The 10 Best Chinese Restaurants on the Strip and Beyond

Whether you’re looking for an egg roll or Hong Kong-style barbecue, there’s a Chinese restaurant in Las Vegas where you can satisfy your cravings. Check out this roundup of excellent Chinese restaurants on and off the Strip. 

8 Incredible Chinese Restaurants on the Strip

Wing Lei at Wynn Las Vegas

Wing Lei, one of the Chinese restaurants on the Strip

Located at Wynn and Encore Las Vegas, Wing Lei is one of the best Chinese restaurants in the country. In fact, it was the first Chinese restaurant in North America to earn a Michelin star. The gold decor might feel intense at first—the ceiling, walls, floors and chairs are all gold—but the live pomegranate trees inside the restaurant complement the jewelry box-inspired design. Their carved Imperial Peking duck and surprising range of vegan options are well worth the hefty price. Wing Lei presents consistent, gorgeous dishes with memorable flavors that you’ll think about long after you leave.

This isn’t a casual restaurant, so make a reservation and wear business casual attire, because you’re unlikely to get a table otherwise. 

Wynn Las Vegas (from USD $79 )

Let the historical grandeur of Wynn Las Vegas astound you during your Strip stay, from the restaurants and shopping to the pools and casino.

Blossom at ARIA

Peking duck with sauces

The environment of Blossom is much like the food: artistic and meticulous. This fine dining establishment offers an excellent experience for both reserved and adventurous eaters alike. With a menu featuring everything from kung pao chicken to a sausage dish called “Spicy on Spicy,” you can stick to what you know or venture outside your comfort zone.

Blossom offers over a hundred dishes that range in price from $15 to $220. If you’re looking for authentic Chinese food with perfect wine pairing make a reservation at Blossom ASAP. Dress to impress and prepare for an extraordinary experience at this restaurant located in the ARIA Resort & Casino

ARIA Resort & Casino Las Vegas (from USD $100 )

Let the cool blue windows and modern architecture of ARIA transport you into a stay within the cutting edge of elegance.

Hakkasan at MGM Grand

Hakkasan restaurant sign

Hakkasan is a world-class Chinese restaurant located at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. If you’re visiting Las Vegas for the first time, Hakkasan is likely the kind of restaurant you’ve been picturing. It’s flashy, extravagant and thoroughly modern. This carefully-crafted atmosphere of deep blue lights and low-lit lamps will catch your eye. However, their Cantonese cuisine is the most impressive part of Hakkasan.

The menu is extensive, and every item is carefully prepared and delicious. The food is pricey—as in, $33 for General Tsao Chicken—but you’ll be in for a fantastic experience if you’re willing to pay. Hakkasan is not only one of the best Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas, but it also has some of the finest Cantonese cuisines in the country. 

MGM Grand Las Vegas (from USD $47 )

If you wish to stay at one of the most massive and most classic Las Vegas resorts, choose the MGM Grand for your next trip.

Jasmine at Bellagio

Jasmine at Bellagio

Jasmine at the Bellagio has a menu that honors the signature flavors of China’s Cantonese, Sichuan and Hunan regions. Dining at Jasmine gives you a taste of regional Chinese dishes and a view of the famous Bellagio fountain shows. Yes, the one from Ocean’s Eleven.

What sets Jasmine apart? Stepping into Jasmine is like visiting a forgotten time. Their antique Chinese art, delectable food and vintage wines make you appreciate the finer things in life. For such a posh restaurant, it comes to number four on the list because the dishes are for acquired tastes. 

Bellagio Las Vegas (from USD $149 )

Let the magic of Bellagio, with its conservatory, fountains and splendor, make your Las Vegas Strip an unforgettable experience.

Red Plate at The Cosmopolitan

The last of the high-price options in our Chinese restaurant roundup, Red Plate, has made a name for itself in more ways than one. They’re known for their dim sum, noodle dishes, and black truffle xiao long bao. The dishes are relatively affordable for a restaurant with a reservations-only policy and a smart-casual dress code. Red Plate has perhaps the best service of any Chinese restaurant on the Strip, which rounds out the exquisite dining experience.

The dining room is sleek, seemingly inspired by the rich red and silver of the antique vase on display at the restaurant’s center. If you’re looking for a quiet, calm atmosphere and traditional flavors with excellent service, Red Plate is the best choice. 

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (from USD $250 )

Let The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas take you into a world of lush, modern hospitality with fun twists and mysteries that dazzle each and every guest.

Hong Kong Cafe at The Venetian

Sichuan food

Hong Kong Cafe at the Venetian Resort is a colorful, welcoming space that manages to transport you somewhere between the bustling Las Vegas Strip and the beautiful streets of Hong Kong. Thanks to its reasonable prices, the restaurant is a departure from the other exclusive Chinese restaurants throughout casinos on the Strip.

Like Hong Kong itself, the restaurant’s menu is diverse. It features primarily Chinese favorites like fried rice and Szechuan-style poached beef, but with adventurous options like shredded pork in thousand-year egg congee. Hong Kong Cafe specializes in Chinese comfort food in huge portions that we all crave from time to time. Plus, the location is fantastic. There’s something for everyone at Hong Kong Cafe.

The Venetian Resort Las Vegas (from USD $100 )

Wander through the canals and ornate Venetian Resort to create an Italian getaway, right on the Las Vegas Strip.

Noodle Shop at Mandalay Bay

Technically a pan-Asian restaurant, Noodle Shop at Mandalay Bay is the perfect blend of quality and simplicity. The pared-down menu features favorites such as pad thai and lo mein, along with several vegan options. No item on the menu is over $26, and most are under $20. Because of the prime location, sleek menu and no-frills decor, Noodle Shop is an excellent dining experience for the price. The food is consistently good, and the restaurant itself is refreshingly casual. Noodle Shop proves that you don’t have to break the bank to have a great meal on the Strip. 

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas (from USD $79 )

When desert sands aren't enough, escape to Mandalay Bay for all of the hallmarks of a tropical getaway, right on the Las Vegas Strip.

Mott 32 at The Palazzo

To round out an already exhaustive list of Chinese restaurants on the Strip, Mott 32 at the Palazzo is a high-end establishment for Chinese food with history attached. The origin story of this resort stems from New York, when the convenience store at the self-named address made history as one of the first of its kind. The menu at Mott 32 makes the classics extra decadent, and with the contemporary atmosphere draped in red, you’ll feel lilke you’ve stepped into a movie set.

The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas (from USD $139 )

Huge, gorgeous and ready to host, The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort comes equipped with luxury suites on floors stretching high into the sky.

Check Out These Great Chinese Restaurants off the Strip 

Ping Pang Pong at Gold Coast Casino

Ping Pang Pong is unlike any other restaurant in Las Vegas. Their specialty is dim sum, a small dish served on its own or between courses during a larger meal. At Ping Pang Pong, you’ll get two menus: one for dim sum and one for main dishes. Servers take orders for dishes from the kitchen, and others push carts laden with dim sum of all kinds, from savory to sweet. Ping Pang Pong is the perfect place to try something new and enjoy a memorable, delicious meal.

If it seems overwhelming, don’t worry. Trust the staff and ask questions as needed—they know what they’re talking about. 

WuHu Noodle

On the Strip, you’ll find plenty of reservation-only resort restaurants or fast-food chain spots but few options in between. Off the Strip, you’ll find places like WuHu Noodle, which serves excellent food without the pageantry and performance that caters to high-roller tourists. This Asian-inspired fast-casual restaurant is located in the Silverton Casino south of the Strip.

When you’re craving the classics and want good food at a bargain, look no further than WuHu. The crowded two-page menu is full of favorite dishes and cheap drinks that are easy on the wallet after a day of spending in Las Vegas.

Dine at More International Restaurants on the Strip

Las Vegas is a melting pot of flavors and cultures, both on and off the Strip. Grab some Las Vegas Mexican food to transport you south of the border, or travel across the pond for authentic Italian food on the Strip.

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