Hotels On The South Las Vegas Strip

Stay south of The Strip for vintage Vegas vibes

Driving down the Las Vegas Strip is a rite of passage for visitors. The further south you go, the more original Vegas Valley hotels there are to marvel at.

Shoot for The STRAT as you travel among the Las Vegas hotels on the south end of the Strip, and catch the beam of light shining up from Luxor and the neon hues of the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign.

The South Strip is perfect for sports fans. Several properties are located close to Allegiant Stadium and T-Mobile Arena, so catch games and events from the close proximity of your hotel. Even if the game night doesn’t involve leaving the hotel, there are plenty of sports bars and sportsbooks on the premises for quality viewing.

For weekend trippers, you’re in luck. Harry Reid International Airport is located on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip, in close proximity to hotels like MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay. There are several services that support travel to and from the airport, such as buses and Vegas rental cars, making it easy and affordable to see the South Strip as time allows. Mandalay Bay is the southernmost hotel on the Boulevard, providing a beach-like vacation (you can see real sharks!) despite being far from either coast. At MGM Grand, enjoy the perks that come with a stay at the third-largest resort globally. For entertainment, look no further than the shows at MGM Grand, ranging from KA by Cirque du Soleil to a David Copperfield Magic Show.

The south end of the Strip is home to what is arguably the most unique hotel to stay in all of Las Vegas: Luxor. This resort isn’t your average building; instead, you’ll reside within a black glass pyramid and experience Egyptian-themed decor. Another perk of staying on the South Strip? If you’re hoping to explore the mountains surrounding Vegas, a stay in a hotel like Luxor will allow you to avoid wasting time in thick Strip traffic on your way to destinations like Red Rock Canyon.

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FAQs about Booking a Hotel in Vegas

What hotels are south on the Las Vegas Strip?

Mandalay Bay and Delano are the farthest south on the Strip.

Is downtown Las Vegas south of the Strip?

No, downtown Las Vegas is north of the Strip. Check out our hotels that sit north on the Strip to stay close to the action.

Which is better, the North Las Vegas Strip or South Las Vegas Strip?

Both are amazing, and there are plenty of activities on the Strip to keep you occupied—no matter whether you’re staying in a hotel on the south or north end of the Las Vegas Strip.