Decades of Dumplings: Din Tai Fung Las Vegas

ARIA Resort & Casino is on the bleeding edge of luxury hospitality and culinary mastery. With the induction of its brand-new food hall Proper Eats and its SKYVILLA room series, this upscale resort sees more upgrades and maximizations as time goes on. 

As another pseudo-newcomer to the ARIA restaurants, Din Tai Fung made its home as the resort’s resident Taiwanese eatery in October 2020, bringing the dumpling dynasty to the Strip at last.

Check off every transatlantic restaurant on the boulevard by consulting our Las Vegas Strip map.

Fun Facts About Din Tai Fung

The dining room during the day at Din Tai Fung

A rich, decades-long history defines the Din tai Fung legacy.

  • The restaurant is rumored to make over 10,000 dumplings every day;
  • There are 13 Din Tai Fung locations across four states, and the group has opened restaurants in over 13 countries;
  • Din Tai Fung Hong Kong has one Michelin star, and all restaurants have received numerous awards and accolades;
  • The mascot’s name is BaoBao;
  • All of the signature dumplings are now available for nationwide shipping.

Xiao Long Bao: A Family Affair

Steamed pork soup dumplings are the claim to fame. Chinese-born Bing-Yi Yang and his wife brought the treat to Taiwan in the 20’s. As the story goes, half of their business was established to sell cooking oil, while the other half was dedicated to making Lai Pen-Mai’s famous Xiao Long Bao. The latter became so popular that the food concept completely took over the retail side, and business boomed in the shop thereafter.

Decades of perfecting the recipe and spreading franchises across the globe have made Din Tai Fung a famed name in upscale Asian food legend. Numerous Taiwan locations spearheaded the movement.

Today, the intricacies of the restaurant were procured by Bentel & Bentel. Paintings from Japanese-American artist Parker Ito adorn the space, and opaque glass pillars pepper the dining floor. Walk in and watch the talented chefs fold the dumplings into their famous shape — with no less than 18 folds, according to Chef Yang’s original method — behind glass windows in a brightly lit kitchen.

What to Order at Din Tai Fung Las Vegas

Looking through the glass windows into the kitchen at Din Tai Fung

While the esteemed Xiao Long Bao pork soup dumplings should be on everyone’s mind — unless vegetarian options are the chosen route — a wealth of pan-Asian delights awaits guests, including:

  • Dim sum and dumplings: Sharable and snackable, dim sum can be enjoyed throughout the meal. Give kimchi and kurobuta pork dumplings or chicken & mushroom buns a try on your next visit.
  • Cocktails: A specialty cocktail list procured for the authentic dishes, including the enticing sugar notes of the restaurant’s signature spiked boba.
  • Noodle dishes: The best compliment to carbs is more carbs. Braised beef noodle soup, shrimp-fried noodles and tofu puff & glass noodle soup are just a few succulent dishes available for slurping.
  • Dessert: There are desserts in Las Vegas, and then there are dessert dumplings at Din Tai Fung. For a more conventional choice, chocolate dumplings are a melty, steamy treat, while red bean dumplings are a savory and traditional choice. 

Make a Din Tai Fung Reservation

The entrance at Din Tai Fung lit up at night

Ready to dive into a sea of handmade dumplings? Make reservations on the official MGM website or through the Seven Rooms reservation system.

More Asian Restaurants in Las Vegas

A glass of Spiced Boba at Din Tai Fung

The vast culinary landscape of the Las Vegas Strip provides every type of cuisine imaginable, from French food to Mexican fare and everything in between. If the night calls for more Eastern delights, look no further than these Asian restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip.

Wing Lei at Wynn Las Vegas

Widely recognized as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas, this Michelin-star recipient has all of the dressings and charms of an ornate night out. Peking duck is the prime choice of dish alongside regional favorites such as Szechuan and Cantonese selections.

Yellowtail at Bellagio Las Vegas

Dark and alluring, Bellagio Resort’s lakeside seafood spot brings the best in shareable plates and a loaded Omakase experience. To amp up the authenticity, a carpaccio with varying fish like salmon, white fish and combo cuts. Chef Akira Black has also received several Michelin stars for his creations.

Hakkasan at MGM Grand Hotel

Gorgeous and gourmet, food arrives on well-placed plates with all of the presentation of an art gallery. Located just below the Hakkasan nightclub, the ambiance ebbs and flows to match the energy of all venues involved. This is the hotspot for celebrations and holidays, such as Lunar New Year.

Best Friend at Park MGM

Chef Roy Choi brings his take on Korean street food in a fun, energetic spot. The food is a fresh take on Vegas and Los Angeles fusion, with veggie-friendly sides and savory entrees. Read more about Best Friend Las Vegas to get on board with the kimchi charms.

Fuhu at Resorts World

Beneath the cherry blossoms and electric atmosphere, an entire day’s worth of brunch, booze and beautiful meals awaits Resorts World guests. Start the day with sweet and savory treats — Nutella French toast and chicken katsu are standout items — and return for signature cocktails, seafood and on-land entrees.

Frequently Asked Questions About Din Tai Fung

An Old Fashioned cocktail at Din Tai Fung

Is Din Tai Fung Michelin star?

The Hong Kong branch of Din Tai Fung has one Michelin star. There are roughly a dozen Michelin star restaurants in Las Vegas, with many of them located inside Bellagio Hotel and Wynn Las Vegas.

When did Din Tai Fung open in ARIA?

Din Tai Fung opened inside ARIA Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip in October 2020, in the middle of COVID in Las Vegas.

What are the most popular dishes at Din Tai Fung?

The blend of Taiwanese and Chinese food means that there are several popular dishes across the spectrum. Some favorites are the Xiao Long Bao dumplings — of course — alongside appetizers and noodle dishes. Din Tai Fung also has amazing cocktails that perfectly pair with its food options.

What does Din Tai Fung mean in English?

The combination of words doesn’t mean much, but ‘din’ means wok, tai means ‘peace’ and fung translates to ‘abundance’ according to the Din Tai Fung Facebook page.

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