Is There Bingo on the Strip? (5 Best Places to Play)

Are you looking for a fun way to spend time on the Vegas Strip? Bingo always sounds like a great option. However, there is no live bingo on the Strip. In some of the casinos, you might find some Vegas strip slot machines that mimic a bingo game but that’s not what we want.

We want live bingo, with bonuses, extra jackpots and opportunities for side games that can pay out even more.

If you are looking for the real thing, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here are five of the best places to play bingo in Las Vegas.

Where to Find Bingo in Las Vegas

1. Palace Station Bingo

Palace Station bingo sign

Palace Station Bingo is one of the most popular bingo rooms in Vegas.

It’s also got some of the best odds, with $100 jackpots on every game and side games that payout even more often than not. It has big-time bonuses here too – Palace Station always gives away at least three progressive jackpots every night.

The room is always packed with people and has a fun, Vegas-style atmosphere. On the other end, they offer a Senior Sundays Bingo Special on six different games on Sundays.

If you’re looking for some bingo action on the Strip—or close to it—Palace Station is a good bet.

2. Boulder Station Bingo

Boulder Station bingo hall

Boulder Station is a smaller casino, but it’s got a massive bingo hall. It’s one of the few places in Vegas that offers sessions starting at 11 a.m. and going all the way until midnight. It also offers some great Station Casino promotions, including $500 jackpots on Wednesday nights.

The room is always well-attended and it’s got a super-casual vibe. It might not be the biggest or fanciest bingo hall in town, but Boulder Station Bingo is worth checking out if you’re looking for some late-night games. They also have a good selection of food, so you won’t go hungry while playing.

3. Red Rock Bingo

Bingo at red rock casino

This resort is newly renovated and the Red Rock bingo hall received an upgrade in the renovation as well. It can seat over 600 and has at least eight bingo sessions daily.

The room is always buzzing and they’ve got some of the best jackpots in town—up to $2000 on select games. They also offer special bingo promotions throughout the year and themed bingo nights with bigger cash prizes.

If you’re looking for a modern bingo hall with comfortable seating, Red Rock is the place to go.

4. Bingo at South Point

South Point is a casino that’s located farther off the Strip, but it has one of the most popular bingo halls in town— and it always gets packed on weekends. They’ve got Cash ball jackpots every day that reach over $1,000 per game, along with frequent side games offering even more opportunities to win money at their bingo hall.

They’ve got a good selection of games and South Point bingo sessions run until midnight every day – so you can keep playing for quite some time here before having to call it quits.

5. Plaza Hotel & Casino

The Plaza is one of the oldest casinos in Vegas, and it also has one of the best bingo halls. With over 350 seats and games starting as early as 9 a.m. and going until 11 p.m., the Plaza bingo sessions are for everyone. They’ve also got some of the best jackpots in town, with games regularly paying out $2000 or more.

They offer a variety of promotions, including progressive jackpots and special themed nights. Plus, their hall is always full of locals, so you can feel like a real Vegas insider while playing bingo here.

Feeling extra lucky? Plaza Hotel also has a wedding chapel. Get hitched there or at one of the other wedding chapels on the Strip.

Game Beyond Bingo on the Strip in Las Vegas

Bingo is one of the most popular games in America. It’s no surprise, then, that Las Vegas has plenty of bingo halls for you to enjoy. You can find them all over town, even though there are no choices for this classic game on the Strip.

If you’re ready to jump into a game or two, make sure to grab a bingo card for us while you’re there or check out craps and Ultimate Texas Hold’Em on the Las Vegas Strip.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bingo on the Strip

Is there bingo on the Strip?

While there are no traditional spots for bingo on the Strip, there are several locations for bingo off the Strip, making it one of the worthwhile activities in Las Vegas.

What casinos have bingo in Las Vegas on the Strip?

The Las Vegas Strip casinos have several different games to partake in, while bingo is located off the Strip.

How much does it cost to play bingo in Las Vegas?

Playing bingo in Las Vegas may not be a free activity, but is on the lower end when it comes to gambling, with buy-in costs as low as $5.

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