Complete Guide To Las Vegas Roller Coasters

Take the plunge on Las Vegas roller coasters on your next trip

There are so many things to do in Las Vegas that it will make your head spin. When it comes to activities for thrills, that statement takes on a whole new—and very literal—meaning. For four decades, Vegas has been sending tourists and locals alike on a ride that has left them head over heels.

These roller coasters, while part of hotels and resorts, often involve the purchase of a ride pass, day pass or ticket to the theme park section. Wristbands and vouchers might be required before you let the ride begin. Luckily, most prices are reasonable enough that you won’t be screaming when you open your wallet.

See the Las Vegas Strip Sights at The STRAT

Big Shot

Big Shot, Las Vegas

Do you think you’re a Big Shot? If so, you can prove it atop The STRAT Hotel’s Skypod. This massive thrill ride sends the adventurous 160 feet into the air within seconds at speeds of 45 miles per hour. After just a few brief moments of serenity, looking down on the Las Vegas Valley, you’re plunged right back down towards the ground below.

Then, if that’s not enough, it does it again. Yes. Again. Prepare yourself.

This heart-pounding tour of Las Vegas is 4Gs worth of force with your legs freely dangling below. The symbolic ride of excitement brings you up and down in record time, leaving high-rollers breathless by the end. If that doesn’t mimic the life of a true Las Vegas Big Shot, nothing does.

Opened in April 1996 to a massive VIP gala opening, the Big Shot actually predates The STRAT Hotel casino by one day. It was one of the original rides to open at the location and generated the most buzz from those in attendance. It’s a buzz that’s still reverberating to this day, decades later.

Don’t forget to visit the observation deck to recover from the fun of having your feet over the edge of the building.

And if that’s not enough to get your blood flowing, experience the adrenaline rush of SkyJump — an open-air free fall from 829 feet above the Strip. SkyJump has the Guinness World Record as the highest commercial decelerator descent facility and will make your heart race as you plummet toward the landing pad at speeds exceeding 40 mph.

Dare to defy gravity and experience the thrill of a lifetime by riding the SkyJump in Las Vegas. Plummeting from the Stratosphere Tower is an adrenaline rush you’ll never forget!

If you’re still looking to book a hotel for your ultimate thrill seeking weekend in Las Vegas, The Strat is a great choice. Not only does it offer a prime location with easy access to the adrenaline-pumping roller coasters at the Strat’s amusement park, but it also provides comfortable accommodations and stunning views of the Las Vegas Strip, making it the perfect place to rest and recharge after a thrilling day of coaster rides. Plus, the convenience of having these exhilarating attractions right at your doorstep is an experience like no other.


X-Scream Las Vegas

You may think you’re a big deal, but you might not feel like one after the X-Scream. This coaster goes right for the screaming jugular as it tilts riders from the very edge of the SkyPod, 866 feet in the air, and sends them head-first nearly 30 feet below. That’s when screamers are left dangling above the famous Las Vegas strip, like stunned superheroes, before doing it all over again.

Since 2003, this terrifying ride has been striking fear in the hearts of those brave enough to ride it and left them coming back for more. With four independent locking mechanisms on each seat and titanium restraining bars, this attraction has been through vigorous testing. Still, one thing is for sure. We all scream for X-Scream. You will too.

Thrill Rides and the Adventuredome at Circus Circus

Canyon Blaster

image courtesy of Mass Media

Why cruise the canyon when you can blast it? The Canyon Blaster at Circus Circus has been around so long that it’s practically an institution. Since 1993, this massive structure, originally designed to emulate the Dutch Python coaster, not only puts you through loops and a double corkscrew—it does it twice.

Featured in films like Baby Geniuses and even used by magician Criss Angel on his show Mindfreak, it’s almost a right of passage for roller coaster thrill-seekers. The double dose of intensity takes riders into the famous Adventuredome theme park at 55 miles per hour and ensures an unforgettable experience.

“This is a Vegas classic yet somehow never gets old. It’s one of my favorite roller coasters.”

Jenna @ OnTheStrip

El Loco

image courtesy of Mass Media

Feeling a little loco? Then you can double dip your toes of adventure at Circus Circus by going from the Canyon Blaster over to its crazy cousin, El Loco. This coaster may be newer than the Blaster with a 2014 launch date, but it has a history built right in as it uses parts from the legendary Rim Runner, which closed the year before its launch.

Known for its “beyond vertical” initial drop, this inversion coaster is famous for its shocking turns and high-energy mix of music. Named one of USA Today’s Ten Most Anticipated Rides of 2014, it lived up to the hype and has taken riders to a whole new level for nearly ten years and counting.

Explore the Concrete Jungle at New York-New York

The Big Apple Coaster

Big Apple Roller Coaster
image courtesy of MGM

It’s the casino so nice they named it twice. New York may be the city that never sleeps, but with a three-hour time difference, its Las Vegas namesake is still wide awake when its East Coast neighbor turns off the lights for the night. Those yearning for that Big Apple excitement can find it in the heart of New York-New York with the Big Apple Coaster, a ride that promises to deliver 4D entertainment like nothing else.

A truly interactive experience, this ground-breaking attraction hits over 67 miles per hour complete with a 180-degree heartline twist before dropping over 200 feet. The ride itself clocks in at $15 for a single adult fair, but for $20, you get the virtual reality experience which is virtually breathtaking.

Be aware, unlike the 48-inch height requirement on many rides of its magnitude, The Big Apple Coaster requires guests to be at least 54 inches.

Before I ever rode this roller coaster, I heard it goes through the actual casino which I had a hard time believing but IT REALLY DOES!!! This is a truly unique roller coaster ride that I highly recommend.

Jenna @ OnTheStrip

More Thrill Rides in Las Vegas

The Strip is essentially a giant theme park in and unto itself. There are more exciting things to do in Las Vegas for thrill seekers that extend beyond the traditional coasters, and are a perfect way to get the adrenaline pumping.


Insanity, Las Vegas

This giant claw in the sky is also attached to The STRAT. Spin through the air while you look out on the Strip from a height of almost 900 feet in the air.

Get ready for a jaw-dropping experience on the Insanity ride at the Strat in Las Vegas. Suspended over the edge of the tower, it’s a thrilling ride that will test your nerves and leave you with unforgettable memories!

The LINQ High Roller at The LINQ

a rainbow shot of The LINQ High Roller at night

Jump onto one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world to gaze out at the beautiful desert landscape surrounding the Las Vegas Strip. Explore The LINQ High Roller at The LINQ hotel for a thrill that is more tranquil than terrifying.

Buy LINQ High Roller Tickets!

VooDoo Zipline

While not a traditional roller coaster, a zipline offers the same accelerated fun as a top speed thrill ride. The Voodoo Zipline is a rare commodity on the Strip, with the FlyLINQ Zipline as the only other choice for ziplining on and near the famous Boulevard.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

If you’re seeking the thrill of skydiving without the need to leap out of a perfectly good airplane, indoor skydiving may be just what you’re looking for. At Vegas Indoor Skydiving, you can experience the absolute thrill of skydiving without needing to strap on a parachute. Being the original indoor skydiving facility in America, there’s no better way to challenge gravity and get your adrenaline pumping. With winds reaching up to 120 mph generated by a powerful 1000-horsepower motor, you can float, fly, and simulate a free fall like no other.

Take the plunge at Vegas Indoor Skydiving!


NebulaZ Las Vegas
image courtesy of Mass Media

A new ride on the Strip is located in the heart of theme park fun at Adventuredome. Sit alongside your family and travel in loops without inverting.

Fun Dungeon Arcade

Tired of gambling? Take your cash to one of the arcades on the Strip for some ground level fun.

Some of the other arcades are at New York-New York and Level Up inside the MGM Grand. Read more about the arcades on the Strip for more coin-operated fun.

FlyOver Las Vegas

men pointing on a thrill ride
image courtesy of FlyOver

Get swept away in the splendor of nature at FlyOver, a ride that lets you see the world in a whole new way.

This immersive exhibit is like riding a roller coaster over the planet. Enjoy the feeling of your feet over the edge of your, seat as you plunge over hills and fly through some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes.

FlyOver is located near Hard Rock Cafe and Fashion Show Mall.

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the skies of Las Vegas at the FlyOver attraction. With stunning visuals and immersive effects, it’s the perfect way to soar above iconic landmarks and experience the city in a whole new way that will leave you awe-inspired and thrilled. Don’t miss out on this unique adventure!

Ready to Ride Every Roller Coaster in Las Vegas?

Just like roller coasters go up and down in a split second, so do the rules, requirements and start times for rides and attractions. All the information you see here will help you find the most exhilarating coasters in Las Vegas. Of course, always check to ensure that accessibility and hours of operation haven’t changed.

For those with prohibitive medical conditions, there are other avenues for entertainment besides roller coasters. Could we interest you in some of the best shows on the Strip, perhaps?

Frequently Asked Questions About Every Las Vegas Roller Coaster

What is the best Las Vegas roller coaster?

Roller coasters are like watches. Each one is personal to your preference. We recommend all the roller coasters in this article. Vegas visitors may prefer the classic roller coaster—where riders travel on a track with loops and dips—while others may prefer to fly through the air on a zipline.

What hotel on the Strip have roller coasters in Las Vegas?

Several middle Strip hotels are famous for their thrill rides. Besides Circus Circus, New York-New York has a roster of rides to appeal to all age groups. The STRAT is a one-stop shop for scary, sensational attractions for riders to visit on their next Vegas trip.

How many roller coasters are in Las Vegas?

Traditional track rides are a commodity in Sin City, but there are about a dozen thrill rides on Las Vegas Blvd.

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