Check Out 7 Cool Dispensary Las Vegas Locations

While there are hundreds of bars in Vegas serving up alcohol vices, there’s another way to relax with an indica indulgence. The recreational marijuana movement is ever-present in Las Vegas, and the culture surrounding popular cannabis brands and their recreational purposes is massive. Las Vegas generated over one billion dollars in cannabis sales alone from July 2020 to June 2021, and soon there will be a dispensary location on every corner.

Find a dispensary Las Vegas location near you — as well as other Strip hotels and attractions — and browse our Las Vegas Strip map.

How to Visit a Las Vegas Dispensary

Don’t walk through the doors unprepared. Visiting a dispensary can be a pleasant and educational experience, and here’s a few tidbits to get you through the door.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The best dispensaries have knowledgeable staff that will help find the best products for you.
  • Bring identification. You must be 21 years of age to purchase marijuana for recreational use in Nevada. A valid driver’s license or passport will suffice.
  • Have your medical information ready. In some cases, a medical marijuana card is handy but not required.

What to Buy at a Las Vegas Cannabis Dispensary

Seasoned partakers, novice users and medical patients can find a huge inventory to shop through at every Las Vegas dispensary location. Some of the tried and true favorite purchases are:

  • Vape products, cartridges and accessories;
  • Some of the best indica and sativa strains in the country;
  • THC and CBD medical products;
  • Apparel, storage and carry-out bags;
  • Edibles and other perishable products.

Visit 7 Top Las Vegas Dispensaries

Las Vegas is on the bleeding edge of recreational cannabis distribution. Find high quality cannabis products in a dispensary that will provide you with the best cannabis products that fit your needs.

Did you know that Las Vegas works with other nationally-acclaimed cannabis companies? Read more about Cosmic Seed, a Midwest cannabis company making waves in Las Vegas.

Planet 13 Marijuana Dispensary

Planet13 dispensary sign

2548 W Desert Inn Rd. Las Vegas NV 89109

One of the largest dispensaries in the city has a wide array of pre rolls, various cannabis strains and concentrates handpicked by the staff for an optimal experience. Walking through Planet 13 feels like entering an alternate world, with colorful projections on the walls and ceiling and creative props sprinkle throughout. As a bonus, weed products from Planet 13 are available for delivery to residential Las Vegas addresses. Sorry, no hotel delivery.

Try: The Jack Herer, one of the most well-known strains at any dispensary.

Oasis Cannabis Dispensary & Delivery

1800 S Industrial Rd. #180, Las Vegas NV

What other dispensary will serve you a free ride to their shop? Step out of the sun and into an Uber or Lyft discount on Oasis when making a purchase of $50 or more. There are numerous benefits to shopping at this spot, from their chipper ambiance to the in-depth online menu.

Try: Their product of the month. October brought “The Most Potent CBD/THC Product in Nevada,” a City Trees Tincture that’s worth every penny.

MedMen Downtown Las Vegas

red MedMen bag from a Las Vegas dispensary

823 S 3rd St, Las Vegas NV

Need a cannabis dispensary close to downtown Las Vegas? MEdMen is a vibrant cannabis shop with the perfect downtown location. MedMen is known for its own branded MedMen Red — offering high quality flower products and strains — which launched in its Las Vegas store in 2019.

Try: A [statemade] vaporizer pen.


2307 S Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas NV

Appearances can be deceiving, but if you’ve heard of the “Girl Scout Cookie” and other popular strains, the name makes perfect sense. Come in and browse the various flower products, concentrates, edibles and more at Cookies dispensary. Their website also makes it easy to search your favorite products online.

Try: Cereal Milk, one of their signature hybrid strains.

Pisos Cannabis Dispensary

sign for Pisos dispensary

4110 S Maryland Parkway #1 Las Vegas NV

Not only is this a local favorite, but this popular dispensary has thousands of five-star reviews. The selection of edibles and flowers are set in beautiful displays in the store, and it answers the question of “the best dispensary near me” on the front page of their website.

Try: The staff pick, a King Louis XIII Live Resin Cartridge.

NuLeaf Las Vegas Dispensary

1600 S Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas NV

NuLeaf is a Nevada dispensary chain with locations in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. This is a full-service spot with delivery available, several plant and recreational marijuana goods available and a cozy shop vibe. To enter the establishment, ID is required.

Try: 20% off concentrates and pre rolls on Wax Wednesdays.

THRIVE Cannabis Marketplace

North Las Vegas: 2755 W Cheyenne Ave. North Las Vegas NV

Thrive has five Las Vegas locations — with their newest spot located near the Vegas Strip and Resorts World Las Vegas — for delivering the highest quality cannabis products to its loyal customer base.

Try: The adorable Chocolate Smiley wafer cookies.

A Few Things to Remember

While marijuana and recreational cannabis products are legal in Nevada, it is still a product with medical purposes. Keep out of reach of children. Products are available to adults of legal age and older, which is 21 years of age and older in the state of Nevada.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dispensary Las Vegas Locations

Can I buy marijuana in Nevada?

Yes. Anyone 21 years or older can purchase marijuana and cannabis, CBD and THC products for carry out and delivery in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is recommended that adults store their items in secure locations to keep out of reach of children.

Are there dispensaries on the Las Vegas Strip?

Yes, there are some cannabis dispensary locations on the Boulevard and on the Strip. Some of the most popular ones are NuLeaf, Cookies and CannaStarz located inside and near Las Vegas Strip hotels.

How much marijuana can I purchase?

The common amount allowed for purchase is about one ounce. Some of the highest quality cannabis dispensary products are also available for delivery in Las Vegas, NV.

Can I smoke recreational cannabis in Las Vegas?

A medical marijuana card is not required for cannabis purchases in Las Vegas, NV. To continue shopping for the essentials, check out the Las Vegas pharmacies on the Strip.

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