Hotels with Balconies On the Strip

Get a strip view like no other, from a balcony room on the Boulevard.

Hotels with balconies on the Las Vegas Strip are a lengthy topic of conversation. Not many hotels feature balconies due to colder winter weather and safety concerns, and those that do have varying degrees of accessibility. Despite the speculation, it is possible to find—and enjoy—a balcony room on the Strip. Upgrade your Las Vegas stay, and book a hotel room with a balcony now. Read on below to better understand the different types of balconies, terraces, and patios offered by hotels on the Strip so that you can book the room that best fits your dream vacation.

Since Las Vegas Strip hotel balconies are a rare experience, each balcony provides a unique vantage point on the Strip. Standard balcony rooms are the perfect opportunity to relax with a view or to take a drink outside to people-watch. Hotels like Tropicana offer the conventional room with balconies for the elevation of a classic Las Vegas Strip stay, while a penthouse suite at SAHARA not only boasts a balcony, but a plethora of luxury extras to accentuate the view at hand.

As an upgrade to a traditional balcony, terrace rooms are the spread-out, luxury equivalent. Walk around The Cosmopolitan’s spacious step-outs, or saunter out onto a luxury Lanai terrace at The Mirage for some fresh air. There’s a special mix of romance and excitement that comes with looking down on one of the most famous streets in the world, and doing so from your very own private balcony makes it that much sweeter. Search hotels with balconies on the Las Vegas Strip.

If you’re willing to sacrifice height but still want a room with easy, private access to fresh air, there are hotels that offer personal patios. The Poolside Cabana rooms at The LINQ hotel come with a furnished outdoor area complete with a TV and, of course, a pool view. Like the sound of a patio instead of a true balcony? For vacationers willing to spend more for that classic, extravagant Las Vegas hotel experience, Caesars Palace has luxury villas with private terraces and patios. For a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, the Caesers’ Claudius Villa boasts its own hot tub and fire pit.

Worried about the price tags attached to hotels with balconies on the Las Vegas strip? While not as picturesque as some of the other choices, the one and two-bedroom suites at Polo Towers come with small balconies with a modest view of the Strip. A stay here is the perfect compromise between affordability and style. Another reasonably priced option would be the Signature at MGM Grand. Although a block from the Strip, this hotel offers private, spacious balconies that truly impress. Book your ideal Vegas stay today.

More hotels in Las Vegas don’t have balconies due to safety and weather concerns. In a place nicknamed Sin City, guests can find themselves without their usual judgment and footing. Moreover, winters can get chilly, rendering balconies much less popular during half the year. For many hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, balconies weren’t a worthwhile investment. However, this just makes the hotels that did opt to include balconies even more special.

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FAQs about Booking a Hotel in Vegas

Do hotels in Las Vegas have balconies?

Yes, select hotels on the Las Vegas Strip have balconies. The Cosmopolitan and The Signature at MGM Grand are just a few properties featuring balconies or terraces.

Can you go on the balconies on the Strip?

Most balconies are not accessible to guests, due to safety concerns.

What are the best balconies in Las Vegas?

When Las Vegas Strip hotels have balconies, such as Bellagio or Tropicana, the Strip views are unbeatable. Explore all hotels with balconies on the Strip to choose the right one for your travel needs.