Luxury Heat: The Most Expensive Spicy Dishes in Las Vegas

In the heart of Las Vegas, where the dazzling lights of luxury meet the bold flavors of gourmet cuisine, lies a unique culinary gem that caters to the refined palates of vegan connoisseurs. Crossroads Kitchen stands as a beacon of high-end dining, offering an unparalleled experience that challenges the conventional boundaries of vegan food. This article delves into what makes Crossroads Kitchen not just a restaurant, but a luxury destination for those seeking the thrill of spice without compromising on ethical eating principles.

Crossroads Kitchen: A Vegan Oasis in a Desert of Decadence

Nestled on the bustling Strip, Crossroads Kitchen brings an air of elegance and exclusivity to the vegan dining scene in Las Vegas. Founded by celebrated chef and visionary Tal Ronnen, known for his innovative approach to plant-based cuisine, the restaurant offers a serene escape from the neon frenzy outside its doors. The ambiance of Crossroads Kitchen speaks volumes of its commitment to luxury, with a meticulously designed interior that blends contemporary chic with earthy, vegan-inspired elements.

Cuisine Type and Unique Attributes

Crossroads Kitchen specializes in gourmet vegan cuisine, transforming seasonal and locally sourced ingredients into dazzling, spicy dishes that rival their non-vegan counterparts in complexity and flavor. The restaurant’s commitment to sustainability and animal welfare is matched only by its dedication to culinary excellence, making it a luxury dining experience with a conscience.

Crossroads Kitchen’s menu is a testament to the creativity and culinary prowess of its kitchen. Here are some of the standout spicy dishes that have captivated the palates of diners:

  • Spicy Meatball Pizza: A fiery twist on a classic, featuring house-made vegan meatballs, spicy tomato sauce, and a generous topping of vegan mozzarella. ($32)
  • Calabrian Chili Pasta: Perfectly al dente pasta tossed with a rich and spicy Calabrian chili sauce, crowned with crispy breadcrumbs and fresh herbs. ($29)
  • Jerk Cauliflower: An innovative dish that brings the heat with a Jamaican-inspired jerk marinade, served with a cooling mango-apple slaw. ($27)
  • Szechuan Green Beans: Crispy green beans stir-fried with a bold Szechuan sauce, offering a spicy kick complemented by toasted sesame seeds and peanuts. ($25)


Crossroads Kitchen is nestled in the vibrant heart of Las Vegas, specifically situated within the luxurious Resorts World Las Vegas. This prime location on the Las Vegas Strip places it amidst the city’s most glamorous hotels, casinos, and entertainment venues, offering guests a unique blend of culinary excellence and the electric atmosphere that Las Vegas is famed for. Its central location makes it an accessible and enticing destination for both locals and tourists looking to indulge in a plant-based dining experience without parallel.

resorts world conrad las vegas on the strip exterior

If You’re Staying on the Las Vegas Strip:

  • Walking: Resorts World Las Vegas is located on the northern end of the Strip. If you’re staying at a nearby hotel, walking can be a pleasant option, especially during the cooler evening hours. The resort is visible from various points along the Strip, making it easy to navigate towards.
  • Monorail: The Las Vegas Monorail offers a convenient way to travel along the Strip. Get off at the Sahara Las Vegas Station, which is the closest stop to Resorts World. From there, it’s a short walk to the resort.
  • Ride-Sharing/Taxi: Services like Uber, Lyft, or traditional taxis are readily available throughout the Strip. Request a ride to Resorts World Las Vegas, specifying Crossroads Kitchen as your destination within the resort.

If You’re Driving:

  • From the South (e.g., from the airport or Henderson): Drive north on I-15, take the exit for Spring Mountain Road East, then follow the signs to Resorts World Las Vegas.
  • From the North (e.g., from Downtown Las Vegas): Drive south on I-15, take the exit for West Sahara Avenue, and head east towards Las Vegas Boulevard, then follow the signs to the resort.


Resorts World Las Vegas offers ample parking for visitors. Once you arrive at the resort, follow the signs to the parking area. From the parking structure, you can easily find directions to Crossroads Kitchen within the resort complex.

Remember to check the current traffic conditions and any special events happening in Las Vegas that might affect travel times.


Diners have consistently praised Crossroads Kitchen for its exceptional cuisine and atmosphere. Here are some highlights from reviews:

  • “I had the pleasure of dining at Crossroads Kitchen last weekend, and it was nothing short of a culinary revelation. The Artichoke Oysters are a must-try; their innovative take on a seafood classic blew my mind. Every bite was a delightful surprise, proving that vegan cuisine can indeed be luxurious and satisfying. I’m already planning my next visit!” – Alex Jordan
  • “Crossroads Kitchen exemplifies the art of fine dining with its plant-based menu. The Spaghetti Carbonara, made with a delicate balance of flavors that mimic the traditional dish without any animal products, was exquisite. It’s a testament to the chef’s mastery over his craft. A refined choice for anyone with discerning tastes.” – Sophia Laurent
  • “Dining at Crossroads Kitchen offered more than just a meal; it was a thoughtful journey through the potential of vegan cuisine. The Impossible Cigars, with their rich, complex flavors, made me ponder the future of food. It’s a place that marries ethics with elegance, leaving a lasting impression.” – Michael Thompson
  • “Hit up Crossroads Kitchen on a whim, and man, was I blown away! The pizza with almond ricotta is legit the best pizza I’ve had, vegan or not. Super chill vibe, too. Definitely coming back with the crew for more.” – Jessie McKay
  • “While the ambiance of Crossroads Kitchen is undeniably upscale, and their mission commendable, the execution on some dishes falls short. The Seitan Scaloppini, though inventive, lacked the depth of flavor I was hoping for. It’s a good spot, but there’s room for refinement.” – Richard Kim
  • “Under the twinkling lights of Crossroads Kitchen, I found solace in a dish called ‘Lasagna Bolognese.’ It was a tapestry of flavors, each layer a verse in a poem dedicated to the earth. This restaurant doesn’t just serve food; it serves stories, beautifully woven and heartwarmingly told.” – Isabella Rose
  • “Tried the ‘Cheese Plate’ at Crossroads Kitchen, expecting the usual vegan cheese letdown. But holy cashew cream, Batman! It was actually good. Like, really good. Who knew you could get a dairy-free cheese coma? 10/10 would recommend to my cheese-loving, lactose-intolerant brethren.” – Dave Collins
  • “The attention to detail at Crossroads Kitchen is unparalleled. From the presentation to the palate, every aspect is curated with care. The Beet Tartare was a symphony of textures and tastes, beautifully balanced and visually arresting. It’s clear that each dish is a labor of love and creativity.” – Angela Martinez
  • “As a food critic, I’ve experienced a wide array of culinary establishments, and Crossroads Kitchen stands out for its innovative approach to vegan dining. The Truffle Mac and Cheese is a highlight, offering a depth of flavor that rivals its traditional counterpart. This restaurant is a significant addition to Las Vegas’s dining scene, setting a high bar for plant-based cuisine.” – Jameson Reid
  • “Crossroads Kitchen has captured my heart. As someone who’s recently embraced veganism, finding a place that makes such a bold statement with its dishes is inspiring. The ‘Crab Cakes’ made from hearts of palm are a revelation; I never imagined vegan food could be this exciting and flavorful. It’s more than a meal; it’s a moment of discovery.” – Emma Clarkson

Fun Facts About Crossroads Kitchen

  1. Celebrity Chef at the Helm: Chef Tal Ronnen, the founder of Crossroads Kitchen, is not just celebrated for his culinary skills but also for his influence on vegan cuisine across the United States. He’s known for preparing vegan meals for Oprah Winfrey’s 21-day vegan cleanse, contributing to his reputation as a pioneer in gourmet plant-based cooking.
  2. A Blend of Innovation and Tradition: While Crossroads Kitchen prides itself on its entirely plant-based menu, the restaurant doesn’t shy away from reimagining traditional dishes. Chef Ronnen’s ability to transform classic favorites into vegan masterpieces without sacrificing flavor or texture is a testament to his creativity and culinary expertise.
  3. Luxurious Ambiance: The restaurant’s ambiance is meticulously designed to offer diners an upscale, refined dining experience. From the elegant decor to the thoughtful lighting, every aspect of Crossroads Kitchen is crafted to complement the luxury of its menu, making it a popular destination for both special occasions and everyday indulgence.
  4. Famous Among the Stars: Crossroads Kitchen is a magnet for celebrities and influencers, drawn not only by its innovative menu but also by its commitment to sustainability and luxury dining. The restaurant has hosted numerous high-profile diners, further cementing its status as a premier destination for vegan cuisine.
  5. Exclusive Cocktail Program: Beyond its food, Crossroads Kitchen boasts an exclusive cocktail program, featuring unique concoctions that perfectly pair with its dishes. These innovative beverages are designed to enhance the dining experience, offering flavors and presentations as sophisticated as the food.
  6. Artisanal Ingredients: The kitchen sources only the finest, freshest ingredients, many of which are organic and locally sourced. This commitment to quality is evident in every dish, with chef Ronnen often highlighting the natural flavors of these premium ingredients, allowing them to shine.
  7. Seasonal Menus: Embracing the bounty of each season, Crossroads Kitchen frequently updates its menu to reflect the freshest seasonal ingredients available. This not only ensures a dynamic dining experience but also showcases the versatility and richness of plant-based cuisine.
  8. A Culinary Education: Chef Ronnen is passionate about educating diners on the potential of vegan cuisine, often hosting cooking classes and workshops. These events are an opportunity for guests to learn about the complexity and depth of vegan cooking, further enriching the Crossroads Kitchen experience.
  9. Innovative Desserts: The dessert menu at Crossroads Kitchen is a highlight, featuring vegan takes on classic sweets that defy expectations. From decadent chocolate cakes to airy mousses, the desserts are a perfect end to the luxurious dining experience, proving that vegan cuisine can satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth.
  10. Environmental Commitment: Beyond its menu, Crossroads Kitchen is dedicated to sustainability, employing eco-friendly practices in its operations. This includes minimizing waste, conserving water, and using energy-efficient appliances, underscoring the restaurant’s commitment to not just animal welfare but environmental stewardship as well.
Crossroads Bar at Resorts World - Vegan Eatery

Crossroads Kitchen in Las Vegas redefines the boundaries of vegan cuisine, offering a luxurious dining experience that marries the boldness of spice with the finesse of gourmet cooking. Each dish, meticulously crafted with the finest plant-based ingredients, invites diners on a journey of flavors that challenges the palate and delights the senses. In a city famed for its extravagance, Crossroads Kitchen stands out as a testament to the possibilities of luxury vegan dining, proving that indulgence and ethical eating can go hand in hand. Whether you’re a vegan food aficionado or a culinary adventurer looking to explore the spicier side of Las Vegas’s dining scene, Crossroads Kitchen is a destination that promises an unforgettable experience.

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