Buses on the Strip in Las Vegas (RTC, The Deuce and More)

Before hopping on a bus to explore Sin City, check out our Las Vegas Strip map 2023 to plan your routes.

One of the most convenient and affordable ways to get to all the cool places to go on the strip is to use public transportation, particularly buses on the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas.

Get Discounted Big Bus Sightseeing Tickets

Big Bus sends guests on an exciting ride to experience cities in a fun, unique way, and their fleet of Las Vegas buses travels down the best routes in Las Vegas. Think of it as the bus version of a penthouse on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) runs a fleet of over 400 vehicles serving 51 routes across the city 24 hours a day. The Las Vegas Deuce is the RTC’s popular bus system that runs along Las Vegas Boulevard. Riders can comfortably hop on and off this air-conditioned double-decker bus while sightseeing.

SDX bus line on the Strip

Other RTC buses include the SDX (the express option) which operates between the Strip and Downtown, and DVX, which connects Downtown with Fremont Street. The Deuce bus, which accommodates up to 97 people stops at almost all the resorts between Mandalay Bay (south end of the Strip) and Downtown. All RTC buses are safe, reliable and offer Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Deuce on the Strip

The Las Vegas Deuce buses go from the Fremont St. Experience in Downtown right up to the South Strip Transit Terminal, with bus stops at nearly every casino and hotel along the way. The bus stops with prominent signs are located in each direction of the Las Vegas Strip about every quarter of a mile. Use it to enjoy a number of nearby Las Vegas restaurants.

The Deuce buses on the Strip

Both locals and tourists choose the Deuce on the Strip when they want to explore the renowned Las Vegas Strip. Compared to the taxis and rideshare services, the buses on the Strip are not only much cheaper but also more accessible because taxis are not permitted to pick up passengers just off the street. If you are planning to spend a large part of your time on Las Vegas Boulevard, the Deuce is an excellent public transportation service dedicated to the Strip.

Bus Routes to the Airport

No direct buses run from the Strip to Harry Reid International Airport (formerly called McCarran International Airport). But you may take three bus routes to the airport: Route 108, Route 109 and CX Centennial Express. 

Additional Destinations

A bus in downtown Las Vegas

If you wish to explore other Las Vegas areas, you have the option to take as many as 37 other buses. The Deuce buses on the Strip go as far south as the aforementioned South Strip Transit Terminal, Welcome to the Las Vegas Sign and the South Premium Outlets, operating 24 hours a day. The Northbound Deuce buses reach the Fremont St. Experience in Downtown.

For instance, to visit the Las Vegas North Premium Outlets, you can conveniently take a bus on route 401. While there, search around and see if you can find the best breakfast in Las Vegas.

The Deuce – Bus Times

7 a.m. to 1 a.m. (frequency: approx. every 10 to 15 minutes)

1 a.m. to 7 a.m. (frequency: approx. every 20 minutes)

Buses on the Strip – The Deuce Fares for Visitors

Visitors who choose the Deuce must buy the passes that can be used on all residential—and Strip—bus routes. To buy the passes at a ticket vending machine or onboard, you are required to have the exact fare. Children aged up to five years can ride free of charge and should be accompanied by someone responsible.

You can also download the RTC app to purchase your passes. Each pass is valid on all the routes. Reduced fares are offered by the RTC for veterans, seniors at least 60 years or above, students K-12 and youth six to 17 years of age, people with disability, mobility-trained persons and individuals that are eligible for Medicare.

2-Hour Pass: Regular Fare at $6 and Reduced Fare at $3

24-Hour Pass: Regular Fare at $8 and Reduced Fare at $4

3-Day Pass: Regular Fare at $20 and Reduced Fare @ $10

Where to Find a Ticket Vending Machine?

To purchase RTC’s “All Access” passes, you can use the ticket vending machines located at select Deuce bus stops. You can find ticket vending machines at the following stops: 

Fremont Street Experience (on Las Vegas Boulevard)

South Strip Transit Terminal

Bonneville Transit Center

Bus ticket vending machines

To find additional locations, you may use this online interactive map

Ticket vending machines accept major credit cards, debit cards, coins and bills in these denominations: $1, $2, $5, $10 and $20. However, no change will be returned from these machines. You should be mindful of the time stamp on the pass when you buy it from a ticket vending machine because it is ready to use immediately. In other words, a 24-Hour Pass will expire 24 hours from the time you purchased it.

Other Notable Details for Riding Buses on the Strip

Smoking, drinking or eating is not permitted on board.

Any item, including a piece of luggage, which is too big to be accommodated between passenger seats, is not permitted on board.

According to the state law, the bus aisles should be clear of any types of bags or packages.

Pets and animals are not permitted on board, except service animals as defined under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

All passengers should be wearing a shirt and shoes while on board the Deuce.

Children should be removed from strollers while on board, and the stroller should be carried in fold-down position.

Bonus: Big Bus

Big Bus Las Vegas

Buses don’t have to only be for convenience. Instead of walking the Strip, jump on a double-decker bus to sit back, relax and view Las Vegas from an open-air vehicle. Big Bus is an international travel line that sends guests on an exciting ride to experience cities in a fun, unique way, and their fleet of Las Vegas buses travels down the best routes in Las Vegas. Think of it as the bus version of a penthouse on the Las Vegas Strip.

To explore the Strip at your own pace, book a Big Bus Las Vegas Hop-On Hop-Off Tour. Or, take a tour of the Strip light with a Big Bus Las Vegas Night Tour.

Do More Traveling on the Strip

While the buses are a perfectly convenient option, nothing beats jumping in the car to cruise down the Boulevard. Check out some car rentals on the Strip for the next excursion, and don’t forget to snag some free parking.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buses on the Strip

Where are the bus stops on the Strip?

There are several bus stops on the Strip, such as the southbound stop at Bellagio and the northbound stop at Flamingo Las Vegas. Consult a bus stop map for all the Boulevard stops.

How much is the Deuce bus on the Strip in Las Vegas?

The Deuce has two types of fares: regular and reduced. Two-hour passes are $6 at regular price and $3 for a reduced price. A 24-hour pass is $8 for the regular fare and $4 for reduced, and a three-day bus pass is $20 with the regular fare at $10 for the reduced fare. Tickets can be purchased at kiosks in front of each stop, such as the MGM Grand stop.

How often does the Deuce bus run on the Strip?

The Deuce runs every 12, 15 and 21 minutes depending on the day, time and route. It’s one of the faster options for transportation on the Strip.

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