack of apostrophe, turning a possessive noun into a plural. Et tu, Brutus. Behind the columns and coats of marble, opulence took center stage to carry out their vision. During the opening ceremony held August 5, 1966, the real stars of the show were two tons of filet mignon, 50,000 glasses of champagne, the largest order of Ukrainian caviar ever placed by a private organization, and cocktail waitresses sporting Greco-Roman wigs armed with the phrase “Welcome to Caesars Palace, I am your slave,” whispered into the ear of each incoming guest.

In modern times, Caesars Palace is known for its Garden of the Gods pool complex spanning five acres, its shopping with high end stores lining both Appian Way and Shops at the Forum and its celebrity-headed restaurants including Bobby Flay’s Amalfi, Lisa Vanderpump’s Vanderpump Cocktail Garden, Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen and Nobu Matsuhisa’s largest-ever Nobu restaurant. But beyond the shops, venues, restaurants and casinos that Caesars Palace has long been recognized for, there are subtle secrets that slip through the cracks of this modern sprawling empire. They are hidden bits of history, tucked in secret lounges and private rooms that contain some of the most astonishing and ironically underrated elements of the hotel and resort. These are the secrets of Caesars Palace.

Visit Atlantis And See The Fish Of Las Vegas

Tucked away in the back of the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace lies a 50,000-gallon saltwater aquarium. The Atlantis Aquarium features over 500 tropical fish of different colors and species including stingrays and sharks. The spectacle is free and guests can watch the aquarists feed the fish during scheduled daily dives that take place at 1:15 p.m. and 5:15 p.m. Guests are also invited to take a complimentary below-the-scenes tour of the support facilities Monday through Friday at 3:15 p.m.

Inside Caeser's Palace near the aqarium
Get lost in the deep at Caesars Palace Aquarium

Qua’s Arctic Ice Room For Las Vegas Snow

Snow in Las Vegas? Only at Caesars Palace. In Qua’s Arctic Ice Room, snow gently descends down from a domed ceiling through mint-infused air chilled to 55 degrees. Featuring blue pebbles and mosaic tile walls, the Qua spa is 50,000 square feet, doubling the size of Caesars Palace next largest spa. With its combination of cold falling snow and heated benches and floors, the Arctic Ice Room is the only one of its kind in the world.

A woman in a bath towel enjoying the cold temperatures
Don’t get frozen out, experience the pleasure of Caesars Palace’s Ice Room

The Nobu Hotel, The Hotel Within The Hotel

A hotel within a hotel? The Nobu Hotel is located within Caesars Palace, but with Zen-infused rooms featuring minimalist designs, it feels like a resort all its own. The three-bedroom Nobu Villa is a massive 10,000 square feet, with a rooftop terrace overlooking the strip. But beyond the luxury rooms and calming atmosphere, it’s the food that keeps guests coming back for more. The Nobu Restaurant boasts an 11,200 square feet dining area with an adjacent lounge featuring a sushi bar and several private dining areas. But the hotel also prides itself on 24-hour room service. Guests can enjoy bento boxes, lobster bao buns and for those lucky enough to secure the penthouse suite, their own private sushi chef.

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Joe Louis Statue And The Home Of Champions

The only statue that might be able to take on Augustus Caesar’s in a gladiator-style fight would be the statue of Joe Louis, who stands proudly in front of Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill within Caesars Palace. A reminder of the glory days when the palace was dubbed “the Home of the Champions,” boxing matches occurred at Caesars Palace’s Thomas & Mack Center. Fighters of legendary status including Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes, Marvin Hagler and Sugar Ray Leonard all competed at the outdoor arena. Several WWE events have also taken place at the palace including WrestleMania IX.

The Secret Shrine Of A Hindu God

One of the more peculiar and international secrets of Caesars Palace is an outdoor shrine dedicated to the Hindu god Brahma located at the North end of the Roman Plaza near Hell’s Kitchen. The “four-faced” Brahma shrine was donated to Caesars Palace in 1984 and is a replica of a popular shrine located at the Erawan Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. Installed under the supervision of Buddhist monks, an inscription on the shrine reads: “The Brahma Shrine is renowned throughout the far east, to people of all faiths, as a place of prayer which in turn bestows prosperity and good fortune on those who come to visit and make their homes and wishes known.”

Exterior of Hell's kitchen in Las Vegas
Find your food heaven in Hell’s Kitchen, Las Vegas

Moving Statues

While moments from the past have been kept alive through the ambiance and setting of Caesars Palace, certain structures and statues have taken it to an all-new level. Head into Caesars Palace and go past the shops at the Forum towards the Cheesecake Factory restaurant. Near the aquarium, you’ll see several statues of imposing size. Every hour between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m., these statues and sculptures come to life. Moving freely through the use of special effects and animatronic figures, the statues recount the story of Atlantis and its demise. The event is free and fun for the whole family. Additional statues will also come to life at the Festival of Fountains located in front of the Tourneau Store.

Spot Celebrities At Omnia

Caesars Palace is also home to one of the most popular and star-studded clubs in Las Vegas. And although the club is well-known, the celebrity sightings still remain a coveted secret. The 75,000 square foot Omnia is one of the largest clubs on the strip. Within the domed four-story room modeled after a European opera house, the mezzanine-level private booths are lit by a 22,000 pound chandelier that synchronizes to the music of the dance floor. Enjoy a drink at the 50-foot-long bar outside and spot one of the many celebrities who like to attend the club. Justin Bieber held his 21st birthday at the club, and legendary DJs like Calvin Harris have been known to hop in for a surprise set throughout the night.

A large crowd are dancing inside a nightclub in Las Vegas
So good you’ll not stop raving about it, Omnia in Las Vegas

Become A Lost Toy In The Rugrats Escape Room

Looking for peak 90’s nostalgia? In 2021, a new escape room opened at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. Rugrats’ “Search for the Lost Toys,” is a well-kept secret that only true animation fans are aware of. In celebration of the show’s 30th anniversary, Nickelodeon teamed up with Caesars Palace to provide a new escape room based on the series. Visitors have 60 minutes to find all the lost toys, but in traditional fashion, Angelica has tricked the babies only to misplace her beloved Cynthis doll, too. Join Tommy and the gang as they recreate one of their classic adventures. The escape room is open daily between 9 a.m. and 11:45 p.m. and admission is $42.99.

Swim-up Gambling And A Hidden Pool

Caesars Palace is known for its sprawling five-acre selection of pools located throughout the hotel. The Gardens of the Gods Pool Oasis has cabanas, canopies, seven distinct swimming pools, an 18-foot-tall waterfall and several beautiful fountains, offered free to guests of the hotel. In between taking in the hand-crafted landscaping, the towering columns and poolside spa services, guests can swim up to gamble at the Fortuna Pool. Centrally located in the pool oasis, Fortuna is named after the goddess of luck, so it’s only fitting the pool features four black-jack swim-up tables with cocktails being served from the nearby pool bar. If you’re searching for the off-the-grid pool at Caesars Palace, head to the Apollo Pool. Tucked away in the southwest corner of the property, the Apollo Pool is away from the hustle and bustle of crowds at the hotel, making it the ideal pool for sunbathing and relaxing. It’s a well-kept secret.

A roman style swimming pool at Caeser's in Las Vegas
This dip will make your trip, at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

The Secret $35,000 Suites

What was once a hidden gem within the hotel is now a luxury suite that guests can stay in, if they’re willing to pay the price. The Anthology Suites and Villas contains two villas so secret, they still aren’t listed on their website. Part of the Laurel Collection villas, the Marcus Aurelius Villa and the Titus Villa have finally been made available to the public. The English-garden-inspired Titus is located behind a guarded entrance to the sequestered Octavius Tower. At 11,200 square feet, the suite contains its own bar, a dining area with a hand-painted mural, a master bathroom featuring an onyx tub adorned with golden fixtures, and a private garden featuring a 390 square foot private pool.
At the three-bedroom Marcus Aurelius Villa, the 9,500 square foot space offers several other luxury amenities including an exotic fish tank, a double-sided fireplace, a grand piano, a media room with theater seating, and a terrace with its own private fire pit and whirlpool tub. Despite the high price tag of over $35,000 and their hidden nature, the suites are always well-booked in advance.

Tie The Knot At The Classico Chapel

For those hoping to get married at Caesars Palace, the resort has you covered. This hidden chapel at the hotel offers a venue with a capacity of 196 people. It features stained glass windows and massive chandeliers that provide a unique and extravagant setting for the special day. In addition to the beautiful Classico chapel, there are also several others located throughout Caesars Palace including the Romano, Tuscana, Juno Garden, Venus Garden, Bella Lucce, the Bacchus pool and Temple pool, all of which offer an inspiring setting for the special day.

An outdoor wedding chapel in Caeser's Palace
Plan your dream wedding at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

Despite being one of the most popular hotels and destinations in Las Vegas, Caesars Palace has a variety of secrets still hidden within its Roman walls. No matter if this is your first time staying at the palace, or if you’re a long-time visitor who has seen it all already, these secrets showcase the grandeur and class that makes Caesars Palace special. So the next time you’re in Las Vegas, stop by the Palace and visit the secret shrines and spas located throughout the resort, and enjoy them, when in Rome. You’ll impress your friends and loved ones, surprising them with a trip to Vegas they won’t ever forget, just be sure to let them know, it’s still a secret.

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