5 Star Hotels On The Strip

Perfect ratings make for perfect stays at The Strip's five-star hotels

Five-star isn’t just a term reserved for movie reviews. Several hotels on the Las Vegas Strip hold five-star ratings from international accreditations and offer experiences that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Take a look at the various resorts included below to book your perfect stay right now!

A five-star hotel experience in Las Vegas starts with the minute details. Soft linens, personalized welcome packages, and other exclusive room features create the premium ambiance that high-rollers—and those with finer tastes—can luxuriate in for days or weeks. Programs within the resorts, such as MGM’s Stay Well, focus on elevating each aspect of the rooms and services to create optimal relaxation.

For Las Vegas, some of the most exclusive dining and entertainment only exist within the walls of the Strip properties. Staying at resorts such as The Cosmopolitan will open the doors to unforgettable activities, such as speakeasy hopping and The Chandelier, and Nobu Hotel provides exclusive access to its namesake restaurant with the first-of-its-kind location.

Five-star hotel amenities in Las Vegas extend beyond the property features—although they certainly help. The ultimate feature of five-star lodging is the quality of service. If you’re ready to elevate your Las Vegas experience, book a five-star resort on the Strip.

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FAQs about Booking a Hotel in Vegas

Q: What is the most luxurious 5-star hotel on the Las Vegas Strip?

The five-star hotels on the Strip are all luxurious in their own right. Check out our luxury hotels to choose from for your next getaway.

Q: Is Bellagio 5 stars?

Bellagio Las Vegas, with its central Strip location and famous fountains, is one of the most coveted five-star hotels on the Strip.

Q: Do 5-star hotels in Las Vegas have pools?

Part of the five-star Las Vegas experience always includes a pool. Find a five-star hotel pool  for your next Las Vegas Strip getaway.