The 16 Best Spots For Desserts on the Strip And Their Signature Treats

Check out the most delicious places for desserts on the Strip in Las Vegas. Whether you’re looking for a key lime pie, an illusion cake or an alcoholic vegan milkshake, you can find places to eat them on the Strip. 

Pastries and Desserts at Bellagio Patisserie

ice cream at Bellagio Patisserie, one of the desserts on the Strip
image courtesy of MGM

This gorgeous pastry shop at Bellagio is a treat to visit. With delicious and affordable confections, Bellagio Patisserie is an excellent place to satisfy sugar cravings. Check out Bellagio Patisserie for macarons, cakes and more. While you’re there, explore the grounds of Bellagio. You’ll be glad you did.

Bellagio Las Vegas (from USD $149 )

Let the magic of Bellagio, with its conservatory, fountains and splendor, make your Las Vegas Strip an unforgettable experience.

Insane Milkshakes at Sugar Factory

Sugar Factory is a fun American restaurant inside the Fashion Show Mall. They’ve taken creative liberties on the classic American diner, landing somewhere between Willy Wonka and Betsey Johnson. Thanks to its over-the-top vibe, Sugar Factory has become a celebrity hotspot. If you’ve ever wondered where Britney Spears and Drake go for desserts on the Strip, the answer is Sugar Factory.

Though they offer typical lunch and dinner fare, Sugar Factory specializes in desserts. Their “Insane Milkshakes” are definitely worth the $20 they charge. After all, the drinks are as adorable as they are delicious. These milkshakes include an alcoholic chocolate-and-coffee s’mores milkshake in a chocolate-covered mug. If the milkshakes aren’t enough for you, their cookie skillet and fondue are swoon-worthy. 

cigar dessert at Mayfair Supper Club at Bellagio
image courtesy of MGM

The Cigar at Mayfair Supper Club

The Mayfair Supper Club is an Old Vegas-themed spot at Bellagio Hotel and Casino dripping in old-school glamour. The deep orange, teal and purple decor feels both fresh and vintage, with jazz music that rounds out the effect. A view of The Fountains of Bellagio is the icing on the cake.

Its cool, quirky menu includes one of the most exciting desserts on the Strip, The Cigar. This fake cigar is served in an ashtray and “smokes.” By design, it genuinely looks like a cigar that someone in the ’20s would have after dinner. The deceptive dish is actually delectable chocolate and hazelnut praline.

Nonna’s Tiramisu at LAVO

Visitors expect luxury when they enter The Venetian, and LAVO delivers. Their decor is dark and warm, and the environment is a balance of upscale and cozy. From Nonna’s Tiramisu to cake with 20 layers of chocolate and peanut butter, LAVO desserts are tasty and shareable. If you prefer a more mature treat, try one of their espresso martinis.

The Venetian Resort Las Vegas (from USD $100 )

Wander through the canals and ornate Venetian Resort to create an Italian getaway, right on the Las Vegas Strip.

Titanic Sundae at Carmine’s Italian Restaurant

Though Carmine’s Italian Restaurant is entree-focused, don’t overlook their desserts. This oversized bistro has a fun atmosphere and giant portions. If you can finish a plate of pasta larger than your head, then you might as well order dessert too. The Titanic Sundae is a Carmine’s specialty for a good reason. This ice cream dish is large enough for an entire table to share. The Titanic has a chocolate torte, two flavors of ice cream, hot fudge and more. Head to the Forum Shops at Caesars and bring some friends—you’ll need help tackling the Titanic. 

Caesars Palace Las Vegas (from USD $94.00 )

Head towards the smooth marble pillars on the Strip to experience the timeless features of Caesars Palace in the modern age.

Baked Alaska at Bardot Brasserie

baked Alaska with sauce being poured on it at Bardot Brasserie
image courtesy of MGM

Who doesn’t love a French dessert? If you’re craving a macaron, a mille-feuille or a baked Alaska, visit Bardot Brasserie. Everything from the facade to the furniture is meant to mimic a cafe along the Champs Elysees in Paris. Celebrity chef Michael Mina combines French flavors and elegance with American portions at this restaurant at ARIA Las Vegas. Take in the lovely decor while you enjoy some of the best French comfort food on this side of the Atlantic. 

ARIA Resort & Casino Las Vegas (from USD $100 )

Let the cool blue windows and modern architecture of ARIA transport you into a stay within the cutting edge of elegance.

French Delicacies at Bouchon Bakery

Like many canal shops at The Venetian, Bouchon Bakery looks like it was plucked from a quaint European town and placed in the resort. This little spot offers some of the best French desserts in Las Vegas. The macarons might be expensive, but they’re so worth the price. 

Sticky Toffee Pudding at Gordon Ramsay Burger

desserts with a Gordon Ramsay Burger placard
image courtesy of Caesars

The casual sibling of Gordon Ramsay Steak is the Gordon Ramsay Burger restaurant at Planet Hollywood. This sleek spot is famous for more than its sandwiches. If you’re a fan of Ramsay, you know that his signature dessert is the sticky toffee pudding. Here, he’s combined the pudding and the burger to create a toffee ice cream sandwich. With two brownies, a hefty scoop of brown butter ice cream and the perfect amount of toffee, this dessert is downright decadent. 

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas (from USD $45 )

Planet Hollywood is an eclectic hotel on the Strip that combines the classic vibes of old-school Las Vegas with modern touches and celebrity culture.

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Address: 3667 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
from USD
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Lowest price guaranteed

Cake Truffles and Cookies at Milk Bar

A 110-calorie cake truffle? Yes, please. Milk Bar at The Cosmopolitan is the trendy dessert shop that’s taken Instagram by storm. The little pink bakery next to Momofuku offers classic sweets like milkshakes, cookies, and cake slices. This dessert chain operates under the expertise of chef and owner Christina Tosi. Enjoy the sugary deliciousness of these gourmet desserts at your own risk—the compost cookie is addictive. 

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (from USD $250 )

Let The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas take you into a world of lush, modern hospitality with fun twists and mysteries that dazzle each and every guest.

Ice Cream Treats at NoMad Bar

milk and honey ice cream sandwich at NoMad Las Vegas
image courtesy of MGM

Located in the Nomad Las Vegas resort, NoMad Bar offers a few dessert items and they’re all incredible. Their black forest cake is perfect with chocolate mousse, salted caramel ice cream and brandy cherries come together to form a slice of heaven. Another dessert is a sundae that has three flavors of ice cream and nine toppings. With these perfect treats, not many others are needed on the menu.

NoMad Las Vegas (from USD $160 )

This unique boutique hotel nestled away on the Strip transports guests all over the world, with themed decor and luxury pools, among many other perks.

NoMad Las Vegas

Address: 3772 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
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CrazyShakes at Black Tap

Black Tap is a casual beer and burger joint overlooking the canals at The Venetian.

Known for their CrazyShakes, Black Tap offers some truly outlandish milkshakes. Their Vegan Black ‘N White cake-shake is topped with a piece of cake, whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. Their Bam Bam Shake is a Flintstones-inspired indulgence. It contains a Fruity Pebbles and marshmallow treat, a strawberry Pop-Tart, and Laffy Taffy. The wild menu at Black Tap has made it a bucket list destination for milkshake lovers visiting the Strip. 

cappello dessert hat at Encore
image courtesy of Wynn

The Cappello at Sinatra

Sinatra at Encore is a swanky Italian restaurant that honors “The Voice” himself, Frank Sinatra. With portraits of Sinatra on the walls and a menu full of his favorites, Sinatra at Encore is a shrine to the singer.

As more proof, their signature dessert comes in the shape of Frank’s famous fedora. Called The Cappello, this dish is a chocolate mousse with panna cotta. It even has hints of Jack Daniel’s, Sinatra’s favorite drink.

That’s not the only dessert on deck at Sinatra. Classic cannolis, panna cotta and more are available on the restaurant’s own exclusive dessert menu.

Explore Encore Las Vegas » 

Encore Las Vegas (from USD $79 )

This quality can't be repeated. Encore's legendary party spots and world-class rooms are just a couple of its award-winning offerings.

24-Layer Cake at Strip House Steakhouse

Strip House at Planet Hollywood is a posh speakeasy-style restaurant. The first thing you’ll notice is the red walls, chairs and decor. But what you’ll remember about Strip House is the dessert. Their signature 24-layer cake is $20 per slice, which, if you think about it, is just $0.80 per layer. It’s the most decadent chocolate cake you’ll ever eat. But if you’re not a fan of chocolate, try their key lime pie. It comes with a perfectly toasted marshmallow meringue that’ll satisfy any sweet tooth. 

flowerpot cake at Jardin at Wynn
image courtesy of Wynn

Flower Pot Cake at Jardin

Do you remember the time on the Internet when people would take a knife to an object like a microphone or a box of cereal, and it turned out to be cake?

The team at Jardin are originals in that sense. They were one of the first teams to create an it’s-actually-cake illusion. Their flower pot cake genuinely looks like a potted plant, complete with dirt and inside a terra cotta holder. The entire thing is edible, and there’s no illusion to the amazing flavors this cake brings to the table.

This chic brunch spot at Wynn is unique and timeless, just like their signature dessert. 

Explore Wynn Las Vegas »

Wynn Las Vegas (from USD $79 )

Let the historical grandeur of Wynn Las Vegas astound you during your Strip stay, from the restaurants and shopping to the pools and casino.

Lemon Ricotta Cookies and Cakes at Pronto by Giada

cakes from Pronto by Giada
image courtesy of Caesars

This casual Italian eatery is on the list for one reason: their cookies. Pronto by Giada has other desserts, but the cookies take the cake. In particular, lemon ricotta cookies are the bakery’s signature item. They’re the perfect blend of sweet and citrus, and they’re also easy on the wallet. 

Cannolis and Beyond at Carlo’s Bakery

If you had the luck to be a TLC viewer during the channel’s golden days, then you know all about the Cake Boss. Carlo’s Bakery, located in the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian, is the Vegas location of the reality TV bakeshop. They offer seasonal pies, rainbow cakes, an array of Italian pastries and more. During the busy season, the line extends outside of the shop. It’s worth the wait to buy a Carlo’s cannoli or a flaky lobster tail. This bakery may have the most extensive menu of any spot on our list. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Desserts on the Strip

What is the most famous dessert on the Strip in Las Vegas?

There are dozens of dessert spots on the Strip for foodies with a sweet tooth. Some of the most famous desserts are The Cigar at Mayfair Supper Club inside Bellagio Las Vegas, the lemon ricotta cookies at Pronto by Giada inside Caesars Palace and the Cappello hat at Encore.

Where can I find gluten-free desserts in Las Vegas on the Strip?

Ice cream and flourless desserts—or ones that contain GF ingredients—are safe bets for allergen-friendly desserts on the Strip. Bellagio Patisserie has delectable ice cream selections and Milk Bar at The Cosmopolitan has dedicated GF cookies and cakes available.

Where can I get desserts on the Strip?

Resort restaurants are known for their once-in-a-lifetime desserts. Visit some of the celebrity chef restaurants on the Strip for dinner, drinks and desserts that are both famous and fantastic.

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