The Best 13 Immersive Exhibits in Las Vegas

Mind-bending exhibits are popping up all over Las Vegas. Many fall under the umbrella of immersive, meaning that the senses are challenged and the effects are extreme — and participation is encouraged. 

In the vein of ever-evolving offerings, some of these immersive exhibits in Las Vegas are only available for a limited time. Check out current favorites on our list, as well as on our map of the Las Vegas Strip to scout locations for all activities.


Cost: Tickets start at $35

Let’s start with the obvious. Illuminarium is huge, which makes it the perfect place to broadcast the vast caverns of space, life-sized wildlife and even sporting events like the Super Bowl onto a massive canvas. The warehouse-sized exhibit space even hosts its own nightlife events, mostly in the form of its ULTRA lounge on Saturday nights.

Why it’s immersive: Cardio is included. Jump around to break up space rocks like the floor is lava in the SPACE exhibit.

Don’t confuse this ULTRA lounge with ALIBI Ultra Lounge — one of the sought-after Las Vegas nightclubs — inside ARIA Resort & Casino.

Immersive Van Gogh at Shops at Crystals

Cost: Sale prices are $21 plus taxes and fees

One of the greatest artists in history is memorialized in this leisurely exhibit inside The Shops at Crystals. Famous works like “The Starry Night” and “Almond Blossoms” are modified and enhanced to create a dazzling display that runs for about 30 minutes. Hurry in to see it before it’s gone.

Why it’s immersive: Gorgeous changing visuals of flowers and landscapes change to a calming cadence that’s easy on the senses.

Wink World

Wink World immersive exhibits in las vegas

Cost: Adult tickets are $18 while discount tickets are $14. Add on 3D glasses for $2.50.

Six psychedelic rooms with funhouse mirrors and various sensory enhancements let guests know right away what the &%$# Wink World is. Created by visionary Chris Wink — Chief Creative Officer and one of three co-founders of the Blue Man Group — this mind-bending experience is a classic in its own rite.

Why it’s immersive: Wink World is more than a colorful walking path. This funhouse drug trip provides 3D glasses to add another layer of absorption to the art around.

Mayfair Supper Club

Cost: Expect to spend over $100 per person on drinks, dishes and desserts.

Pomp and prestige reign supreme at Mayfair Supper Club. Nodding to the glamorous age of Las Vegas and the golden, glinting flapper era yesteryear, live music and delicious fare are on the agenda.

Why it’s immersive: This is the ultimate “dinner and a show” outing that seduces and serenades.

Omega Mart

Cost: General admission starts at $59. Nevada residents receive a discount.

This otherworldly supermarket is where creativity breeds. Whether an errand at Omega Mart demands simple shopping, a progressive mystery tour to uncover the truth behind corporate’s schemes or checking out the hidden speakeasy, hours are guaranteed to be spent here.

Why it’s immersive: This is an experience you can reach out and touch — to see which merchandise is bolted down and what is available for purchase. 

Museum Fiasco

Cost: Adults pay $18 and discount tickets run for $12.

Bite-sized exhibits give enough space for some Insta-worthy photo opportunities. Spending twelve minutes inside Museum Fiasco affords aesthetic pillars of flashing lights and other dangling displays for a visual feast.

Why it’s immersive: Reach out and touch the fog that spills around the room. It’s like being inside a DJ booth at a rave.

Flyover Las Vegas

Cost: Single ride tickets are $36 while double rides are $67. Discounts apply for children and locals. Drink packages are also available for all adult tickets.

The same company that produced Soarin’ Over California at California Adventures theme park brings a smorgasbord of flights to Las Vegas Strip guests. Enjoy the craggy peaks of the Canadian Rockies or the vibrant terrain of Iceland, all from dangling seats suspended above a curved screen.

Why it’s immersive: This scratches that wanderlust itch. Past exhibits have included Iceland and the Canadian Rockies.

Ultimate 4D Experience

Cost: Single tickets start at $12 while day passes go for $20.

Not all immersive exhibits in Las Vegas are geared towards adults. This kid-friendly feature at Excalibur features many Marvel favorites and familiar celebrity faces through the guise of a four-dimensional platform.

Why it’s immersive: It’s 4D. The only thing more involved than that is real life.

Zero Latency VR

Cost: Groups of up to 8 people pay $50 per person.

This is no ordinary gaming arena. Slap on curated VR glasses to kill zombies, navigate global plagues and solve mysteries in a fantasy wonderland. Four universes’ worth of games are available through this international franchise of fun.

Why it’s immersive: Virtual reality creates 360-degree environments in a “free-roam” setting.

Escape Rooms

Cost: Varies.

For the ultimate immersive experience, dive into the turbulent mystery of an escape room. Themes like Bugsy’s Nightmare at Way of Escape and XXX adult-themed settings at Deja Vu — set in the same location as one of the famous Vegas strip clubs — bring variety and excitement to any outing. 

Why they’re immersive: Escaping means picking up props, roving through the sets and getting up close and personal with whatever the tasks the rooms demand.

Disney Animation

Cost: $30 per person

The same company that brought Immersive Van Gogh to Vegas is bringing the magic of Disney to Shops at Crystals. According to sneak peeks on the site, color-changing wristbands and interactive sing-alongs are just a few features Disney fans of all ages can expect.

Why it’s immersive: This is the chance to walk through Walt’s office and see the sketches that brought your favorite animated characters to life.

Lost Spirits Distillery

Cost: General tickets start at $59. Local tickets go for $49. Lower rates apply for Day Drinking With Magicians.

Lost Spirits made headlines with its performance rosters and sexy, nautical ambiance — which is why it should be on everyone’s must-do Las Vegas list. The dishes at the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Dinner — a 16-course adventure curated by chef Taylor Persh — constitutes a once-in-a-lifetime evening.

Why it’s immersive: Disney adults will lose their minds at the Pirates of the Caribbean vibes in the onsite rum distillery — where the rum isn’t gone. Drink up, me hearties, yo-ho.

Don’t Forget To Get Your Tickets In Advance

More Immersive Exhibits in Las Vegas

On the tamer side of entertainment, art museums and historical exhibits are folded into the culture of the Las Vegas Strip and beyond. For more information on the following fixtures, read about more Las Vegas exhibits.

Discovering King Tut’s Tomb

Learn about the intense ornamentation of mummies and King Tut’s initial discovery over 100 years ago, from embalming to excavations.

Princess Diana: A Tribute Exhibition

Over 700 artifacts and homages to the late princess are available for viewing inside The Shops at Crystals, alongside other exhibits and luxury shopping.

Titanic Exhibit:

What was once meant to be a temporary exhibit still resides inside Luxor Hotel years later. Actual artifacts from The Unsinkable Ship are on display, to coincide with the plaques bearing history from survivors and decades past.

Real Bodies at Horseshoe Las Vegas

Preserved figures teach curious audiences about the wonders of the human body. Another like-minded exhibit lives inside BODIES at Luxor. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Las Vegas Immersive Exhibits

What are immersive exhibits in Vegas now?

A new Disney display has joined favorites like Immersive Van Gogh and Illuminarium.

How long is the immersive Van Gogh experience in Las Vegas?

Most people get a full experience from 30 minutes of viewing time — although ticket holders can stay through several cycles to soak in the splendor.

Are there two Van Gogh immersive exhibits in Las Vegas?

Not anymore. There used to be an exhibit at AREA15, and now the current one lives at ARIA Resort & Casino’s very own shopping center. 

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