Ride Fly LINQ Zipline on the Las Vegas Strip for Amazing Views

Ride “The Only Zipline on the Las Vegas Strip”

The LINQ is known for giving visitors a chance to see the Las Vegas Strip from an unrivaled vantage point. A big reason is the Fly LINQ Zipline.

wide shot of Fly LINQ Zipline building
image courtesy of Caesars and Erik Kabik Photography | erikkabik.com

As the only zipline on the Strip, Fly LINQ takes riders 12 stories above the LINQ Promenade and takes them on a ride across Vegas that is unlike anything else.

114 feet in the air, this soaring adventure can reach up to 35 miles per hour and spans over 1,000 feet in distance. Las Vegas is about fast living and exhilarating experiences. When in Vegas, do as the Vegas people do. There’s no better way to replicate the feeling of excitement that comes with hitting a jackpot like speeding across the Strip with nothing but a strap to your back and the wind at your feet.

Is the LINQ Zipline the Best Zipline in Las Vegas?

people strapped into the Fly LINQ Zipline
image courtesy of Caesars

Of course, everything is relative. People have their own opinions. Tastes differ. All that said—yes. It’s the best. The LINQ Zipline is commonly known as the best zipline in Las Vegas.

Not only was it the first, but it continues to be the lone zipline on the Strip. You not only get to see the open-air shopping and beauty of the Strip itself from high above, but you find yourself careening towards The LINQ High Roller, another Las Vegas Strip landmark. No matter how long your stay in Vegas is, those 45 seconds will be some of the most unforgettable.

The LINQ Las Vegas (from USD $32 )

The LINQ, originally built as the Imperial Palace in 1959, has been reborn into a great, cost-effective hotel at the center of the Las Vegas Strip.

Affordable, Accessible and Good for Large Groups

several people in red and blue outfits on the zipline
image courtesy of Caesars

Tickets for the zipline start at an affordable rate and with 10 zip lines side by side, you can bring a whole crew with you. For those adrenaline junkies who would rather avoid waiting on line for their friends to go first, it’s the perfect adventure to suit all at once.

One of the best parts is that, as you cross the finish line, the operators take an action shot of you for an unbeatable souvenir. Now you can see Vegas from an unimaginable vantage point and your friends can see you too, through the photo on your wall. So, fly to Vegas and then fly across Vegas. The LINQ Zipline is a must-visit attraction on any itinerary. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Fly LINQ Zipline

Fly LINQ zipline sign and building at dusk
via Shutterstock

Are There Weight Limits for the Zipline?

Yes, there are weight limitations for riders of the LINQ Zipline. The minimum a rider must weigh is 60 pounds and the maximum weight a rider can be is 300 pounds.

Are There Height Limits for the Zipline?

The maximum height a guest can be to ride the zipline is 6’8″. The minimum height allowed is 40 inches. Break out the tape measure before suiting up.

Are There Age Limits for the Fly LINQ Zipline?

Those under 17 years of age must have a parent or guardian over the age of 18 to sign their waiver prior to flying. Those who are 12 or under must be accompanied by a rider over the age of 13 in order to board.

What Is the Price for Fly LINQ Tickets?

Due to possible lines, it is suggested to reserve your spot beforehand and buy tickets for Fly LINQ Zipline online before arriving. One ticket runs for $30. Kiosks, will-call and other avenues are available to purchase tickets the day of your ride.

For the ultimate LINQ experience, combine your trip with a ride on The LINQ High Roller and Fly LINQ Zipline to see the Strip from all angles.

long shot of several people on the fly LINQ zipline
image courtesy of Caesars

What Time Does the Fly LINQ Zipline Open?

The LINQ Zipline is open from Thursday to Monday, 2 p.m. until 10 p.m.

Can I Wear Flip Flops on the Fly LINQ Zipline?

Flip-flops, sandals, sunglasses and loose accessories are not recommended as they could fall off, creating a hazard for fellow riders and those walking around the ground below.

Guests are also provided a bag to hold their unsecured items prior to boarding.

What Is There To Do Near the Fly LINQ Zipline?

This attraction is located right at the LINQ Promenade. So riders can make a day of the event by riding the High Roller, visiting the Minus 5 Icebar, or going to a number of different restaurants, shops and casinos right on the Las Vegas Strip.

Can I Get Fly LINQ Souvenirs?

Yes. There are plenty of souvenirs and gifts to help create memories from your experience right at the Sky Shop at The LINQ.

Ready to Zip Across the Strip?

Don’t let the chance to experience Vegas from above fly away. Get on the attraction faster and buy your zipline ticket online to skip the line.

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