Visit The Fascinating REAL BODIES at Bally’s Exhibition

Experiencing the complex inner workings of our bodies up close may come as a shock to some, but when it’s presented in an engaging fashion, it serves to educate and inspire, which REAL BODIES at Bally’s achieves with its exhibition.

About REAL BODIES at Bally’s

still shot of REAL BODIES at Bally's of a cadaver with a football
image courtesy of Jen Avison Smith

REAL BODIES is a science exhibition located close to the Bally’s casino floor inside the hotel. As the name implies, the galleries on display are real human specimens set in various positions, as well as individual organs that show their characteristics apart from the rest. 

Hundreds of anatomical specimens are present at this refreshing and thought provoking exhibition. The bodies have been stripped down to bare muscles, bones and organs that are separated system by system across 11 rooms. It is a rare and intimate opportunity for guests to see the inner workings of human anatomy up close. 

Thoughtful Presentations

When walking through the exhibits, most of the cadavers on display are adults. However, a portion of the display contains parts from younger generations, in the aptly-named Beginnings room. There are clear signs to indicate the start and finish of this collection, so anyone looking to skip over this section is free to do so.

Immersive In Every Detail

The displayed “guests of honor” are not the only focal points that make up the exhibition. The decor at REAL BODIES has details worked in that illustrate the importance of the human form that are metaphorical in nature.

Take the air blowing through the Respiratory room. This is an intentional detail meant to emulate human breaths as guests look at real human lungs. In the Move room, a sheer curtain covers an entire human epidermis—or in layman’s terms, a skin—protecting the part on display, just like the skin protects the entire body. 

Think Outside The Body

Understanding how each system works together inside the body can be challenging. Anyone that has taken an anatomy class in high school can attest to that. Luckily, REAL BODIES has broken down how various systems work together with interactive features, and uses other objects to send messages about health and wellness.

A movable collection of gears represents the different muscle groups, showing how they function together—some better than others—in real time. Guests can spin the gears to see the effect they have on each other. 

In the Breathe room, a pair of lungs from a former smoker rests inside a glass case. A clear bin full of cigarette packs sits at the foot of the display. If anyone is inspired to kick the habit, they can drop their packs through the hole in the top and quit smoking on the spot.

a hand holding a preserved heart at REAL BODIES
image courtesy of Jen Avison Smith

An additional feature that is truly lovely—pun intended—is the lock bridge located in the Love room.

This nod to the famous Paris attraction represents how emotion can be shown outside the body through human action, as well as the emotions we show every day.

There is also some creative freedom in each area of the exhibition. The preservation took a colorful approach to the nervous system in the Rhythm room. The veins and capillaries are dyed with bright colors to illustrate the difference between oxygen-rich blood and deoxygenated blood, among other aspects.

Staying Current

In 2022, the pandemic is still at the forefront of conversation. REAL BODIES is aware of this, and is thorough in its discussion of COVID-19. Signs are present on the walls throughout the exhibits that discuss how COVID-19 affects parts of the body, and how guests can take action to prevent the spread. 

Visit REAL BODIES at Bally’s

Are you ready to experience the phenomenon that is—you? Tickets to REAL BODIES are available online and at Bally’s Hotel and Casino. This is a worthwhile attraction—no bones about it.

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Frequently Asked Questions About REAL BODIES at Bally’s

a figure running ay the REAL BODIES
image courtesy of Jen Avison Smith

Can I take photos at REAL BODIES?

Yes. REAL BODIES allows photography in almost every gallery area. Please read the signs and be respectful of photo allowances in certain rooms.

What are the hours for REAL BODIES?

REAL BODIES is open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Do I need a reservation for REAL BODIES?

No reservations are required. However, it is recommended that you buy your REAL BODIES tickets online before visiting the exhibition, to get the best deals and avoid any wait times.

How much are tickets for REAL BODIES?

Adult tickets cost around $33 and children’s tickets start at $21.

More FAQs About REAL BODIES at Bally’s

What are the bodies at REAL BODIES preserved in?

The process for preserving the bodies is often referred to as plastination. The cadavers are preserved in a liquid silicone rubber mix for several months prior to display.

Other systems, such as the respiratory systems, are set in a mix of formolene and distilled water. 

For more educational exhibits, check out some of the museums on the Strip.

Can I touch the bodies in the REAL BODIES exhibit?

No. Patrons are not allowed to touch the bodies and specimens on display.

Where do the bodies come from?

The specimens at this Bally’s museum were ethically sourced and generously donated from the exhibition’s medical university partners overseas.

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