The Best Pet-Friendly Hotels on the Strip for a Paw-fect Stay

See which hotels on the Las Vegas Strip will welcome your pets. From doggy butler services to luxury parks, your cuddly companion can enjoy their trip to the Strip.

There are several spots on the Strip that welcome pups—and ones that welcome cats and even birds. Check out this roundup of our favorite pet-friendly hotels on the Strip in Las Vegas, plus their policies at the time of publication.

All dog-friendly properties on the Strip have a kennel policy, so make sure Fido is safe and secure whenever you leave your room. You should also know that dogs are only allowed on the Strip sidewalk from 5 a.m. to noon every day. Each hotel has a designated area so you can walk your pup whenever they need some time outside. 

Pet-Friendly MGM Properties

a dog in a shirt and bow tie with poker chips
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✓ Dogs
✕ Cats

If you and your furry friend want to live in luxury, Bellagio offers dog-friendly rooms. This Italian villa-style resort is a high-end getaway that both you and your pup will love. There is an added fee for a dog-friendly rooms, per pup per room per night, which can go up to $175 for suites. You’re allowed to bring up to two dogs, and the maximum combined weight must be less than 100 pounds.

Nearly all pet-friendly MGM properties offer Doggie Butler Services—and since Bellagio is an MGM property, it’s no exception. These include a check-in, dog walking and a treat-and-toy box. Even if you’re busy on the Strip, your pet can get the attention they need. Take note, all dogs must be fully trained. So break out the newspaper before booking your stay.

Bellagio Las Vegas (from USD $149 )

Let the magic of Bellagio, with its conservatory, fountains and splendor, make your Las Vegas Strip an unforgettable experience.

Mandalay Bay

✓ Dogs
✕ Cats

Mandalay Bay’s dog-friendly rooms incur an additional per night, per dog per room. The price can also go up for suites. This tropical-themed resort has elegant rooms and plenty of amenities for both you and your housebroken pets. They allow up to two pups per room, and the maximum weight of your dog—or dogs—must be less than 100 pounds.

As an MGM property, they offer Doggie Butler Services for an additional fee. These services include treats, toys and check-ins for your pets. Their concierge will tell you all about their pet relief area, dog-sitting services and even the special room service item, a burger for your pup. Plus, you’ll have access to the iconic Mandalay Bay swimming pool-slash-waterpark, as long as your pet stays in a crate in your room. 

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas (from USD $79 )

When desert sands aren't enough, escape to Mandalay Bay for all of the hallmarks of a tropical getaway, right on the Las Vegas Strip.

Vdara Hotel and Spa

✓ Dogs
✕ Cats

Vdara Hotel and Spa is ARIA’s sister property, located at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Though Aria isn’t dog-friendly, Vdara is. According to Vdara’s dog policy, they allow up to two dogs who weigh less than 100 pounds combined. The grounds are beautiful, including their dog park. For a triple-digit fee per night, per dog, per room, you can enjoy one of their dog-friendly rooms.

They also offer the MGM Doggie Butler Services, which include several special offerings. Your pup’s butler will perform check-ins and walk them, and you can purchase Buddy’s Box for extra treats and toys. If ARIA is your favorite resort on the Strip, consider staying at Vdara when you travel with your pooch. 

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Vdara Las Vegas (from USD $109 )

Let the luxury expanses of Vdara take your Las Vegas Strip getaway from simple to spectacular.

NoMad at Park MGM Las Vegas

✓ Dogs 
✕ Cats

NoMad, an MGM resort, offers dog-friendly rooms. With rooms modeled after European homes, NoMad’s rooms are trendy and cozy. The hotel is located in the Park MGM resort. You can bring up to two dogs, as long as they weigh less than 100 pounds combined. This chic hotel on the North Las Vegas Strip offers Buddy Boxes with treats and toys so your pooch can have the best stay. Plus, the concierge can arrange dog walking services for you.

If you’re looking for a stylish room on the north end of the Strip, look no further than NoMad. This boutique hotel will provide a great stay to both you and your dog. They do have strict rules about non-service dogs in certain public areas, so be sure to keep up on the posted signs and follow the rules set forth at check-in.

NoMad Las Vegas (from USD $160 )

This unique boutique hotel nestled away on the Strip transports guests all over the world, with themed decor and luxury pools, among many other perks.

NoMad Las Vegas

Address: 3772 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
from USD
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Lowest price guaranteed

Four Seasons in the Mandalay Bay Towers

cat with poker chips on a felt table
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owl with poker chips on a felt blanket

✓ Dogs
✓ Cats
✓ Birds

Located in one of Mandalay Bay’s towers, the Four Seasons on the Strip has pet-friendly amenities and welcomes pets of all kinds. They’ve had guests check-in with not only dogs and cats but birds, too. The weight limit is 25 pounds—sorry, big dogs—and there is a nightly fee.

The concierge at Four Seasons can arrange pet sitters and walkers for a minimum of four hours. It’s a bit pricey, though, so be aware. If you’re traveling with a small pet, Four Seasons is a great place to rest with your pal. You’ll have all of the amenities of Four Seasons and Mandalay Bay combined. Plus, the freedom of bringing your cat, dog or bird along with you.

The Mirage

✓ Dogs
✕ Cats

The Mirage is known for its aquarium, but your furry friend will feel right at home. Their dog-friendly rooms are available for an extra fee per night per dog or, if you are looking to bring your pup to a suite, it’s an additional cost. They allow up to two dogs. The maximum combined weight of your canine companions can’t exceed 100 pounds. The concierge can arrange dog sitters and walkers, and they have a designated pet relief area onsite. 

The Mirage Las Vegas (from USD $59 )

The Mirage can house your entire group with its two-and three-bedroom suites, and will certainly dazzle your party with balcony views, spa services and beyond.


✓ Dogs 
✕ Cats

Even though cats were the favorites in ancient Egypt, your dog will love this Egyptian-themed resort. Luxor offers dog-friendly rooms for an extra fee per night, and allows up to two dogs with a combined weight under 100 pounds. Plus, the concierge at Luxor will be glad to help you with any pup-related needs, including information about their pet relief spots. 

Luxor Las Vegas (from USD $79 )

While many of the properties along the Strip follow traditional architecture, Luxor is located inside its legendary black glass pyramid.

New York-New York

✓ Dogs 
✕ Cats

At New York-New York, you can stay in a monument to Manhattan with man’s best friend. For an extra fee per night, you can book a dog-friendly room. If you have a suite, the price goes up. New York-New York allows up to two dogs with a combined weight of less than 100 pounds. Like many MGM properties, New York-New York offers Doggie Butler Services. They’ll check on your pup while you’re out, arrange dog walking services and deliver a Buddy’s Box. The Box includes treats, toys and a bandana. 

New York-New York Las Vegas (from USD $60.00 )

New York-New York is made up of towers designed to look like classic New York City high-rises. There’s no missing this iconic spot.

Pet-Friendly Caesars Properties

dogs at the Fabulous Las Vegas sign, about to visit one of the pet-friendly hotels on the Strip
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Caesars Palace

✓ Dogs 
✕ Cats

Each Caesars property has designated PetStay rooms that are outfitted to be as dog-friendly as possible. The PetStay rooms at Caesars Palace allow up to two dogs. The spaces are designed to be both sleek and comfortable. When you stay at Caesars with your dogs, each pooch must be under 50 pounds. You’ll also have to put down a refundable deposit in case your pup causes any damage. Don’t worry, though. You’ll get the deposit back if everything stays in one piece.

The PetStay rooms include water dishes, mats, bags and treats so you don’t have to travel with your pet gear. You’ll also get a special pet welcome packet with information about local canine care and maps of walking routes. Forget a crate? Forget the worry. Crate rentals are available on the grounds. 

Caesars Palace Las Vegas (from USD $94.00 )

Head towards the smooth marble pillars on the Strip to experience the timeless features of Caesars Palace in the modern age.


✓ Dogs 
✕ Cats

As a Caesars property, Paris offers PetStay rooms. The fee is lower than other Caesars properties per night, while offering the same amenities. Paris has a 50-pound weight limit for pups and they require a damage deposit upon checking in. You’ll receive a welcome packet with information about local services, onsite relief areas and walking trails. Enjoy an excellent stay with your furry friend at this French-inspired Las Vegas resort. 

Paris Las Vegas (from USD $143 )

Bring the intrigue and excitement of a European vacation right to your room, at Paris Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Flamingo Las Vegas

✓ Dogs
✕ Cats

Flamingo is a colorful resort in the center of the Strip. With a fun atmosphere and cute decor, you and your pup will have a great time at Flamingo. Flamingo allows two pups per room, up to 50 pounds each. The nightly fee for a PetStay room is an extra fee with a deposit for possible damage.

To save room in your luggage, they provide complimentary pet packages including dishes, mats, bags and treats. You’ll also receive a map of Las Vegas’ dog parks. Their small pet relief area is just a short walk away from their PetStay rooms. Have a great stay with your cuddly canine at this cute resort. 

Flamingo Las Vegas (from USD $35 )

The Flamingo Hotel is a property that has a long history. The name alone has become synonymous with the Las Vegas Strip.

Flamingo Las Vegas

Address: 3555 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
from USD
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Lowest price guaranteed

Planet Hollywood

✓ Dogs
✕ Cats

Planet Hollywood is a movie-themed casino resort on the Strip. They offer PetStay rooms for maximum comfort. As a Caesars resort, Planet Hollywood has a two dog maximum with a 50 pound limit per pooch. Their welcome packet includes information about dog walking routes, local services and onsite relief areas. For an affordable pet fee per night and an extra deposit, you can have an awesome trip with your pup at this center-Strip hotel.

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas (from USD $45 )

Planet Hollywood is an eclectic hotel on the Strip that combines the classic vibes of old-school Las Vegas with modern touches and celebrity culture.

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Address: 3667 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
from USD
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Lowest price guaranteed


✓ Dogs 
✕ Cats

As a Caesars property, The LINQ has specialty PetStay rooms to ensure that your dog has the best accommodations. You can bring up to two dogs who weigh under 50 pounds each. The nightly fee is additional, with a deposit as well. You’ll receive a welcome packet with all the information you’ll need about care services, walking routes, and relief areas. Plus, they provide treats, bags and dog dishes. You’ll love the modern rooms, and Fido will love spending time with you. 

The LINQ Las Vegas (from USD $32 )

The LINQ, originally built as the Imperial Palace in 1959, has been reborn into a great, cost-effective hotel at the center of the Las Vegas Strip.


✓ Dogs
✕ Cats

Bally’s is a fixture of the Las Vegas Strip. You’ll be glad to know that you can bring your pup—or two—with you when you stay at this classic Vegas hotel. Their PetStay rooms cost an extra chunk of change per night, plus a deposit. The stay comes with a welcome packet with important information to make sure your pup is happy during your trip, plus essentials like potty pads and dishes. 

Bally's Las Vegas (from USD $30 )

With shopping and sights aplenty, Bally's is the perfect hotel to access all of the best spots on the Strip to indulge in the fun.

Other Pet-Friendly Resort and Hotels on the Strip and in Las Vegas

a French bulldog in front of the Venetian outdoor gondolas
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The Cosmopolitan

✓ Dogs 
✕ Cats

The Cosmopolitan has one of the most hospitable dog policies on the Strip. They have no size or breed restrictions, which is rare for Vegas resorts. They do, however, ask that all pups are up to date on their vaccinations. The fee is reasonable per dog per night, and every room is dog-friendly. You can bring up to two of your furry friends. They have two special exercise areas for dogs so they don’t feel restless during your stay. Their complimentary PupJoy gift box contains treats, a toy, a travel water bowl and a potty pad.

As an added bonus, they offer a reduced rate for Luxe Pet Hotel’s doggy daycare service. Luxe Pet Hotel offers pickup and dropoff from the resort for your pup. The Cosmopolitan will love your dog almost as much as you do. 

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (from USD $250 )

Let The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas take you into a world of lush, modern hospitality with fun twists and mysteries that dazzle each and every guest.

La Quinta Inn Suites

✓ Dogs 
✓ Cats

Okay, so La Quinta isn’t technically on the Strip. This spot is located just a mile away, and it’s a budget-friendly option near the airport. For no additional charge and with no restrictions, La Quinta Inn is a pet-friendly hotel. You may not be staying on the Strip, but don’t worry. The hotel offers free 24/7 shuttles to the action. And since it’s not located in a dog-restricted area, you can take walks with your pup any time of day. 

Dog-Friendly Activities

Dogs are only allowed to walk on the Strip from 5 a.m. to noon. But, there are plenty of fun activities in and around Las Vegas that you and your pooch will love. Check out our top three below. 

Take a Walk at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

a dog on the trail at Red Rock
via Adobe Stock

Within a 30-minute drive of Las Vegas, you can find one of the most beautiful natural areas in Nevada. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a scenic hiking spot with a rich history. People have been in the Red Rock area for at least 13,000 years—but the area looks untouched. Though it’s within sight of the Strip, it feels removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. Red Rock is a great place to breathe and break away from the crowds. Take a walk through the gorgeous red sandstone peaks with your pup and enjoy the natural beauty of the Mojave desert. 

Grab a Treat at Three Dog Bakery

Three Dog Bakery in Northwest Las Vegas is an adorable spot with so much love for four-legged friends. It isn’t flashy or luxurious. Rather, it’s a place where locals go to spoil their pups. They have reasonably priced treats and toys that even the pickiest pooch will love. Head to Three Dog Bakery to give your pup the VIP treatment. They bake every biscuit with love. For humans that want a sweet treat, check out the best bakeries on the Las Vegas Strip.

Window Shop at Town Square

Town Square is an outdoor shopping hub on Las Vegas Boulevard and one of the popular malls in Las Vegas. If you want to take a walk with your pup and window shop at the same time, head to Town Square. This large open-air spot is dog-friendly. You’ll find a ton of familiar stores, from Apple to Sephora. You can also check out quirky, unique spots like I Love Crystals. If you’re hungry, check out one of their many outdoor dining options. Get in your steps with your pup at this popular Vegas center.

Frequently-Asked Questions about Pet-Friendly Hotels on the Strip

Can I book a pet-friendly hotel room on the Las Vegas Strip?

Yes. Visit our page regarding pet-friendly hotels on the Strip for more information about each hotel’s amenities.

Do I have to bring my own crate to a pet-friendly Vegas hotel?

Crates are required in hotel rooms, but don’t worry—some properties, such as Caesars Palace Las Vegas, will provide crates if you forgot your own.

Do all Strip hotels allow cats?

No. Some hotels are only dog-friendly and have specific programs for canine guests.

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