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Wolfgang Puck Cut Restaurant Las Vegas

At Wolfgang Puck’s CUT inside The Venetian Resort in Vegas, every bite tells a story of passion for food. It’s a cozy spot with a chic vibe, where the lighting and decor make you feel right at home, even in the heart of the buzzing city. The steaks are the main draw – think of a perfectly cooked piece of beef, its juices sealed in by a skillful sear, with sauces that just belong. Like a reviewer says, they’re cooked to perfection, a real treat for any steak lover.

The place has a modern touch but keeps it cool and unpretentious. It’s bright enough to see the masterpiece on your plate, but still has that intimate dinner feel. Whether you’re sitting at the bar or a table, the staff make you feel like a VIP. They’ve got this genuine knack for knowing when you need them, without being over the top. And then there’s the food – from the tenderness of a 21-day wet-aged beef to the subtle twist in their mac ‘n cheese, it’s all about the quality.

Another reviewer might’ve had his doubts about celebrity chef places, but CUT seems to make it worth your while. It’s not just the steak – the whole experience, the vibe, the service, it all adds up. Sure, it’s a bit of a splurge, but that’s the whole point when you’re dining at a spot like this in Vegas. Whether you’re wrapping up a big win at the casino or just want to treat yourself, CUT’s where you get a meal that’s as memorable as the city itself.

Wolfgang Puck Cut Restaurant Las Vegas

Known For:

  1. Exquisite Steaks: CUT is celebrated for its exceptional selection of steaks, from prime, dry- and wet-aged beef to imported Wagyu, earning its reputation as a top-tier steakhouse.
  2. Celebrity Chef Prestige: The restaurant is part of the Wolfgang Puck empire, bearing the culinary signature of the renowned chef who is known for his contributions to modern American cuisine and fine dining.
  3. Sophisticated Ambiance: CUT distinguishes itself with a stylish and contemporary design, creating an atmosphere that’s both upscale and welcoming, complementing the high-end dining experience.
  1. Prime Beef Filet Mignon: A centerpiece of CUT’s menu, this dish features a tender, 21-day wet-aged beef filet mignon, known for its buttery texture and deep, concentrated flavor. It’s served with a selection of house-made sauces that enhance its rich qualities
  2. Australian Wagyu New York Steak: Esteemed for its marbling and taste, the Australian Wagyu New York Steak at CUT offers a luxurious eating experience. This premium cut is celebrated for its succulent texture and robust flavor profile, making it a favorite among steak connoisseurs.
  3. Japanese Wagyu Steak Tartar: An exquisite starter, the Japanese Wagyu Steak Tartar is prepared with precision, highlighting the delicate flavor and tender texture of Wagyu beef. Accompanied by traditional garnishes, it’s a testament to the purity and quality of the ingredients used.
  4. Cavatappi Pasta “Mac & Cheese” with Hook’s Cheddar: A gourmet twist on a classic comfort dish, this Mac & Cheese uses cavatappi pasta for an interesting texture and is generously coated in a rich, creamy sauce made with Hook’s Cheddar, offering a sophisticated and indulgent version of the beloved dish.
  5. A-5 Wagyu Burger: This burger elevates the classic American staple to new heights, featuring A-5 grade Wagyu beef known for its exceptional marbling and flavor. Served on a toasted bun with minimal toppings, the focus is on the quality and taste of the beef, making it a must-try for burger aficionados.


The sentiment from reviewers is overwhelmingly positive, with consistent praise for the quality of the steaks and the culinary expertise behind each dish. Many highlight the exceptional service and the chic yet comfortable ambiance that elevates their dining experience. CUT by Wolfgang Puck clearly leaves a lasting impression as a standout destination for both steak aficionados and those seeking a memorable meal in Las Vegas.

  1. Ella M. from Austin, TX:
    “The energy at CUT was absolutely infectious. The Bone Marrow Flan was an adventurous and delicious start, while the Ribeye cut was cooked to juicy perfection. It’s the combination of vibrant ambiance and impeccable service that will bring me back.”
  2. Mason D. from Miami, FL:
    “Every detail at CUT speaks of sophistication, from the sleek decor to the sumptuous Wagyu Sliders. The Chocolate Soufflé ended the night on a sweet, high note. A dining experience that’s simply unmatched in Las Vegas.”
  3. Lila K. from Denver, CO:
    “CUT has redefined what I expect from a steakhouse. The Charred Broccoli was unexpectedly amazing, and the New York Sirloin was a masterpiece of flavor. CUT isn’t just a meal, it’s a highlight of Las Vegas dining.”


Monday5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Thursday5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Friday5:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Saturday5:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Sunday5:00 PM – 10:00 PM

What types of cuisine does CUT by Wolfgang Puck offer?

CUT by Wolfgang Puck specializes in American cuisine with a strong focus on high-quality steaks, including prime beef, dry- and wet-aged cuts, and imported Wagyu.

Is CUT by Wolfgang Puck suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, CUT by Wolfgang Puck offers a selection of vegetarian dishes that are both innovative and delicious, catering to guests with various dietary preferences.

Does CUT in The Venetian Resort offer any signature dishes?

CUT is renowned for its prime beef selections, particularly the Filet Mignon and Australian Wagyu New York Steak, which are considered signature dishes due to their exceptional quality and preparation.

Can I make reservations at CUT by Wolfgang Puck online?

Yes, reservations for CUT by Wolfgang Puck can be made online through their official website or through various dining reservation platforms.

What is the dress code for dining at CUT by Wolfgang Puck?

The dress code at CUT by Wolfgang Puck is smart casual, ensuring a dining environment that is both sophisticated and comfortable for all guests.

Does CUT by Wolfgang Puck have a bar area for guests not dining in?

Yes, CUT features a bar area where guests can enjoy a selection of cocktails, wines, and light bites without needing a dining reservation.

Are there any vegan options available at CUT by Wolfgang Puck?

CUT offers a variety of vegan dishes, creatively crafted to offer delicious options for vegan guests.

Is CUT by Wolfgang Puck child-friendly?

CUT welcomes families with children, offering a welcoming atmosphere and menu items that cater to younger guests.

How can I purchase a gift card for CUT by Wolfgang Puck?

Gift cards for CUT by Wolfgang Puck can be purchased directly from the restaurant or through their official website.

What is the average price range for a meal at CUT by Wolfgang Puck?

The average price for a meal at CUT ranges from moderate to high, reflecting the premium ingredients and exceptional culinary experience offered.

Does CUT by Wolfgang Puck have an outdoor seating area?

A full-service bar area is present for guests wishing to enjoy a beverage prior to their meal.

Does CUT by Wolfgang Puck offer any special menus for holidays or occasions?

CUT frequently offers special menus for holidays and occasions, providing a unique dining experience for these special days.

What makes CUT by Wolfgang Puck’s steak selection unique in Las Vegas?

CUT stands out for its meticulous selection of global beef, including American Prime, Australian Wagyu, and Japanese Wagyu, prepared with innovative cooking techniques that enhance their natural flavors.

How does Wolfgang Puck’s culinary philosophy influence the menu at CUT?

Wolfgang Puck’s commitment to using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients is evident in CUT’s menu, offering a modern twist on traditional steakhouse dishes.

Can guests have a customized dining experience at CUT by Wolfgang Puck?

Guests can enjoy a customized dining experience at CUT, where the chef’s team can create dishes tailored to individual preferences and dietary needs.

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