Visit The Best 13 Coffee Shops In Las Vegas And On The Strip

Not many people can live without coffee, us included! There are plenty of Starbucks and Coffee Bean locations on the Las Vegas Strip. However, there is a collection of artisan cafes and coffee shops on the Strip that demand to be visited.

Visit all the coffee shops on the Strip that Las Vegas has to offer, and venture away from the action for a second cup with coffee shops off the Strip as well.

Playing cards with cup of coffee in coffee shops on the Strip

Coffee Shops on the Strip

1. Urth Caffe at Wynn Las Vegas

urth cafe front entrance dining and seating area

Allow the soothing nature vibes of this Urth Caffe location to bring a moment of tranquility between the endless shopping and dining on the Strip. Tucked in the Wynn Esplanade, the spread-out interior with its plants and wellness-focused meals is more than just a pit stop for a cup of joe. Urth Caffe demands time for relaxation and healing in the form of organic coffee drinks and food.

2. SWEET SIN by Claude Escamilla in LINQ Promenade

sweet sin macarons by claude escamilla at linq promenade

Coffee can be a meal in itself, but sometimes it needs a partner in order to shine. At SWEET SIN, the selection of pastries to accompany a mug of brewed coffee is both plentiful and delicious. Crepes and waffles are the stars of the show here, but sandwiches and paninis are also available for a more conventional lunch.

3. The Juice Standard at The Cosmopolitan

Juice Standard interior bar
Juice Standard | image courtesy of

The focus may not be on coffee here, but The Juice Standard’s small but mighty coffee selection can’t be ignored. The selection of nut milk is what boosts the menu, and customizing a honey natado or raw cacao mocha to get the day started is always a good move.

Need a bigger meal to accompany your juice? Check out best breakfast on the Las Vegas Strip.

Coffee Shops at Paris Las Vegas

6. Cafe Belle Madeleine

front entry way cafe belle madeleine

As one might expect, the Parisian influence is strong at Café Belle Madeline, especially as a grab-and-go stand for busy walkers. The mixed brand names featured here guarantee that everyone can find a favorite item, such as Peets Coffee and Godiva chocolates.

5. JJ’s Boulangerie

JJ's Boulangerie exterior dining seating entryway

We’re all about authenticity in our in baked goods. After all, the best bread and pastries in the world often hail from European countries. In addition to the Parisian charm of JJ’s Boulangerie, this is also one of the best bakeries on the Strip. Indulge in a sweet morning pastry or a savory afternoon sandwich, all paired with fresh coffee prepared to order. Although JJ’s is to-go friendly, taking time out to enjoy an opera torte and cappuccino may just be the highlight of the morning.

6. Brioche by Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace

three brioche buns by guy savoy

Another Paris Hotel cafe, this is perhaps the most famous café on Las Vegas Boulevard. Named after the ultra-fluffy bread that is used in many of its dishes, Brioche is the creation of Michelin-star earning French chef Guy Savoy. Find it inside the highly coveted Bacchanal Buffet in Caesars Palace.

Coffee Shops Off the Strip

7. Vesta Coffee Roasters

Vesta cafe bar with barista on phone

Vesta is the Art District’s touchstone cafe. Minimalist and cozy, the machines roasting their specialty coffee encourage the productive workers and relax the traditional cafe patrons. Their attention to quality is not only evident in their coffee, but from the information on the Vesta Coffee website and quality customer service.

8. Makers & Finders

makers & finders bar seating area with customers enjoying drinks and food

This shop serves more than just coffee. Makers & Finders is a funky Latin-inspired café that features regional dishes with Cuban influence, such as arepas and saltados. The can’t miss cup of coffee here is the Cuban espresso, cut with sugar to mesh with the rich, bitter coffee flavor.

Visit either the Arts District or downtown Summerlin locations.

9. Coffee Religion

coffee religion customers holding coffee in front of plants

Las Vegas may be a transient town, but the mix of cultures that culminate here is one of the city’s most attractive qualities. This blend is celebrated at Coffee Religion, where drinks and snacks from all over the world are represented. Kaya toast and seasonal Hialayan pork dumplings are mixed into an array of other goodies, such as the signature maple reeves latte.

This hidden gem is not just for coffee lovers. Take the afternoon to indulge in their traditional British tea and cakes. Make a reservation in advance, or take a high tea box for carryout.

10. Mothership Coffee Roasters

Mothership Coffee, one of the close coffee shops on the Strip

Mothership Coffee Roasters has three locations, and each one is focused on bringing the highest-quality coffee into every cup. Artisan pastries sit at the counter, and real plants sit among fun tchotchkes and custom apparel. We recommend the homemade pastries, but arrive early to snag one before they sell out.

11. Sambalatte

coffee flight of authentic european caffeine beverages during the holiday

We love this spot because it’s a little bougie, but with a lot of flavors. Sambalatte has the air of an authentic European cafe, and four locations in Las Vegas guarantee easy access to this getaway café. Whether you order a traditional espresso or sip on a cup with delicate latte art poured into the foam, feel the immersion into thousands-year-old coffee culture.

12. Sunrise Coffee

sunrise coffee exterior dining and seating area with greenery

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city with Sunrise Coffee. Open since 2008, this drive-thru spot is focused on cultivating a community atmosphere. The location is perfect as well, situated across the street from Sunset Park. We recommend taking your coffee to go and catching a stroll through this kid-friendly area. 

This is also one of the most vegan-friendly coffee shops on the list, and that subsection of food includes a vegan super burrito and a meaty (pun intended) jackfruit bowl.

13. Grouchy John’s

grouchy john's coffee LOGO

Grouchy John’s is the most laid-back coffee house on the list, but the friendly, warm feel is not to be missed. Their cold brewed coffee hits the spot, so sipping one of those surrounded by a kooky collection of wall art guarantees a morning—or evening—well spent.

Plus, the Maryland Parkway location is one of the only 24-hour drive-thru coffee shops in the city, and you can book their coffee truck for special events or work functions.

Discover More Coffee Options & Breakfast on the Strip

Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee Shops on the Strip

Where is the closest coffee shop near me on the Strip?

There are dozens of places to get coffee on the Strip. Check out our Las Vegas Strip map to find the closest coffee to you.

Are coffee shops on the Strip open 24 hours?

Some coffee shops are open late on the Strip, such as Brioche by Guy Savoy in Caesars Palace, which closes at 9 p.m.

What do I get at coffee shops on the Strip?

Sample some delicious lattes and specialty drinks, or grab a pastry from one of the bakeries on the Strip to complement your beverage.

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