White Castle Restaurant Las Vegas

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White Castle Restaurant Las Vegas Nevada

Located in: Best Western Plus Casino Royale–Center Strip

Residing right on the iconic Las Vegas Strip, the White Castle restaurant offers a casual, no-frills dining experience that has become an institution for slider fans. This outpost of the legendary fast-food chain first opened its doors in 2015, bringing its famous square burgers to the neon-soaked Las Vegas Boulevard.

The kitschy, retro ambiance provides a sharp contrast to the opulent mega-resorts surrounding it. Patrons order at the counter and can opt to eat inside the small dining room adorned with White Castle’s distinctive blue and white castle turrets and medieval-style decor. Or they can take their meal to go as many do after an indulgent night of Vegas partying.

The star of the menu is, of course, the Original Slider – White Castle’s signature mini burger consisting of a tiny 100% beef patty steamedwith onions, pickles, and served on a soft, pillowy bun. Variations include adding cheese, bacon, or even making it a double-decker. The fish and crispy chicken breast sliders provide alternatives to the beef patties.

For accompaniments, diners can get crinkle-cut french fries, onion rings, cheese sticks, and sides of fried onion chips. Thick milkshakes in classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry help complete the nostalgic fast-food experience.

Reviews about the food quality run the gamut. Many rave about the iconic sliders hitting the spot, especially for nostalgic cravings or a late-night case of “the munchies” after partying on the Strip. However, some find the burgers greasy and underwhelming when consumed sober. The fish sliders tend to get positive nods.

Service can be hit or miss depending on staffing levels, with some reporting frustratingly long waits when understaffed. The small dining space can also feel overcrowded and messy at peak hours.

But for an iconic, budget-friendly slider fix available 24/7 amid the brightest lights of Vegas, White Castle offers a well-known taste of American fast-food culture. Whether satisfying Cravings after midnight or just looking for a classic road trip-style burger meal, this diminutive castle is a kitsch-cool oasis on the Strip.

White Castle Restaurant Known For:

  1. Signature Sliders: White Castle is renowned for its small, square hamburgers called “sliders” – made with thin beef patties that are steamed with onions and served on soft buns with a pickle.
  2. Late Night Cravings: The restaurant’s sliders and other fast food items like fries and shakes are especially popular for satisfying late night cravings and “drunken munchies” after evenings out in Las Vegas.
  3. Nostalgic Experience: With its retro decor and classic American fast food menu, White Castle offers a nostalgic dining experience that hearkens back to the restaurant’s origins in the 1920s when it first popularized small, inexpensive hamburgers.
  1. Original Slider – The signature item. A 100% beef patty, steamed on a bed of onions, with a slice of pickle on the signature soft, square bun.
  2. Fish Slider – Tender, flaky Alaska pollock with a crispy panko breading, topped with American cheese.
  3. Double Cheese Slider – Two 100% beef patties, steam-grilled on a bed of onions, with two slices of American or jalapeño cheese.
  4. Onion Chips – A side of crispy, deep-fried onion chips described as having an “oniony goodness.”
  5. Chicken Rings – White meat chicken pieces that are breaded and fried until crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.


Mark S. from Phoenix, AZ:
“White Castle hits the spot when you’re craving greasy sliders after a night out drinking on the Strip. The Original Sliders are small but flavorful with the steamed patties, onions and pickles. The cheese fries were also a guilty pleasure even if they weren’t the healthiest option.”

Karen H. from Salt Lake City, UT:
“I was excited to finally try the famous White Castle after hearing about it for years. Unfortunately, the sliders were a disappointment – the beef was bland and the buns were soggy. The onion chips were decent but nothing special. Maybe it’s better after having a few drinks but I likely won’t be back.”

Javier R. from Albuquerque, NM:
“If you want a quick, cheap meal on the Las Vegas Strip, White Castle does the trick. The fish sliders were surprisingly tasty – crispy and flaky. The fries were nothing amazing but the shakes really hit the spot. Just don’t go in expecting gourmet dining.”


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What is the name for a bag of 10 sliders at White Castle? 

A bag or “sack” containing 10 original sliders is called a “Sack of Sliders” on the White Castle menu.

Where was the first White Castle restaurant built?

The very first White Castle restaurant opened in Wichita, Kansas in 1921 featuring the signature Castle design.

Is White Castle open 24 hours in Las Vegas? 

Yes, White Castle’s Las Vegas location on the Strip is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to satisfy late night cravings.

What type of buns does White Castle use? 

White Castle uses its iconic soft, squishy, square buns made from a unique recipe for its sliders.

How many sliders come in a Crave Case at White Castle? 

 A Crave Case from White Castle contains 30 of their original sliders.

What is the most popular side at White Castle? 

White Castle’s crinkle-cut french fries are one of their most popular sides to accompany the sliders.

What is the most iconic White Castle item? 

The most iconic menu item at White Castle is their Original Slider – a simple hamburger slider with onions, pickle and mustard.

How many White Castle locations are there in Las Vegas? 

There are currently 5 White Castle restaurant locations across the Las Vegas valley.

Can you buy White Castle products in grocery stores? 

Yes, White Castle offers some of their famous menu items like frozen sliders for purchase in select grocery stores.

What dessert item is White Castle known for? 

White Castle is known for offering unique desserts on a stick including fudge-dipped cheesecake and gooey buttercake.

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