Fremont Street Rock of Horror 2023 – The Ultimate Halloween Party

Ready to celebrate Halloween like a true local? Celebrate Halloween at Fremont Street Rock of Horror 2023! Downtown Las Vegas will be packed with dancing, costumes, thrilling rides, and performances to take back the night!

This year’s Halloween street party was managed by Paul McGuire, the chief marketing officer of Fremont and the man behind Fremont Street. His goal is to have locals and tourists alike learn what it means when someone says “only in Vegas!” 

Expect that McGuire and his team will be making this an unforgettable Halloween weekend with these goals in mind! Hate the crowds in clubs or want a place where you can come and go as you please? Fremont Street Rock of Horror 2023 is the best place to be!

An Annual Must-Visit Event

Fremont Street Rock of Horror 2023 is part of the annual events on Halloween at Fremont every year. The epic people-watching you can go through as you dress in your costume has been happening since 2018!

For one weekend only the entire street is decorated with neon lights, fog machines, rock music, colorful performances, and thrilling rides! Drink and eat freely while walking with your friends to discover more of what the event has to offer!

Locals and tourists alike are welcomed into the atmosphere Fremont Street delivers on Halloween. The entire event is the kind that even locals go to. And you know what they say, if you want to experience the best a place has to offer, follow the locals!

Have the time of your life with your friends and experience what the original Las Vegas Strip would have been in its heyday! 

Costumes Not For the Faint-of-Heart

Fremont Street Rock of Horror 2023 will be the best place to put on your wild costumes! No, we’re not talking about nudity. We’re talking about scary, beautiful, convincing, and unique!

Surround yourself with the most interesting cosplayers, costume designers, and artists who join in on the fun! Fremont Street will have participants with the funniest and scariest costumes in Las Vegas!

Expect that you’ll find yourself taking photos with talented costume designers as they march along to the beat of their drums at the event. There’s also a big reason why everyone’s so excited about wearing the best costumes they can make: a costume contest!

Fremont Street Rock of Horror 2023 Costume Contest

There will always be that one person who stands out amongst the crowd. Fremont Street Experience will not let that person hide in a corner though! On the last day of the Halloween weekend event, Fremont Street will announce three prize winners for their excellent costumes!

Watch the participants showcase their special outfits and root for your favorite one as they challenge each other for cash prizes!

When: October 31st, 10:00 PM (Tuesday)

Where: 3rd Street Stage


First Place – $2,500.00

Second Place – $1,000.00

Third Place – $500.00

SlotZilla Ziplines

Las Vegas roller coasters aren’t the only thrilling rides in town. SlotZilla comes in hot with two tension-raising rides for guests to come and try! Don’t forget to pump up some adrenaline in your veins with extreme rides! Have yourself a fantastic view of Fremont Street while gliding down on Zip-Zilla, a 7-story high zipline where you zoom across with style!

If you want to take it up a notch, try Super-Hero Zoom! A zoom line over 11 stories high and over 5 blocks long!

Live Performances

Want to rock out to the best music on Halloween? Don’t worry about being shy! The lively Fremont Street and Halloween haunt the crowd with flash mobs and free concerts to get you to loosen up and ready for a dance!

Free Concerts

On October 28th, 2023 visitors get a taste of free concerts lined up just for the weekend! 1st Street stage will decorate its area with the sounds of Fastball and Gin Blossoms!

Rock out to their classic songs and meet fellow music lovers as the crowd goes wild with these amazing bands! Be entertained by Fastball at 8:00 PM and Gin Blossoms at 9:30 PM! 

Theatrical Musical Performances

The famous production show Wicked Dreams gives Fremont Street a makeover from their creative minds! 

Give your eyes a taste of exciting performances themed with chaos, mischief, and all things wild! Following Wicked Dreams is the return of musical performances by Alter Igor! 

Fremont Street is the place to be during Halloween. It’s exciting history as the first Las Vegas Strip, its effort to change its atmosphere overnight, and the production team will not let you down! So what costume do you think will win the contest this year?


October 27, 2023 @ 12:00 pm PDT
October 31, 2023 @ 11:59 pm PDT


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E Fremont St, Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV 89101
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Written by Bernice Galang

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