How to Navigate the Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs (2023)

The name “Sin City” is truly embodied off of the Las Vegas Strip. While there are no actual strip clubs on the Las Vegas Strip, visiting the adjacent streets will yield several spots to get a lap dance, have a drink or hang out for some adult entertainment. Las Vegas has the best strip clubs in the country and what the clubs offer go unmatched anywhere else. Whether you’re a large group, looking for a vip room, or a bachelor party you will not be dissapointed.

Need help finding the most popular strip clubs in Las Vegas? Find them on our Las Vegas Strip map.

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How to Visit Las Vegas Strip Clubs

There are some hard-and-fast rules for visiting Las Vegas Strip Clubs. Next time the night demands beautiful women at a gentlemen’s club, keep these tips in mind.

Bring cash

Whether you’re sitting at a VIP table or just along for the ride, bring enough cash to tip the dancers and servers. The Las Vegas strip club industry prefers cash for its dancers and staff, so be prepared to spend money on more than just craft cocktails. Lap dances are paid experiences as well, just like visits to VIP rooms and bottle service. The minimum sits around $20 for a lap dance, and the dancers price themselves accordingly for private events and VIP room dances.

Don’t show up for amateur night — they don’t exist

Las Vegas strip clubs don’t operate the same way as the rest of the country’s clubs. Strippers and dancers need to obtain sheriff’s cards and other documentation in order to work. Expect nothing but professional service when visiting a Las Vegas strip club.

Dress accordingly

Unlike much of the Strip, strip clubs have dress codes. Make sure your group comes in their best attire. For women, cocktail dresses are a safe approach, along with heels or stilettos. Avoid dresses with large cutouts or rips. Men should wear presentable jeans or pants.

General don’ts for clothes are jersey shirts and ripped jeans, flip-flops, t-shirts and sweatpants.

Be respectful of dancers

There are scores of gorgeous girls all over Las Vegas Strip Clubs. Their time and boundaries are important. Before asking for a VIP room trip or a private dance, talk to them about your expectations.

Take advantage of the free ride

A stretch limousine reflecting the lights of Las Vegas

Many strip clubs offer free transportation between your hotel and the venue. This bodes better than showing up in an Uber or taxi. If you’re traveling with a large group or are staying in a hotel on the Strip, call the strip clubs you plan on visiting to inquire about their services.

Read on to decide between the best Las Vegas strip clubs by preluding it with some amazing things to do in Las Vegas.

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club

Hustler is home to one of the many Las Vegas Strip clubs

Ready to visit the Las Vegas strip club that inspired the magazine?

Hustler Club is the embodiment of Larry Flynt’s many undertakings. Move between multiple stages to experience one of the top strip clubs in Las Vegas — or take in the strippers flying around one of the longest dance poles on the market. Three floors make up Hustler, and the club features VIP packages for couples and bachelor parties, in addition to some take-home extras in the retail section.

The Library Gentlemen’s Club

Retreat into one of the VIP rooms at The Library Gentlemen’s Club. Formerly the home of Cheetah’s, one of the more iconic Las Vegas strip clubs back in the day, The Library swooped in for the best bachelor party experience money can buy.

Palomino Club

This is the only strip club in Las Vegas that features totally nude dancers — and yes, drinking is present. Most strip clubs that host fully nude entertainment don’t allow drinking on the premises, but Palomino Club allows it. It’s also one of the more casual strip clubs in Las Vegas in terms of dress code, only excluding sportswear. Head to north Las Vegas to get a taste of this club.

Crazy Horse III

Crazy Horse III is located right near Allegiant Stadium, making it the best gentlemen’s club to host the “official unofficial after party” following a Raiders game. Crazy Horse III — or CH3 —features a full bar that stretches over 50 feet across the floor, making it easy to snag one of their signature craft cocktails. Special events carry everything from sports nights to bachelor parties.

Crazy Horse III is one of the only strip club experiences open 24 hours in Las Vegas.

Diamond Cabaret

Check in for an overnight 9-5 shift at Diamond Cabaret. This intimate space touts itself as the best strip club for VIP room experiences.

Peppermint Hippo

One of the newest strip club locations in Las Vegas has an interesting history. In addition to being a close relative of another club franchise in town, some might recognize the distinctive name from a certain South Park episode. The second floor was originally meant to house VIP rooms, but the fun has migrated to the downstairs — and the figure taking the VIP stage is Pepper, the giant hippo statue sitting front and center in the lobby.

Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club

One of the newest Las Vegas strip clubs is a bit of a mystery. Opened August 12th, 2022 and is becoming an increasingly popular spot.

Little Darlings

The Little Darlings Las Vegas strip club lit up at night

Little Darlings has the best billboard signage in the city, and underneath the went-there jokes lives one of the best strip clubs in Las Vegas. No booze is allowed, but there’s no shortage of “girl next door” type dancers to make the vibe fun and lighthearted.

Little Darlings offers a unique non-alcoholic champagne bottle service, and their services and prices are clearly listed.

Girl Collection

The name delivers as it implies. Find your next dream girl at Floyd Mayweather’s strip club — or find Money himself after a session at his neighboring boxing gym. Girl Collection has its signature “Red Zone” positioned on the side of the dance floor, as well as a combination of VIP rooms that feature private stages and premium bottle service.

Treasures Gentlemen’s Club

Leave it to a Las Vegas gentleman’s club to feature a steakhouse. Treasures is a full-service restaurant in addition to a Las Vegas strip club, putting on upscale airs to the strip club experience. Enjoy a meal of steak, seafood and a “chef’s special” dessert before or after a trip to the club, where lap dances and VIP bottle service await for overnight action.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the complimentary limo service.

The Library

The Library is a more traditional full nudity location, which means that no alcohol is served. However, that doesn’t stop the club from being a wildly popular spot.

Deja Vu Showgirls

This strip club does it all, from shopping to strippers and bed dances to boot. There are two Deja Vu locations, each offering its own perks. This is not only exclusive to the stripping side. Deja Vu also offers pole dance classes tucked into the back of the adult store that the strip club lives next to.

Spearmint Rhino

Looking to enjoy a bachelor party at one of the classic strip clubs in Las Vegas? Spearmint Rhino is one of the most well-known strip club franchises in the country. The inspiration for their name was simply to stand out from the other clubs, and the novelty has attracted high-profile celebrity guests and other Las Vegas high rollers.

There are over 30 Spearmint Rhino locations across the US.


Scores has two floors of adult entertainment, with its roots stemming from several New England locations. This Las Vegas strip club has its own private room dubbed the Champagne Room, which is available to rent for 60 minutes at a time. Request a free limo ride to get in on the action, where the dancers and guests are all treated like family.


Centerfolds is home to the sexiest girls in Las Vegas. Voted one of the “best strip clubs in Las Vegas,” their offerings range from 15-minute warmup bottle packages to standard lap dances in the main room. This strip club is also home to A Touch of Burlesque, a weekly burlesque show featuring the hottest girls and the best local talent. Read more about Las Vegas burlesque shows to continue the classic entertainment for the evening.

Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club

The Sapphire Gentlemen's Club empty front lobby

The largest strip club in Vegas is home to over 70,000 square feet of space of VIP bar space. The signature experience is the rooftop pool party, with “toptional” choices and a variety of packages.

For the ladies, Sapphire also hosts Sapphire Men, a male revue that caters to bachelorette experiences. All of this can be found at the largest gentlemen’s club in the city.

Sin City lit up at night

Frequently Asked Questions About Las Vegas Strip Clubs

How much do Las Vegas strip clubs cost?

The amount paid at the door of a strip club depends on the services purchased. Entrance fees at Spearmint Rhino sit at $20 before 5 PM and $50 after that. Anyone who books a limo or valet service may receive complimentary entry — or even a free drink or two.

What are the best strip clubs in Las Vegas?

There are several locations to fully enjoy the strip club experience. The best strip clubs in Las Vegas are right by the Vegas Strip.

Can I get a lap dance at a strip club?

Yes. Getting a lap dance in Sin City is quite easy. Talk to the dancer in question about her pricing, or request one through an employee.

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