11 Affordable Las Vegas Attractions You Can Not Miss

Las Vegas is an attraction in itself. The bright lights, continuous pinging of slot machines, and energetic voices of table dealers join together to become a truly unique sensory experience for all who enter the iconic city. 

Las Vegas might be home to hundreds of casinos boasting big wins for big bets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some free entertainment. Whether you’re planning the itinerary for your upcoming vacation or you’ve just arrived and you have no idea where to start, here is the list of can’t-miss Sin City attractions.

1. The “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” Sign

This is arguably one of the most photographed sites in all of Las Vegas. The sign sits in the median at the most southern end of Las Vegas Boulevard, welcoming all who visit. It was commissioned in 1959 and has welcomed visitors for over 50 years. Heading out of town from Harry Reid Airport? You’re reminded to drive carefully and visit again soon. Who can pass up that offer?

Many city tours offer a stop at the sign so you can take pictures, and some even provide professional photos. Simply put, the Welcome Sign is the most iconic attraction you can visit.

The iconic Las vegas welcome sign in daylight
Welcome one, wlecome all. The FAbulous Las Vegas welcome sign

2. The Fountains of Bellagio

The most spectacular free attraction in Las Vegas, the Fountains at Bellagio, is an impressive water show. Depending on the day and time, it is scheduled every 15 or 30 minutes. The choreographed performance of the more than 1,200 jets is synced with some of your favorite music, both new hits and classic favorites. The water shoots up to 460 feet into the air, and all streams are illuminated, adding yet another beautiful display of lights to the Strip.

The Bellagio from a distance with fountains
The Belagio Hotel in Las Vegas

Although the show runs frequently, there is typically a large crowd gathered. If you want a great view of the Fountains of Bellagio, you will want to take a spot early. 

Bellagio Las Vegas (from USD $149 )

Let the magic of Bellagio, with its conservatory, fountains and splendor, make your Las Vegas Strip an unforgettable experience.

3. Vegas’s Statue of Liberty

In front of the New York, New York hotel-casino, there is a replica of the actual Statue of Liberty erected on Ellis Island. The Las Vegas statue is 150 feet tall, including the base, while the original is 151 feet tall, not including the base. Although much smaller, the replica has long been a photo op for Las Vegas visitors. 

If you are craving an adrenaline rush, head inside to take a ride on the Big Apple Coaster. The world’s first roller coaster to incorporate a “twist and dive, heartline” maneuver is an affordable must-have for thrill-seekers.

A replica of the icon Statue of Liberty in Las Vegas
The icon of liberty stands proud in the middle of Las Vegas

4. The Fremont Street Experience

The Fremont Street Experience is located on, you guessed it, Fremont Street. The street intersects Las Vegas Boulevard at the north end of the Strip and is pedestrian-only. The largest video screen in the world–at 90 feet wide and 1,375 feet long–completely covers Fremont Street and every night you’ll enjoy the Viva Vision light show. The hourly show features unique music and video graphics. Live concerts, street performers and vendors line the street, making the Experience one you don’t want to miss.

For more fun, you can take a ride on the SlotZilla zipline. Depending on how long and high you’d like to fly through the air under the domed screen, there are two differently priced options. On Fremont Street, you’ll find many more off-the-Strip Las Vegas hotels and casinos.

Fremont Street daytime

5. The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

Chances are that you’ve heard of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and might have even seen it on television. However, you might not have known the actual name of the pawnshop featured in the History Channel’s “Pawn Stars.” Even if you’re not keen on picking up any gently used collector’s items or historical artifacts that might have appeared on the show, take a walk around on the off chance you might get a glimpse of the current Pawn Stars cast.

6. The High Roller Observation Wheel

At 550 feet tall, the High Roller is the largest observation wheel in the world and is even taller than the London Eye by over 100 feet. Each pod seats 40 people and is completely enclosed and air-conditioned. The ride takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. Because of its position near the center of the Las Vegas Strip, the 360-degree views from the top are breathtaking. You’ll even get to see the surrounding valley and mountains if you take a ride during the daytime. This observation wheel is located at the LINQ Promenade, where you will find plenty of other shops, restaurants and entertainment options. 

Different admission times have different prices, so grab an Anytime Ticket for the most flexibility and fun. Adult tickets go for $38 before taxes and fees, and for kids ages four to 12, the ticket price is $20. Children under the age of 4 have free admission.

If you’re planning in advance, you can get a discount ticket price through us and skip the line with a  ticket totaling under $35.

The LINQ Las Vegas (from USD $32 )

The LINQ, originally built as the Imperial Palace in 1959, has been reborn into a great, cost-effective hotel at the center of the Las Vegas Strip.

7. The Gondola Rides And Madame Tussauds At The Venetian

If you’ve never experienced a gondolier serenading you as you float through Venice, then the gondola rides at the Grand Canal Shoppes are the next best thing. Each gondola seats four and you’ll ride slowly under a blue-sky ceiling and an occasional bridge. Give your significant other a kiss under each one for good luck. If you opt for the outdoor ride, you’ll venture to the wondrous lagoon in front of Venetian before heading back in to float by shops and shoppers. 

Have you never been to a wax museum, either? The Venetian has you covered there too. Madame Tussauds opened in 1999 and was their first location to open in the US. It’s located in the Grand Canal Shoppes so you can’t miss it.

You can get advanced tickets to Madame Tussauds Las Vegas through our site. For $36.99, you get general admission for anyone over the age of three. For a few dollars more, you get admission along with the Marvel Universe 4D experience for $41.99. 

The Venetian Resort Las Vegas (from USD $100 )

Wander through the canals and ornate Venetian Resort to create an Italian getaway, right on the Las Vegas Strip.

8. The Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck

Another Las Vegas Boulevard experience that will take you to another time and place is the Eiffel Tower viewing deck. The views of the Strip from the observation deck are like nothing you’ve seen, but it’s the romance that attracts many visitors to the Paris Las Vegas hotel casino. Many have come to pop the question, others have arranged to meet someone for the first time, and some just want to experience a bit of the wanderlust romance of Paris a little closer to home. 

Las Vegas Eiffel Tower Restaurant View

Whatever the reason for your visit to the Las Vegas version of the Eiffel Tower, enjoy a fantastic meal at the restaurant on the 11th floor while you’re there. You can find discounted prices for The Eiffel Tower Experience here.

Paris Las Vegas (from USD $143 )

Bring the intrigue and excitement of a European vacation right to your room, at Paris Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

9. Adventuredome

Just because Las Vegas is referred to as Sin City doesn’t mean that your vacation can’t be family-friendly. The Adventuredome is an indoor carnival and theme park spanning more than five acres. While it’s free to walk around to check out the truly unique atmosphere, wristbands are available for the rides. Some rides may have a height or weight restriction. Carnival games and the arcade are sure to remind you of an authentic circus experience. It is, after all, located at the Circus Circus hotel casino at the north end of the Strip.

Paris Las Vegas (from USD $143 )

Bring the intrigue and excitement of a European vacation right to your room, at Paris Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

10. Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is just as important to Las Vegas locals as visitors. To see all of the neon signs on display outdoors at this museum, you’re in for a bit of a walk. The property is 2.62 acres and is home to signs that illuminated much of Vegas’ storied past. For example, the lobby of the Neon Museum is actually a shell of the La Concha lobby. The La Concha motel was closed in 2004 but was designed by Paul Williams, one of the first notable African American architects in the US. 

What better way to tell the history of fabulous Las Vegas than with neon lights? We can’t think of anything more fitting, and it is one of the more popular attractions on the Strip.

Neon Museum Las Vegas

11. The Park Vegas

If you’re looking for one place where you can experience a blend of restaurants and entertainment, you’ll probably find yourself at the Park Vegas. This Las Vegas Strip destination is an outdoor district of shopping, dining and events. If you’re staying at the MGM Grand or Park MGM, a visit to the Park Vegas is in order. The T-Mobile Arena and the New York, New York are connected to the district, making this a hot spot for visitors who want it all without going far to get it. 

Park MGM Las Vegas (from USD $75 )

Dive into entertainment, art and Las Vegas fun at Park MGM, a divine hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

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