Dive into The Spectacular SeaQuest Las Vegas

SeaQuest Las Vegas: A Zoo Aquarium Unlike Any Other

Las Vegas is known for being larger than life and SeaQuest Las Vegas pushes that concept to its ultimate limit. This hands-on zoo aquarium hybrid is a unique experience of fun, family and learning that will leave even the most seasoned traveler with a lasting memory. 

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This 20,000 square-foot adventure features animals from five continents all in one place and invites all guests to get up close and personal with the animals that reside within. Children will be over the moon and adults will feel like children again at the wonder of nature’s greatest treasures all gathered in one place.

The Animals You’ll Find At SeaQuest

Purple Sea Turtle SeaQuest Las Vegas

With so many hotels in Las Vegas becoming pet-friendly, no attraction anywhere near the Strip is as animal-friendly as SeaQuest. You can have hands-on interactions with otters, stingrays, caiman alligators, sloths, bengal cats, iguanas, sharks, wallabies and much more. This habitat is teeming with different species and the close-up attractions throughout will give any guest a lasting experience they will never forget.

The animals aren’t the only things guests can interact with. The “Meet The Mermaid” show is a big hit with those lucky enough to catch them on the weekends. Sleep with sharks. Plan a birthday party. Even take the Animal Whisperer Tour and become an expert in talking to all the creatures that call SeaQuest Vegas home.

What Do I Need To Know About Tickets for SeaQuest Las Vegas?

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When buying online, SeaQuest Las Vegas tickets start at $19.99 for general admission. The price is $13.99 for children ages two to 11. Those under two are always free as the official page notes that they believe “children interacting with wildlife fosters love and respect for animals and their environment.” Military and student prices wash out in the middle at $13.99.

Once inside, you can feed the animals with SeaQuests’s special feeding tokens. They come in starter packs of 15, 25, and 40. The final pack, with the highest percentage off, is the 60 pack. Of course, there are also passports and gift cards for those who can’t get enough of this unique experience.  

Looking for more fun during the day? Combine your SeaQuest Las Vegas and Las Vegas Natural History Museum trips for even more action-packed, kid-friendly fun.

Frequently-asked Questions about SeaQuest Las Vegas

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What Are the Hours for SeaQuest Las Vegas?

SeaQuest Las Vegas is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday, the hours are 11 a.m. to 9 a.m. On Sunday, they are open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The final admission is one hour prior to closing.

Is There Parking for SeaQuest Las Vegas?

In a city known for its multiple parking options, SeaQuest has some of the best parking options available. Guests can use the lot at the Boulevard Mall and spaces are usually plentiful.

Is There Food at SeaQuest Las Vegas?

While the animals are fed very well at SeaQuest Vegas, they aren’t known for feeding the people. However, the Boulevard Mall, connected to the attraction, is teeming with restaurants like Just Crack’n, La Taqueria Las Vegas, Red Rock Cafe, Steak & Spud Factory and more. There is plenty to choose from to tame your hunger.

What Animals Are at SeaQuest Las Vegas?

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Get ready to meet them all. The SeaQuest Las Vegas Zoo Aquarium houses otters, stingrays, caimna alligators, sloths, bangle cats, iguanas, sharks, wallabies and much more.

Do Kids Like SeaQuest Las Vegas?

The answer is a resounding yes. This unique Zoo Aquarium is one that both children and adults have been raving about for years, with many reviews noting that kids specifically love it. It is one of Las Vegas’ most family friendly attractions and won’t break the bank to enjoy it. It even offers birthday parties for little ones to commemorate the adventure as a lasting memory.

How Big Is SeaQuest Las Vegas?

At over 20,000 square feet and spanning five continents of animals, SeaQuest Las Vegas is huge. It’s not only an aquarium but a fully-functioning zoo to give guests plenty of space to explore and experience. 

How Far Is SeaQuest Las Vegas From the Las Vegas Strip?

You can get from the Last Vegas Strip to SeaQuest Las Vegas on South Maryland Parkway in just ten minutes. The ride is straightforward and easy to navigate for a great adventure off the Strip without venturing into unknown territory.

How Long Does It Take To Visit SeaQuest Las Vegas?

Most guests report that a full walk-through takes about two hours to feel as though you’ve experienced the attraction in full. While there are more things to do, that’s the average reported by those who have been there. Be sure to buy tickets beforehand to maximize time spent with the sea critters.

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