The Hidden Truths Behind Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas

One of the most infamous restaurants located along the famous Las Vegas strip is the Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen.

Located in the front of Caesars Palace Las Vegas with its iconic flaming pitchfork, the Las Vegas restaurant seats over 300 guests and features floor-to-ceiling windows where guests can overlook the famous Las Vegas Strip. With iconic red and blue kitchens that mimic the television series and two chef’s tables, guests feel as if they’re immersed in the series, and are dining in the middle of a studio set inside Caesars Palace. it is one of the featured restaurants in the curated list of Vegas’s best restaurants.

Hell's Kitchen Las Vegas
Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas

But despite the anger, aggression and fumbled attempts at dinners that are featured on the global hit reality television series, this Las Vegas restaurant prioritizes Hell’s Kitchen signature dishes that explore modern elements with farm-to-table ingredients.

The restaurant inside Caesars Palace also features a contemporary bar, serving the latest trends in mixology in between the red and blue kitchens.

Caesars Palace Las Vegas (from USD $94.00 )

Head towards the smooth marble pillars on the Strip to experience the timeless features of Caesars Palace in the modern age.

The dinner menus and modern lunch options feature Hell’s Kitchen signature dishes ranging from pan-seared scallops with an English pea puree to renowned chef Gordon Ramsay’s signature main beef wellington, served with a potato puree glazed root vegetables with a red wine demi-glace. But there are also experimental sides of modern lunch and the signature dinner menu worth exploring like seared foie gras with stewed cherries and Scottish shortbread, crispy skin salmon with warm white beans and the heirloom tomato burrata salad with white balsamic vinaigrette and Thai basil. Don’t forget the iconic baked macaroni.

But as one might imagine, when you enter the depths of hell on the famous Las Vegas strip, secret knowledge lingers there for you. Here are some of the best-kept secrets and hidden truths behind Las Vegas’ most iconic restaurant, Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas Is The First Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen

The Las Vegas location of Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen is the first in his series of restaurants to feature the now-iconic red and blue kitchens. After its success and the name synonymous with his television series, Gordon Ramsey went on to open several other Hell’s Kitchen restaurants around the world. While other locations include Lake Tahoe, Dubai, California, Washington D.C., Chicago and Miami, it’s Caesars Palace that started it all with its red and blue design details.

Exterior of Hell's kitchen in Las Vegas
Find your food heaven in Hell’s Kitchen, Las Vegas

Dine Like Caesar With The Prix Fix Menu

The Prix Fix Dinner menus at Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas are one of the best ways to experience all of the flavors that the restaurant has to offer.

Drawing inspiration from dishes featured in the series, the three-course meal designed by Gordon Ramsay starts at $75.95 per person, but with wine pairing, it jumps to $125.95 per guest. [Editors note: If you love wine pairings check out these Vegas wine bars.]

The menu is available nightly until 6 p.m. and offers nearly all of the Hell’s Kitchen signature dishes. This includes the choice of either the Heirloom Tomato Burrata salad with white balsamic vinaigrette and or the Caesar salad with grilled chicken for the first course. The Caesar features garlic croutons and lemon zest and is paired with a chardonnay from Gordon Ramsay’s Reserve on the Sonoma coast. The mains include the iconic beef wellington with potato puree glazed root vegetables, perhaps the most famous entree at Hell’s Kitchen, served with Alexander Valley red wine. Other options include the crispy skin salmon served with iberico chorizo and citrus beurre blanc as well as the wild mushrooms in a shallot white-wine glaze. For dessert, it’s the iconic Gordon Ramsay favorite, Sticky Toffee Pudding with dulce de leche ice cream. Along with many of the great places for desserts in Vegas, Hell’s Kitchen is no exception.

Hell's Kitchen place setting with napkin
Hell’s Kitchen place setting with napkin

When Hell’s Kitchen Was And Wasn’t Filmed On The Las Vegas strip

Gordon Ramsay first launched his global hit reality television series Hell’s Kitchen on Fox in 2005. Since then, the show starring world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay has gone on to run for 20 seasons.

At first, the television series was not filmed at the iconic restaurant. Instead, a warehouse was utilized to create the restaurant’s dynamic atmosphere with red and blue kitchens where contestants competed.

Season 1 and 2 were filmed at a studio located on Labrea Avenue in California and season 3 was taped down the street on La Cienega.

It wasn’t until seasons 19 and 20 that the show made the move to Las Vegas. And while several shots were filmed within the iconic restaurant, a majority of production footage was filmed at Caesars Palace Entertainment Studio located a few minutes off the Las Vegas Strip.

While the crazy and chaotic nature of the show is one of the most-loved aspects, it might be better during your next Las Vegas meal at Hell’s Kitchen, you don’t have to see any chefs get humiliated or have to endure long waits for the food. 

Hell's Kitchen Las Vegas

The Secret Head Chef of Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas

While everyone knows that Gordon Ramsay is the mastermind behind the Hell’s Kitchen enterprise, he is a busy man with a lot on his plate. So the true hero of Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas is Executive Chef Shawn Hamada.

Hamada was selected by Gordon Ramsay himself and is well known in restaurant circles.

Drawing inspiration from his training at The Arts Institute of California-Orange County, Hamada quickly transitioned into a line cook at Nobhill Tavern at the MGM Grand in 2011.

MGM Grand Las Vegas (from USD $47 )

If you wish to stay at one of the most massive and most classic Las Vegas resorts, choose the MGM Grand for your next trip.

Working his way up to Sous Chef at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, he transitioned to become the Executive Sous Chef at Fiamma Trattoria Restaurant in 2014.

Hamada joined the Hell’s Kitchen team in 2018, first serving as a Chef de Cuisine. In 2019, he became the Executive Chef at Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace.

Now, Hamada specializes in the pan-seared scallops and beef wellington that has made the restaurant famous.

Fill Up On The Appetizers

One of the necessary steps when eating at Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas is to enjoy the wide selection of appetizers. This includes the Oysters on the half shell which feature a gin cocktail sauce. There’s also the Shrimp cocktail featuring chilled shrimp also served with the gin cocktail sauce.

The more refined cuisine appetizers include the pan-seared scallops with sherry braised bacon lardons and the lobster risotto with crispy onions and butter-poached lobster tail.

There’s A Vegan Menu

Not looking to enjoy the prime dry-aged new york strip steak with glazed maitake mushrooms? That’s okay too.

In an effort to find something that matches everyone’s diet, Hell’s Kitchen offers an exclusive vegan dinner that covers everything from appetizers to entrees and even desserts.

The Gordon Ramsay-approved vegan appetizers include pan-seared tofu scallops that are served with pickled fennel and a vegan risotto with a tofu puree and truffle risotto.

Drawing inspiration from the show, entrees include the quinoa salad that features granny smith apples, dried currants and cranberries along with candied pecans. There’s also the White Beans in Purgatory which features spicy roasted tomato sauce, cashew cream cheese and a herb salad. For dessert, a vegan version of the Coconut 3-ways dessert is offered along with an assortment of sorbet. 

Hide Out In The Private Dining Room

The Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen features two private dining rooms throughout the restaurant.

All of the menu items normally available can be ordered, or are available a la carte, but guests are treated to a private view of the Flamingo from certain sections, along with their own private bartender plucked right from the contemporary bar serving modern cocktail classics from the full bar.

The private dining room is perfect for any business group looking for a quiet dining section, or for those looking to enjoy a bachelor or bachelorette party.

The private dining room can also accommodate up to 70 guests and reservations can be made by calling the restaurant directly. 

Finish Up With Exclusive Desserts

Of all the items available on the entire Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen restaurant menu, one of the most iconic is a simple dessert designed to send your taste buds on a journey of unmatched parallel.

The renowned chef Gordon Ramsay signature dish is Sticky Toffee Pudding.

The dessert features a fluffy, sweet cake that is topped with a warm, creamy toffee sauce that’s paired perfectly with Speculoos ice cream.

Other dessert favorites include Salted Peanut Decadence which features caramelized peanut crisps, peanut butter cremeux and salted peanut ice cream. There’s also the chocolate sin cake featuring chocolate gelato and chocolate caramel mousse as well as Coconut 3-ways which features coconut sorbet, passion fruit caramel and coconut cake.

Hell’s Kitchen also offers a dessert cocktail as well featuring an espresso martini that utilizes kahlua and espresso beans. 

You Might Need Reservations, But You Might Not…

Guests hoping to dine at the renowned chef Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas are asked to make a reservation in advance, although on certain occasions, walk-ins are taken.

Reservations can be made in a variety of ways including by booking in advance or on their website. There are also the options of calling ahead (702-731-7373), or making a reservation through an online platform. But with restaurant seats for nearly 300 guests, reservations are nearly always available depending on the weekend. 

The Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen restaurant is one of Las Vegas’s most iconic restaurants. Beyond the global hit reality television series and the contemporary bar serving iconic drinks, when guest step into Caesars Palace Las Vegas and see the pitchfork, they’re guaranteed quality service.

Views through the floor-to-ceiling windows provide the ultimate experience of the strip open to all and with dining options for everyone, there’s sure to be a new favorite every time you visit, whether it’s for a modern lunch or dinner classic.

From Napa Valley wine to lemon zest chardonnay, the wine served alongside your meal is always top notch.

With these secrets at your disposal, it’s time to make your reservations for the underworld and visit the Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen restaurant.


Who is the head chef at Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas?

While world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay is the chef behind the restaurant, the current Executive Chef of Hell’s Kitchen is Shawn Hamada.

Was Hell’s Kitchen ever filmed in Las Vegas?

Hell’s Kitchen is typically filmed in a studio in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but several clips from seasons 19 and 20 were filmed at the Caesars Palace Hell’s Kitchen restaurant.

Can you eat at Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas?

Yes! There is plenty of food to enjoy at the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant. To start, try the baked macaroni and cheese smoked gouda and the caesar salad with parmesan cheese frico and garlic croutons. For dinner, have the signature beef wellington with red wine demi glace or the filet mignon with roasted tomatoes on the vine and bearnaise sauce. For dessert get the classic sticky toffee pudding, but be sure to ask for a side of pistachio granola if you want to seem like a regular.

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