Dine Under the Stars: Revealing 9 Las Vegas’s Most Romantic Rooftop Restaurants

Las Vegas, known for its glittering lights and extravagant experiences, is also home to some of the most romantic dining spots in the world. For those looking to dine under the stars, the city offers a variety of rooftop restaurants with breathtaking views and exquisite cuisine. From the iconic Strip to the vibrant Downtown and serene spots off the Strip, we explore the most romantic rooftop restaurants Las Vegas has to offer, categorized by their location for your convenience.

On the Strip

1. Top Of The World Restaurant (The STRAT Hotel & Casino)

Dedicated Rooftop for Dining

Elevating the dining experience to new heights, Top Of The World Restaurant at The STRAT Hotel & Casino offers a revolving 360-degree view of the Las Vegas skyline. This architectural marvel not only provides a mesmerizing panoramic view but also serves up a menu of exquisite steak and seafood dishes, making every meal a memorable event.

Top of the world at Strat interior shot
  • Prime Ribeye: Expertly aged and cooked to perfection.
  • King Crab Legs: Served with drawn butter for a luxurious treat.
  • Chocolate Lava Cake: A gooey center with a side of vanilla ice cream.


  • “A dinner that literally tops all others, with views as spectacular as the menu.” – A Romantic at Heart
  • “The ever-changing skyline complements the culinary artistry on your plate.” – A Culinary Explorer

Fun Fact

The restaurant completes a full rotation every 80 minutes, ensuring diners enjoy views from every angle.

2. Eiffel Tower Restaurant (Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino)

Dedicated Rooftop for Dining

Nestled within a replica of one of France’s most iconic landmarks, the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino offers a romantic dining experience with stunning views of the Bellagio Fountains. Specializing in French cuisine, this spot combines the essence of Paris with the vibrancy of Vegas.

  • Beef Wellington: A classic dish with a tender heart.
  • Sea Scallops: Delicately seared with a herb butter sauce.
  • French Chocolate Mousse: Rich, silky, and utterly indulgent.


  • “Feels like a Parisian escape with every bite, the fountain view is just the cherry on top.” – A Love-Struck Foodie
  • “Elegant and exquisite, from the ambiance to the plate.” – An Epicurean Adventurer

Fun Fact

The restaurant’s position offers one of the best views of the Bellagio Fountains, making it a coveted spot for proposals.

3. Beer Park (Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino)

Dedicated Rooftop for Dining

Beer Park at Paris Las Vegas brings together the best of both worlds: a vast selection of beers and an all-American menu, all set against the backdrop of the Las Vegas Strip. This rooftop bar and grill offers a more laid-back atmosphere, ideal for those who prefer their romance with a side of casual fun.

  • BBQ Pork Ribs: Smoked and slathered in a tangy sauce.
  • Classic Burger: A juicy delight topped with traditional fixings.
  • Giant Pretzel: Perfect for sharing, served with mustard and cheese dip.


  • “A relaxed vibe with incredible views, making every beer taste better.” – A Beer Lover’s Dream
  • “The perfect spot for a laid-back date night, under the neon glow of the Strip.” – A Casual Diner

Fun Fact

Beer Park is one of the few spots on the Strip where you can enjoy outdoor dining and games, adding a playful twist to the night.

4. 107 SkyLounge (The STRAT Hotel & Casino)

Dedicated Rooftop for Dining

107 SkyLounge, situated just above the Top Of The World Restaurant at The STRAT Hotel & Casino, offers an intimate setting with stunning views of the city. Known for its creative cocktails and small plates, this lounge is the perfect spot for a romantic evening or a special celebration.

  • Lobster Tacos: Fresh and flavorful, with a zesty lime crema.
  • Charcuterie Board: A curated selection of meats and cheeses, ideal for sharing.
  • Chocolate Fondue: A decadent dessert experience, with an assortment of fruits and pastries for dipping.


  • “A lounge that’s as sophisticated as it is cozy, with views that elevate the experience.” – A Night Out Enthusiast
  • “Perfect for pre-dinner drinks or a late-night bite, with a menu that’s as impressive as the panorama.” – A Lounge Lover

Fun Fact

The lounge offers a happy hour that’s highly sought after, both for its deals and its sunset views.

5. The Foundation Room (Mandalay Bay)

Viewing from Dining Area

The Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay offers an exclusive escape from the hustle and bustle of the Strip. While not a traditional rooftop dining space, its high vantage point provides stunning views of the Las Vegas skyline. This members-only club is known for its eclectic global cuisine and ornate decor, offering a secluded and luxurious dining experience.

Rooftop Mandalay Bay Foundation Room
  • Miso-Glazed Chilean Sea Bass: Delicately flavored and perfectly cooked.
  • Lamb Chops: Seasoned with exotic spices and grilled to tender perfection.
  • Baked Alaska: A fiery presentation that’s as delicious as it is dramatic.


  • “A dining sanctuary that offers both privacy and panoramic views.” – An Exclusive Member
  • “The global menu takes you on a culinary journey, matched only by the view.” – A Worldly Diner

Fun Fact

Foundation Room originally started as a private members-only club. This exclusive venue, located on the top floors of the Mandalay Bay Resort, was designed to offer a luxurious retreat for its members, complete with fine dining, private rooms, and a sophisticated ambiance. Over time, while it has maintained its exclusive and upscale nature, the Foundation Room has opened its doors more widely to the public, especially in the evening for nightlife and special events, offering a taste of its exclusivity to a broader audience.


6. Downtown Terrace Kitchen & Bar (Container Park)

Dedicated Rooftop for Dining

Located in the heart of Downtown’s Container Park, Downtown Terrace Kitchen & Bar offers a refreshing open-air dining experience. This cozy spot is perfect for those who enjoy a more laid-back atmosphere, serving up American classics with a creative twist.

  • Avocado Toast: Elevated with poached eggs and a sprinkle of chili flakes.
  • Burger: Topped with gourmet ingredients for a unique flavor profile.
  • Lemon Ricotta Pancakes: Fluffy and light, with just the right amount of zest.


  • “A hidden gem in Downtown, where the ambiance is as inviting as the menu.” – A Downtown Aficionado
  • “Perfect for brunch or a casual dinner, with a warm and welcoming vibe.” – A Relaxed Foodie

Fun Fact

Situated within a unique shopping and entertainment complex made from shipping containers, adding an eclectic charm to your dining experience.

7. Oscar’s Steakhouse (Plaza Hotel & Casino)

Viewing from Dining Area

Oscar’s Steakhouse, nestled within the Plaza Hotel & Casino, pays homage to the classic Vegas dining experience. Named after former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, this steakhouse offers a glamorous throwback to the Rat Pack era, complete with crystal chandeliers and sumptuous leather booths.

  • Bone-In Ribeye: Charred to perfection, a meat lover’s dream.
  • Lobster Bisque: Creamy, with a hint of sherry.
  • New York Cheesecake: Classic, creamy, and the perfect end to a meal.


  • “Stepping into Oscar’s is like stepping back in time, with all the glamour of old Vegas.” – A Nostalgic Diner
  • “The steaks are as legendary as the man it’s named after.” – A Steak Connoisseur

Fun Fact

The steakhouse features memorabilia and stories from Oscar Goodman’s tenure as mayor, adding a unique historical layer to your dining experience.

Off the Strip

8. Voodoo Steakhouse (Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino)

Viewing from Dining Area

Perched atop the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, Voodoo Steakhouse casts a spell with its breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Valley. The restaurant offers a fusion of steakhouse classics with bold Creole influences, all served in a moody, dimly lit setting that’s perfect for a romantic dinner.

a tomahawk steak with side dishes and a drink
VooDoo at Rio – Tomahawk Steak
  • Tomahawk Ribeye: A massive cut for two, seasoned and cooked to perfection.
  • Creole Jambalaya: Spicy and packed with flavor.
  • Bananas Foster: Prepared tableside for a spectacular dessert experience.


  • “The views are as intoxicating as the menu, with a touch of magic in the air.” – A Romantic Reveler
  • “A steakhouse that elevates the dining experience with a Creole twist.” – A Flavor Adventurer

Fun Fact

The Voodoo Lounge, adjacent to the steakhouse, offers an outdoor terrace where guests can enjoy cocktails and the night sky.

9. Carson’s Kitchen

Dedicated Rooftop for Dining

Tucked away in the heart of Downtown, Carson’s Kitchen offers a modern take on comfort food classics. This intimate spot is known for its innovative menu and warm, inviting atmosphere, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

  • Devil’s Eggs: Updated with pancetta and caviar.
  • Short Rib Sliders: Slow-cooked to perfection, served on a soft bun.
  • Glazed Donut Bread Pudding: A sweet and satisfying end to any meal.


  • “A cozy spot that feels like a well-kept secret, with dishes that surprise and delight.” – A Culinary Explorer
  • “Innovative comfort food that brings people together, in a warm and welcoming setting.” – A Foodie Friend

Fun Fact

The restaurant is a tribute to the late chef Kerry Simon, known as the “Rock n’ Roll Chef” for his innovative approach to American cuisine.

This curated selection of Las Vegas’s most romantic rooftop restaurants showcases the diversity and culinary excellence the city has to offer. Whether you’re on the Strip, exploring Downtown, or venturing off the beaten path, these establishments provide the perfect backdrop for a night under the stars, combining breathtaking views with unforgettable cuisine.

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