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Bardot Brasserie, nestled within the luxurious ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, is a true gem for aficionados of French cuisine, under the culinary genius of Chef Michael Mina. This brasserie, inspired by the charm of 1920s Paris cafes, presents an exquisite fusion of classic French comfort food with a modern twist that delights the palate. Among its celebrated dishes, the Beef Wellington stands as a pièce de résistance, perfectly embodying the restaurant’s dedication to quality and flavor. The brunch menu dazzles with favorites like the decadently prepared French Toast and a range of petite plates such as Caviar Deviled Eggs and a tantalizing selection of fruits de mer.

The ambience of Bardot Brasserie is designed to whisk guests away to the Champs-Élysées, with its elegant and upscale casual dress code, enhancing the dining experience to memorable heights. Whether it’s a brunch filled with culinary delights from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM on weekends or a sumptuous dinner experience from Wednesday to Sunday evenings, Bardot Brasserie’s allure is undeniable. The restaurant’s accolades, including the Best New Restaurant by SNHCA Concierge Awards in 2015 and Best French Restaurant in 2016, along with a Best of Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator Magazine, speak volumes of its esteemed standing.

In the words of guests, the service ranges from outstanding to areas for improvement, with special mentions of the warm and engaging bar service and attentive waitstaff. Bardot Brasserie also offers an array of both New World and Old World wines, complementing every meal with the perfect libation. For those seeking a more intimate dining experience, the brasserie accommodates private dining for groups, ensuring that every visit is a remarkable event. Celebrate the art of French dining in Las Vegas at Bardot Brasserie, where each dish serves as a testament to Chef Michael Mina’s culinary prowess and the timeless elegance of French gastronomy.

  1. Beef Wellington: Highlighted as a specialty and highly recommended by a reviewer, the Beef Wellington is celebrated as a must-try. This dish, a classic of French cuisine, is meticulously prepared with a prime filet mignon, Bayonne ham, puff pastry, mushroom duxelles, black truffle, and pomme purée, served with sauce au poivre. It embodies the culinary excellence Bardot Brasserie is known for.
  2. French Toast: Described as paradise and a brunch favorite, the French Toast at Bardot Brasserie is not your ordinary breakfast fare. It’s mentioned for its exceptional taste and presentation, making it a standout dish for those seeking a decadent start to their day.
  3. Roasted Chicken: Praised in the reviews for its succulence, juiciness, and the accompanying mushroom stuffing, the roasted chicken is another highlight. Its preparation and presentation reflect the restaurant’s commitment to elevating traditional French dishes with a unique twist.
  4. Flounder & Pearls: Garnering perfect scores from reviewers, the Flounder & Pearls is lauded for its crispy exterior, delicate interior, and the rich, creamy sauce accented with caviar. This dish showcases the sophisticated flavors and inventive plating Bardot Brasserie is celebrated for.
  5. Duck Fat Fries: While not a main dish, the Duck Fat Fries receive unanimous acclaim for their distinct taste, crispy exterior, and airy interior, demonstrating Bardot Brasserie’s attention to detail even in its side dishes.

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  1. Sophia L. from Seattle, WA:
    “Bardot Brasserie turned our evening into a magical Parisian escape right in the heart of Las Vegas. The ambiance was captivating, blending classic French elegance with a touch of modern sophistication. We started with the Escargot, which was delightfully buttery and garlicky, setting a high standard for the meal to come. The highlight, however, was the Beef Wellington – a masterpiece of flavors and textures that simply melted in our mouths. Service was outstanding, striking the perfect balance between professional and warmly personal. Bardot Brasserie is truly a culinary treasure that shouldn’t be missed.”
  2. Ethan J. from Boston, MA:
    “Our brunch at Bardot Brasserie was nothing short of spectacular. Walking in, the vibe was chic yet inviting, making us feel as if we’d stepped into a cozy bistro in Paris. The French Toast was an absolute dream – fluffy, rich, and perfectly caramelized, paired wonderfully with their signature Bardot Old Fashioned. But the surprise standout was the Caviar Deviled Eggs, offering a luxurious twist on a classic. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, enhancing our dining experience with their recommendations and attentiveness. Bardot Brasserie has set a new brunch benchmark for me.”
  3. Ava K. from Chicago, IL:
    “Dinner at Bardot Brasserie was an unforgettable journey through exquisite French cuisine. From the moment we were greeted, the ambiance exuded a warm and romantic charm. The Flounder & Pearls dish was a revelation, with its delicate balance of flavors and textures, and the Duck Fat Fries were a decadent delight. What truly set Bardot apart was the attentive service; our server was exceptional, offering insights into each dish that enriched our experience. Ending on a high note, the Chocolate Grand Macaron dessert was divine. Bardot Brasserie is a must-visit for anyone seeking a taste of France in Las Vegas.”


Friday9AM – 2PM, 5PM – 10PM
Saturday9AM – 2PM, 5PM – 10PM
Sunday9AM – 2PM, 5PM – 10PM

What makes Bardot Brasserie stand out among other French restaurants in Las Vegas?

Bardot Brasserie offers a unique blend of classic French cuisine with a modern twist, under the culinary direction of renowned Chef Michael Mina. Its 1920s Paris-inspired ambiance, coupled with a carefully curated menu and an impressive selection of wines, sets it apart as a premier dining destination.

Can I make a reservation for Bardot Brasserie online?

Yes, reservations for Bardot Brasserie can be made online through the ARIA Resort & Casino website or by using popular reservation platforms. It’s advisable to book in advance, especially for weekend brunch or dinner.

Is Bardot Brasserie suitable for vegetarians or those with dietary restrictions?

Absolutely. Bardot Brasserie offers a variety of dishes that cater to vegetarians and can accommodate dietary restrictions with advance notice. Please inform your server of any dietary needs, and the kitchen will do its best to meet them.

What is the dress code for dining at Bardot Brasserie?

The dress code at Bardot Brasserie is upscale casual. While elegant attire is welcomed, the atmosphere is designed to be sophisticated yet comfortable, reflecting the chic and relaxed style of a Parisian bistro.

Does Bardot Brasserie have a signature dish?

Yes, the Beef Wellington is Bardot Brasserie’s signature dish, celebrated for its exquisite preparation and presentation. Additionally, the French Toast during brunch and the Duck Fat Fries are guest favorites.

Can Bardot Brasserie accommodate large parties or private events?

Bardot Brasserie offers a private dining room that can seat up to 45 guests, making it an ideal venue for business dinners, celebrations, or special occasions. Advance reservations are recommended for large parties.

Is there a bar area where guests can wait for their table?

Yes, Bardot Brasserie features a stylish bar area where guests can enjoy a cocktail or wine while waiting for their table. It’s a great way to start the evening or brunch experience.

Does Bardot Brasserie offer any specialty cocktails or wine recommendations?

The restaurant boasts an extensive wine list featuring both New World and Old World selections, as well as specialty cocktails crafted by skilled bartenders. The Bardot Old Fashioned is a must-try.

What are the must-try dishes for a first-time visitor to Bardot Brasserie?

First-time visitors should consider trying the Beef Wellington, Roasted Chicken, Flounder & Pearls, French Toast (for brunch), and the Duck Fat Fries. These dishes perfectly showcase the restaurant’s culinary excellence.

How does Bardot Brasserie incorporate seasonal ingredients into the menu?

Chef Michael Mina and the culinary team at Bardot Brasserie prioritize the use of seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, ensuring that the menu reflects the freshest flavors. Seasonal dishes and specials are frequently introduced to offer guests a dynamic dining experience.

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