Gilley’s Restaurant Las Vegas

Barbecue, Country Western Theme, Live Music, Mechanical Bull Riding

Gilley’s Restaurant Las Vegas, Treasure Island

Gilley’s Las Vegas, nestled within the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino, is a one-of-a-kind dining and entertainment destination that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the Wild West while embracing the vibrant energy of the Las Vegas Strip. As you step into the expansive dining room, you’re immediately greeted by the rustic charm of the decor, featuring genuine leather saddle seats at the long polished bar and an array of cowboy-inspired memorabilia. The oversized windows offer stunning views of the Strip and the enchanting pirate ships in Sirens Cove, creating an atmosphere that seamlessly blends the outdoors with the inviting interior.

At the heart of Gilley’s is its unwavering commitment to serving authentic, finger-lickin’ barbecue and classic country favorites that evoke memories of heartwarming home cooking. The culinary team, led by skilled and passionate chefs, takes great pride in using high-quality ingredients and traditional smoking techniques to create dishes that burst with flavor and satisfy even the most discerning palates. The menu boasts a tantalizing selection of slow-smoked meats, including the ever-popular hand-rubbed baby back ribs, which are meticulously smoked for 3-4 hours over a smoldering mesquite fire before being slathered with Gilley’s signature sauce and finished over an open flame to achieve a crispy, caramelized coating that seals in the flavors.

Other standout dishes include the tender and juicy brisket “filet,” which is slow-braised in apple juice and finished in the mesquite smoker, and the succulent pulled pork, a staple of any respectable barbecue joint. For those craving classic comfort foods, Gilley’s offers mouthwatering options like the cowboy burger, topped with pulled pork, pepper jack cheese, crispy onions, and a tangy Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce, and the hearty chicken fried steak, served with creamy country gravy and all the fixings.

Gilley’s also caters to diverse dietary preferences and restrictions, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a satisfying meal. The plant-based Beyond Burger is a popular choice among health-conscious diners and vegetarians, while the crispy salmon Veracruz-style offers a lighter yet equally flavorful alternative to the meat-centric dishes. The restaurant’s commitment to accommodating various dietary needs is a testament to its dedication to providing an inclusive and enjoyable dining experience for all.

Beyond the delectable food, Gilley’s Las Vegas is renowned for its lively and entertaining ambiance that truly sets it apart from other dining establishments on the Strip. The restaurant features a stage that hosts an impressive lineup of live musical acts, showcasing the best of country, rock, and everything in between. Guests can hit the spacious dance floor and show off their moves during the free line dancing lessons offered throughout the week, or simply sit back and enjoy the energetic performances while savoring a cold beer or a handcrafted cocktail from the extensive bar menu.

For those feeling particularly adventurous, Gilley’s iconic mechanical bull provides a thrilling opportunity to channel your inner cowboy or cowgirl. Weekly bull riding contests add an extra layer of excitement to the already buzzing atmosphere, with brave patrons vying for bragging rights and even cash prizes.

While some online reviews have pointed out occasional inconsistencies in food quality and service, the majority of patrons rave about the generous portions, the delicious side dishes (particularly the creamed corn and mac and cheese), and the overall fun and engaging experience that Gilley’s provides. The restaurant’s staff, including the friendly Gilley Girls, strive to create a welcoming and enjoyable environment for all guests, ensuring that everyone feels like a part of the Gilley’s family.

Gilley’s Las Vegas offers a truly unique dining and entertainment experience that seamlessly blends the rustic charm of the Wild West with the electric energy of the Las Vegas Strip. With its mouthwatering barbecue, classic country favorites, live music, dancing, and mechanical bull riding, Gilley’s is more than just a restaurant—it’s a destination that promises an unforgettable night out for locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re a fan of country music, a barbecue enthusiast, or simply looking for a fun and lively spot to enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family, Gilley’s Las Vegas is sure to exceed your expectations and leave you with lasting memories of your visit to Sin City.

Known For:

  1. Authentic, Slow-Smoked Barbecue: Gilley’s Las Vegas takes pride in serving mouth-watering, slow-smoked barbecue prepared using traditional techniques, including hand-rubbed baby back ribs smoked for 3-4 hours over a smoldering mesquite fire and finished with their signature sauce.
  2. Live Country Music and Line Dancing: The restaurant features a stage showcasing an impressive lineup of live country, rock, and other musical acts, as well as offering free line dancing lessons throughout the week, creating a lively and entertaining atmosphere for guests.
  3. Iconic Mechanical Bull Riding: Gilley’s Las Vegas is known for its thrilling mechanical bull riding experience, allowing brave patrons to channel their inner cowboy or cowgirl, with weekly bull riding contests adding an extra layer of excitement to the already buzzing ambiance.
  1. Baby Back Ribs: Hand-rubbed with Gilley’s secret blend of spices and slow-smoked for 3-4 hours over a smoldering mesquite fire, these tender ribs are then slathered with sauce and finished over an open flame for a crispy, caramelized coating.
  2. Texas Nacho Grande: A generous portion of corn tortilla chips piled high and smothered with Gilley’s chili, cheese sauce, black olives, jalapenos, and pico de gallo, topped with sour cream for a satisfying and shareable appetizer.
  3. Cowboy Burger: A hearty burger topped with BBQ pulled pork, pepper jack cheese, crispy onions, and Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce, offering a delicious blend of flavors and textures.
  4. Crispy Salmon Veracruz-Style: A lighter option featuring seared salmon topped with a zesty Veracruz sauce, tomatoes, capers, and olives, served on a bed of Spanish rice and broccolini.
  5. Southern Fried Chicken: A classic comfort food dish consisting of golden-brown fried chicken, served with creamy country gravy, scrambled or fried eggs, and tater tots for a satisfying and indulgent meal.


Liam S. from Austin, TX:

“Gilley’s Las Vegas is a must-visit for anyone craving authentic barbecue. The baby back ribs were so tender they practically melted off the bone, and the smoky flavor was out of this world. The lively atmosphere, complete with country music and line dancing, made for an unforgettable evening.”

Emma R. from Chicago, IL:

“I had a blast at Gilley’s Las Vegas! The Texas Nacho Grande was a delicious starter, piled high with all the fixings. The mechanical bull riding added an extra layer of excitement to the already energetic ambiance.”

Noah B. from Atlanta, GA:

“If you’re looking for a hearty meal, look no further than Gilley’s Las Vegas. The Cowboy Burger was a flavor explosion, with the perfect balance of savory pulled pork and tangy BBQ sauce. The friendly staff and rustic decor made me feel right at home.”


Monday12 PM – 12 AM
Tuesday12 PM – 12 AM
Wednesday12 PM – 12 AM
Thursday12 PM – 12 AM
Friday12 PM – 2 AM
Saturday10 AM – 2 AM
Sunday10 AM – 12 AM

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What is the best way to experience Zuma Las Vegas? 

Many reviewers recommend trying the signature omakase tasting menu or ordering a variety of dishes to share, allowing guests to sample different flavors and cooking styles.

Can guests watch the chefs in action at Zuma Las Vegas? 

Yes, Zuma Las Vegas features an open kitchen layout, allowing guests to watch the chefs at work in the main kitchen, sushi bar, and robata grill.

Does Zuma Las Vegas have a sommelier?

Yes, Zuma Las Vegas has a knowledgeable team of sommeliers who can recommend wine pairings and suggest bottles from their extensive wine list.

How long does the signature omakase tasting menu last at Zuma Las Vegas? 

The signature omakase tasting menu at Zuma Las Vegas is a multi-course experience that can last several hours, allowing guests to savor a variety of dishes.

What is the ambiance like at Zuma Las Vegas? 

Zuma Las Vegas features a stylish and modern ambiance, blending organic design elements with the energy of the Las Vegas Strip.

Does Zuma Las Vegas serve wagyu beef?

Yes, Zuma Las Vegas offers premium Japanese A5 wagyu beef, known for its marbled texture and rich flavor.

What is the robata grill at Zuma Las Vegas? 

The robata grill is a traditional Japanese charcoal grill used at Zuma Las Vegas to cook skewers, vegetables, and premium cuts of meat over binchotan charcoal.

Does Zuma Las Vegas have a sushi bar?

Yes, Zuma Las Vegas has a dedicated sushi bar where guests can watch the sushi chefs meticulously prepare nigiri, sashimi, and specialty maki rolls.

Who is the chef behind Zuma Las Vegas? 

Zuma Las Vegas was created by renowned chef Rainer Becker, who co-founded the Zuma restaurant group.

What type of cuisine does Zuma Las Vegas offer? 

 Zuma Las Vegas offers contemporary Japanese cuisine in an izakaya-style dining experience.

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