Discover The Best Korean BBQ on the Strip in Las Vegas

Nowadays, Korean BBQ is all the rage. This unique experience of grilling your own expertly marinated meats is presented throughout the Las Vegas Strip. In fact, while there are some great choices to eat on the Strip, locals know that the absolute best Korean BBQ eateries can be found in Chinatown off of Spring Mountain. All of these top spots for Korean BBQ on the Strip can be found on or near the famous Boulevard.

Best Friend by Roy Choi at Park MGM

chicken cooking at one of the restaurants for Korean BBQ on the Strip
image courtesy of MGM

3770 S Las Vegas Blvd

Open from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday and open until midnight from Thursday through Saturday

Frequent Los Angeles a lot? Vegas is only about a four and a half hour drive from the city of angels, and prominent chef Roy Choi of gourmet Korean-Mexican fusion taco truck Kogi fame has brought an LA love letter to Park MGM in Las Vegas. It combines the underground culture, music and food of LA with the fabulous roots of Vegas, and it does an excellent job showcasing why the two cities are considered best friends.

The exterior looks very much like an out-of-place convenient storefront, and the interior provides a very LA-esque underground vibe with a hint of a mystical Las Vegas dinner experience immersion. Although this place doesn’t have a grill for guests to cook their meats on, the Korean BBQ is certified incredible, complimentary to the Korean American chef himself.

Park MGM Las Vegas (from USD $75 )

Dive into entertainment, art and Las Vegas fun at Park MGM, a divine hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

Ginseng Korean BBQ II

3765 S Las Vegas Blvd

Late-night cravers rejoice: Ginseng is open 24/7

Located behind the Strip Walgreens, this eatery is known for its central location and decent all-you-can-eat prices. While the meat section of the menu is more selective than what can be found in Chinatown, it is a great place to reach on foot when exploring the Las Vegas Strip.

At $29 for an all-you-can-eat lunch and $31 for an unlimited dinner, those prices are hard to beat in a location surrounded by surcharges and price markups. Guests can enjoy the classic KBBQ staples such as bulgogi and brisket, accompanied by the small banchan side dishes and guest choice of bibimbap or tofu soup.


5030 Spring Mountain Rd 

Open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 3 a.m.

Looking for a more casual hangout place with delicious options? Look no further than Hwaro, located right next to Kung Fu Boba Tea. This hotspot for college-aged kids is the perfect place for locals and visitors to hang out and cook together. While their all-day special is priced at a decent $26.95, they also offer lunch and late-night specials discounted at $23.95. 

From the mysterious menu item called The Sh** which is marked as a Must Try to the Green Tea Smoked Pork Belly, this menu contains an eclectic selection for those wanting to be a little adventurous. Other menu highlights include the cheese fondue, King Kalbie and Hwaro Premium Steak for cheese and meat enthusiasts alike. The only downside to this establishment is that they don’t take reservations beforehand, so plan on waiting a bit. The wait will be worth it, though. With the low-key vibe and incredible food, this Korean BBQ eatery is a fun hang and a great time.


888 Korean BBq in Chinatown
via Shutterstock

4215 Spring Mountain Rd B107

Open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 12 a.m.

This unique take on the all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ craze has three tiers of menus to choose from, ranging from $21.95 to $35.95. 

Each menu has a variety of appetizers and meats to choose from, like cream cheese wontons and mini shrimp tacos. The second and third tier come with the option to order dragon rolls and Japanese lasagna rolls for guests who also want to satisfy their sushi cravings in one sitting. Unique meats can be found here such as filet mignon and Kobe beef for those wanting more of a gourmet experience. With a sophisticated interior design and excellent service, this Korean BBQ joint is sure to satisfy even the most niche craving. 

Tofu Hut

3920 Spring Mountain Rd 

Open daily from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. with last seatings at midnight

Looking for a cheap alternative but still want the KBBQ fix? This place is by far the cheapest in Vegas, with an incredible all day, all-you-can-eat special of $18 plus tax. Not only that, but the AYCE comes with 13 different meats to choose from such as marinated short rib, sliced pork belly and spicy squid. The meal also comes with the iconic side dishes and the menu includes sides like fried dumplings and corn cheese. End a huge meal with a satisfying scoop of ice cream, also included on the menu.

Frequently Asked Questions About Korean BBQ on the Strip

Are there Korean BBQ restaurants on the Strip in Las Vegas?

The Strip has its very own Korean eatery at Park MGM, and Chinatown is nearby for even more authentic dishes.

Where is the closest Korean BBQ restaurant near me in Las Vegas?

There are several Asian restaurants in Las Vegas that feature Korean options, such as grilled meats and authentic hibachi and teppan grills.

Do Las Vegas Strip Korean BBQ restaurants have vegan options?

Some side dishes and vegetable add-ons at Korean BBQ restaurants have vegan options, making them healthy Strip restaurants.

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