3 Bedroom Suites On The Strip

The best things happen in threes—including three-bedroom suites

Hotels offering three bedroom suites on the Las Vegas Strip are listed below. Descriptions in this page are specific to those 3 bedroom suites.

Traveling with an odd number of people can be difficult. Everything from beds to tables to roller coaster seats caters to even-numbered groups. To the Las Vegas Strip hotels, there’s nothing odd about the rooms that contain three bedrooms. They’re another opportunity to showcase the unforgettable hospitality that these properties provide.

Several Strip hotels have three-bedroom suites for midsize groups looking for more privacy in their accommodations. Each bedroom contains several bed options, from one or two queen beds and king beds to rollaway options and even lofted sofa beds.

As an added luxury, several three-bedroom suites come in the form of villas. The three-bedroom villa at The Mirage is a classic example, as a marriage of ornate details and added space to enjoy it. To upgrade everything about the experience to new heights, the Resorts World Crockford three-bedroom suite has over 3,000 square-feet of living space included with the three spacious bedrooms, complete with Strip views.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the living areas, kitchenettes and other homely touches that three-bedroom suites provide. If you score a suite with a fitness center, in-house spa treatments or a wet bar, you may never leave the room.

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FAQs about Booking a Hotel in Vegas

What Las Vegas Strip hotel offers the cheapest 3 bedroom suites?

Three-bedroom suites can be affordable, such as the ones at MGM Grand and other cheap hotels on the Strip.

How many people can stay in a 3 bedroom suite?

Three-bedroom suites can hold six people comfortably, and as many as 10 or 12 people. Resorts such as Encore will provide rollaway beds for extra guests.

What does a 3 bedroom suite mean?

Suites with three bedrooms contain three individual bedrooms along with separate bathrooms, living areas, dining areas and other extensions of the main amenities. Several penthouses on the Strip exist in the form of three-bedroom suites.