15 Perfect Places To Grab Pizza on the Strip

There is no bad time for pizza. Eat it cold, have leftovers for breakfast or eat large quantities of it when you’ve had a few drinks. For pizza lovers, the Strip is packed with good pie places—pizza pie, that is. Enjoy our list of the best pizza on the Strip, and save us a slice.

Rustic wooden table with pizza with fire in the back pizza on the Strip
Rustic wooden table with pizza with fire in the back

1. Pisa Pizza at the Grand Bazaar Shops

This play-on-words pizzeria is all about simplicity. The menu only has a few items, but the focus is on delivering authentic Italian pizza made with high-quality ingredients. The churros are highly recommended as an unconventional pizzeria dessert, but one that can’t be missed. Lean into the delicious choices as Pisa.

2. Pizzeria at Circus Circus

Circus Circus is known for its casual vibe, which is the perfect atmosphere for pizza. For anyone that’s looking for a classic, dependable slice, head to Pizzeria in Circus Circus. Hand-tossed crusts with specialty pizzas and “pick your own topping” creations await hungry guests, and so do side dishes such as parmesan garlic French fries.

3. Pizza Cake by Buddy Valastro at Harrah’s

sugar coma-inducing pizza cake image up close by Buddy V

Buddy V has many claims to fame, and his roster of Italian restaurants on the Strip is one of his best accolades. Pizza Cake stands at Harrah’s, and not only does it serve the classic New York-style pizza everyone craves, but it has a delicious, sugar coma-inducing lineup of dessert pizzas

4. The Pizza Press at Fashion Show Las Vegas (TEMPORARILY CLOSED)

The Pizza press sign in Las Vegas
The Pizza Press outdoor sign

Not looking to eat a monstrous amount of pizza? The Pizza Press has more manageable pizza sizes with a kitschy newsroom style. Instead of making a pizza, you can “publish” your own with one of the most diverse list of toppings. The same applies for salads, and don’t forget to order a beer—or an entire bottle of wine—to round out the meal.

5. Slice of Vegas Pizza Kitchen & Bar

A diverse menu means that Slice of Vegas delivers to any diet. Vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians and gluten-free eaters will love the pizza, pasta and sandwiches from Slice of Vegas. This is another prime spot to catch the Vegas Golden Knights game on one of the bar’s many TVs.

up close image of a pizza from slice of vegas with vegetables

Super hungry? Try the Double Down Challenge. Anyone that can eat a seven-pound pizza in one hour gets their meal comped, plus prizes and eternal fame with a framed wall photo.

6. Moneyline Pizza & Bar

interior design of dining adn seating area in moneyline

This place is for you, Vegas Golden Knights fans. Moneyline Pizza & Bar is situated near the BetMGM Race and Sportsbook, and with a stacked appetizer list and “build your own” pizza option, everyone crossing over the slick checkered floor and into the bar will be spoiled for choice.

If it’s too early for pizza, Moneyline also has a full breakfast menu and is one of many great places for breakfast on the Strip.

7. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria at the Grand Canal Shoppes

Pepperoni Pizza from Grimaldi's
Pepperoni pizza from Grimaldi’s Pizzeria | Shutterstock

Fun fact: Italians tend to drink beer with pizza more often than wine.

Whichever way you prefer it, it’s possible to enjoy both at Grimaldi’s, from their extensive beer and wine list. Along with their monster brick pizza oven, the Napoli pizza spot has decorated their tables with the unmistakable red and white checkered tablecloths as a backdrop for their artisan pizzas.

8. Secret Pizza at The Cosmopolitan

Girl holding pizza and making a silence gesture
Pizza girl holding a pizza | Shutterstock

It’s no secret that this pizza shop is worth visiting.

For anyone that enjoys the mystery of a speakeasy bar, Secret Pizza is sure to delight. Tucked away in the Cosmopolitan in an inconspicuous spot (hint: it’s on the third floor) the smell of other patrons eating outside will guide the way. The white sauce pizza may be their trademark, but their other pie selections are worth repeated visits to try.

For more secret food fun, sign up for a Secret Food Tours experience on the Las Vegas Strip.

9. Pizza D’Italia at Miracle Mile Shops

plate of cheese pizza by D'Italia in Miracle Shopsn

The Miracle Mile Shops are a bustling corner of shopping on the Strip that demands several hours of time to explore in its entirety. This no-frills pizza counter is great for a slice on the go, which is perfect, considering that there are no tables. As one of our favorite to-go spots, Pizza D’Italia delivers hot, tasty pizza at a reasonable price for every kind of shopper.

10. Flour & Barley at Fashion Show Mall

This trendy concept is the creation of Gen3 Hospitality group, which also owns Elephant Bar and Holstein’s. This trendy concept was brought to the LINQ by Las Vegas local Billy Richardson. The menu offers all of the classics with twists on the ingredients, such as chicken wings with gorgonzola dressing.

interior design of dining area at flour & Barley in Fashion Show Mall

All pizza products are prepared with garlic cream sauce or San Marzano tomato sauce, which is a notoriously easy tomato to work with that yields the absolute best sauce. When you see this tomato type, you know the pizza’s gonna be good.

11. New York Pizzeria at New York New York

juicy slices of new york-inspired cheese pizza

It’s only fitting that New York-style thin crust pizza is in its namesake hotel on the Strip. When it’s time to order, choose from a classic crust or a stuffed crust pizza with over 12 toppings options. For drinks, New York Pizzeria keeps it in the family by featuring brews from Pour 24, a craft beer bar located in the hotel. 

12. Crush at MGM Grand

There are almost as many ways to make pizza as there are to eat it, and we’re not talking about microwaving a frozen pie. Today’s standard pizza is brought to life in a standard convection oven, and is the most common method of pizza cooking. Wood-fired pizza is reticent of the name: the process involves burning wood to add a rich flavor to the cooked dough and toppings, and can be done in a brick oven with the same outcome. 

margherita pizza getting toasty before a fire

This method is what Crush uses to craft its perfect pizzas. Choose popular toppings like pepperoni or sausage, or go for an artisan pick like dates and artichokes. While Crush is not exclusively a pizza joint, the other American dishes on the menu make this establishment a lifesaver for groups that can’t decide where to eat. 

13. Mulberry Street Pizza at Resorts World

lady enjoying mulberry pizza with a glass of win on the comfort of her couch

Mulberry Street Pizza is a Beverly Hills original that sticks to what works. Their first location opened its doors 30 years ago, and word has spread to Nevada, where it opened up as one of the new kids on the block with a Resorts World location. The by the slice menu is available until the early morning hours, so stop by the “most famous pizzeria in the world” for pizza, pasta or a Nutella chocolate chip cookie.

14. Pin-Up Pizza at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Pop quiz: what’s better than a slice of pizza?

Answer: a giant slice of pizza.

employees showcasing a huge pepperoni pizza by pin-up pizza

Pin-Up Pizza is famous for serving massive, cheesy pizza slices to Planet Hollywood visitors. While a normal large pizza measures up at a standard 14 inches in diameter, Pin-Up’s pies more than double that number, with a staggering 30-inch diameter and 15-inch slices. 

The name is reminiscent of a vintage time. Teleport back 60 years to the era of polka-dots and headscarves, and let the old-style New York vibe enhance the flavors of the pizza.

We recommend the garlic knots, but be sure to get four. One won’t be enough.

15. Sirrico’s at New York New York

New York New York interior with Sirrico's pizza sign
Sirrico’s Pizza neon sign | Shutterstock

Transport to the streets of Brooklyn, with its brick buildings and grungy vibes. Siricco’s is the typical late-night pizza joint serving huge, thin slice delights in traditional New York fashion. As one of the many options for cheap food on the Strip, they offer a slice of pizza and beer deal for less than $10, making it the perfect between-casinos snack for hungry Strip visitors.

16. Giordano’s at Bally’s Grand Bazaar Shops

Giordano's sign in the Grand Bazaar Shops
Giordano’s in the Grand Bazaar Shops | Shutterstock

With all of the New York-style pizza on the Las Vegas Strip, the Windy City needs some representation. Giordano’s is one of Chicago’s original chains, serving deep-dish Chicago-style pizza nationally for almost 50 years. Head to Bally’s for a dense, delicious slice measuring inches thick and topped with whatever your heart desires.

Want More Than Pizza on the Strip?

There are many places to grab pizza on the Strip, from a single pepperoni slice the size of a car tire to an entire pie for the whole family. For more carb-filled favorites, check out our favorite Italian restaurants on the Strip or some incredible bakeries on the Strip.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pizza on the Strip

What hotel has the best pizza on the Strip?

Each hotel’s pizza places offer their own take on this Italian classic. For domestic pizza, stop by New York-New York for the famed style of thin-slice pizza. Other favorites include the Italian classics at Pisa Pizza and Giordano’s, which can both be found at Bally’s Grand Bazaar Shops.

Where is Secret Pizza on the Strip?

Secret Pizza is a speakeasy-style joint located at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Who makes the biggest pizza on the Strip in Las Vegas?

For giant slices to feed giant appetites, head over to Pinup Pizza at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas.

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