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The LINQ Hotel + Experience thrilled the world with its 550 foot High Roller Observation Wheel. After taking in some of the most breathtaking views in Las Vegas, visitors can stroll the adjacent LINQ Promenade. With the Fly LINQ Zipline above and more than a dozen unique retailers only steps away, droves of tourists walk past the entrance to the LINQ casino every day. Many find their way inside the casino with 55 table games and more than 800 slot machines. 

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How To Earn Caesars Rewards at The LINQ Casino

The popular Las Vegas resort is part of Caesars Rewards where the perks aren’t only for high rollers. The program offers two types of rewards. Tier Credit determines your player status at the resort as Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Seven Stars. Reward Credit determines how many points you have to spend at the LINQ Las Vegas or other Caesars properties. 

In addition to Tier and Reward Credits, you may get free room offers, and accepting them has no impact on your Caesars Rewards Credit balance. To check for offers, visit Caesars Rewards, log in to your account, click on profile, then on My Offers. Don’t register for a Rewards Card online because activating the account can trigger bonuses like Match Bets or Free Play. The promotions are good for one day only, so don’t sign up for the card until you’re in the casino.  

Earn When you Book Your Room

For every Tier Credit earned you receive one Reward Credit. Tier Credits have no dollar value and each Reward Credit equals one cent. That means you would have to accumulate 100 Reward Credits to earn $1. Hotel guests receive one Tier Credit and one Reward Credit for every $1 spent on rooms and resort fees. Reservations must be booked on the hotel’s website.

Collect Rewards While Drinking, Dining and Enjoying Shows

Mat Franco sign on The LINQ building
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Earn one Tier and one Reward Credit for every $1 spent at participating LINQ restaurants including Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar, Chayo, Nook Express and Starbucks. Accumulate credits at most bars on the property and when purchasing tickets to shows including Mat Franco: Magic Reinvented Nightly.

Shop and Earn

Does your dream vacation involve spending some money outside the casino? Earn Tier and Reward Credit at The LINQ when you buy anything from souvenirs and spirits to a new wardrobe. Participating stores include LINQ Wine & Spirits and Essentials. Collect credits when you buy tickets to take a ride in the High Roller Observation Wheel.

Elevate your Las Vegas experience with a ride on the High Roller Observation Wheel. As you ascend, you’ll be treated to unparalleled 360-degree views of the dazzling cityscape, making it a must-do for anyone looking to capture the true essence of the Las Vegas Strip and create unforgettable memories.

Relax and Earn

LINQ pool
image courtesy of Caesars

This body of water lives up to its reputation as one of the best party pools in Las Vegas. Spend the day getting wet and earn one of each type of credit for every $1 spent on sundries, drinks and other purchases at the pool. Guests can also use the fitness center and earn rewards while unwinding at the Spa at The LINQ.

Comps and Promotions

Accumulate Comps on Gambling Machines

Players earn one Reward Credit and one Tier Credit for every $5 put through a slot machine at this Las Vegas hotel and casino. Put $500 through a slot machine and earn 100 credits, worth $1. For every $10 played on a video poker machine, players earn one Reward Credit and one Tier Credit. It takes longer to earn credits at video poker because the payout ratio is higher. Some machines are worth less, but those are clearly marked, according to the casino. 

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How Comps are Calculated

In the long run, the house keeps a piece of every dollar a gambler puts at risk in a casino. That’s why employees at Las Vegas casinos are happy to offer rewards to loyal gamblers.

Comps are based on the average dollar amount a player is expected to lose each day, known as average daily theoretical or ADT. It’s the way a casino calculates what a player is worth to them. Slot machines are the most profitable way to raise your ADT. 

To calculate your ADT, the pit boss observes your play. They records how much you cashed in and out for, how long you stayed at the table and how much you bet. Typically, an average bet of $25 a hand is required to have your play rated at a Las Vegas Strip casino. One way in which ADT is determined is by the expected loss of the game, multiplied by how long you play multiplied by the size of your wager.

In the end, the casino comes up with a dollar figure representing how much it expects you to lose each day, and comps you around 20 to 30%  of that amount.

How to get More Comps

You can’t get points without a player’s card, but there are still times it’s best not to use one—primarily, when you don’t plan to gamble long or invest much money. Pretend you put $1000 into play Saturday, then in a rush to catch your flight the next day, you can’t resist tapping the spin button a few more times. Do that and the high rating you earned Saturday will plummet. In situations like this, go ahead and play on Sunday. Just don’t use your players card.

It may take some of the fun out of gambling, but you’ll earn the most comps by draining your entire bankroll for the trip in one day at one casino. Gambling $600 on the same day earns a player a higher rating and more comps than betting $200 in chips each day for three days.

Back-End Comps

Hotel and casino guests who gamble frequently can request comps, and sometimes they will be granted. Charge everything to your room and before checkout, go to the rewards desk and ask to speak to a casino host. Ask him to review your play and see if he can remove any of your charges.

More Games and Rewards

  • Live Keno – One Reward Credit and one Tier Credit for every $3 
  • Racing – One Reward Credit and one Tier Credit for every $3
  • Sports – One Reward Credit and one Tier Credit for $5 in potential profit for up to 10x original bet
  • Caesars Online Sportsbook – Available in Nevada
  • One Reward Credit and one Tier Credit for $5 in potential profit for up to 10x original bet

Always Take Advantage of Promotions

From time to time, Caesars Rewards offers multipliers, giving guests bonus credits for every dollar spent. In late Dec 2021, a 5x Tier Credit multiplier event meant anyone lucky enough to be at a Caesars property could rack up Tier Credits at record speed. The extra credits aren’t applied automatically. Make sure to register for all promotions. 

LINQ casino entrance sign
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Stay at The LINQ in Las Vegas for a truly vibrant and centrally located experience, immersing yourself in the heart of the Strip’s excitement. With fantastic attractions like the High Roller Observation Wheel, the LINQ Promenade, and countless dining and entertainment options right at your doorstep, you’ll enjoy a one-of-a-kind Vegas adventure with convenience and entertainment all rolled into one.

Inquire About a Casino Host

Think of your casino host as you would a concierge at a hotel. A host will remember what you like and get you the best comps to suit your wants and needs. This includes things like upgraded rooms, limo rides to and from the airport and show tickets. Big betters are often pursued by casino hosts. If that hasn’t happened, a guest can ask the rewards desk to check his play to see if he qualifies.

Line of Credit

Large casinos like The LINQ allow players to apply for a line of credit. This gives a player the freedom to gamble without carrying cash or being burdened by the constraints of daily ATM limits and fees. The minimum amount that can be requested is $1000. The application is on the resort’s website. If approved, the casino gives you a marker that can be traded to the dealer for chips. Typically, a player has 30 days to pay off a marker, but the casino prefers you settle up before check-out.

Reward Tiers

a hand putting $100 inside a slot machine
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How do I Spend my Rewards Credits?

  • At Caesars Rewards Center for a comp slip
  • For items in the Caesars Rewards eCatalog
  • For casino Free Play at a 2:1 ratio [200 Reward Credits = $1]
  • Show your Rewards Card to cash out at restaurants, bars, shops, and to buy tickets for shows 
  • Redeem rewards to pay for treatments at Voie Spa & Salon 
  • Submit your Caesars Rewards account number at check-in and use your credits towards your bill at check-out
  • Reward Credits for gift cards and in-room movies are redeemed at a 2:1 ratio

Protect your Rewards Credits

Caesars Rewards members must use their players card at least once every six months or lose their Rewards Credits. There’s no minimum amount you’re required to spend to remain active. All it takes is one spin of the reels or a quick bite at the food court at any Caesars’ property in the United States. Members have to start at the bottom, however, when it comes to accumulating Tier Credits, which reset to zero every January.

Gold Tier

Guests automatically achieve Gold Tier status when they sign up for a players card. Each tier includes free or discounted rooms and one free night for every 5,000 credits earned.

Platinum Tier – 5,000 Tier Credits

Reach platinum status fast when you earn 2,500 Tier Credits in one promotional day and collect a 5,000 credit bonus. Get free valet and self-parking, a 15% discount at casino gift shops and a three-night stay at Atlantis, Paradise Island.

Diamond Tier – 15,000 Tier Credits

When you earn 5000 Tier Credits in a single promotional day, you will be awarded 10,000 bonus credits and realize diamond status in one day. This includes 15% off rooms, no resort fees, a $100 dining credit and free valet and self-parking. Diamond status also comes with two free nights at Caesars Palace Dubai and a four night stay at Atlantis, Paradise Island.

Diamond Plus – 25,000 Tier Credits

Diamond Plus comes with everything above and guarantees you a room in Las Vegas or Atlantic City with 72 hours notice.

Diamond Elite – 75,000 Tier Credits

Enjoy all the perks of the other tiers plus a $600 airline credit to Las Vegas.

Seven Stars Tier – 150,000 Tier Credits

Achieve Seven Stars Tier status and the benefits are tremendous. On top of everything already mentioned, upgrade to the best available room when you arrive and enjoy early check-in and late check-out. You’ll be treated to a $500 dining credit, a vacation with Norwegian Cruise Lines and a trip to one of Caesars Rewards destinations including up to $1200 for airfare and $500 for meals.

Games at The LINQ Casino

Video Poker

It’s always a losing proposition to gamble only to accumulate Reward Credits. However if you’re  serious about earning comps, video poker is a great game to play. It offers some of the best odds in the casino, and a player’s decision affects the outcome of the game. Unlike traditional poker, it’s played alone, not at a table with opponents and a dealer. The game moves slowly, so you will get a fair amount of entertainment value for your expected loss. 

Start with five cards on a video screen like the one below. Press the hold button under each card you want to keep and spin the reels to replace the rest. 

There is only one correct way to play any hand in video poker. Learn all the right moves by studying strategy charts you can find online and in casino gift shops. Practice at home with one of the many software programs available, then consult the charts while you play.


Exactly 830 one-arm bandits line the casino floor at The LINQ on the Las Vegas Strip. Play your favorites including Double Gold, Wheel of Fortune and Buffalo. Feeling lucky? This could be the time you win the progressive jackpot, so bet the maximum if that’s your goal.  


The Blackjack hand starts when you place a bet and are dealt two cards. Now, you can hit, stand, double, split or surrender if allowed. Based on the dealer’s up card, there is only one right move for any two cards you’re dealt. Basic strategy charts demonstrate how to identify the best move in any situation. You can find them online and in casino gift shops. There are no rules against consulting charts during a game as long as you don’t slow down the action.


The LINQ has three double-zero and three triple-zero roulette wheels. The minimum bet is $10 to $25.  Players begin placing their bets, then the dealer spins the wheel with 38 pockets and the numbers 1 to 36, zero and double zero. The dealer releases a ball and players test their luck by guessing where the ball will land. Place a $10 chip on a single lucky number and it’s called a straight bet. Get your $10 dollars back plus an additional $350 if you win. It’s a long shot, but at 35:1, it has the highest payout ratio at the table. Caesars Entertainment has produced the following YouTube video that explains the nine basic types of roulette bets.


Have you ever noticed the energy that buzzes around a craps table? The players are animated, interesting, friendly and they act as if they have known each other for years. According to a recent study, 90% bet on the Pass Line or with the shooter. With a Pass Line bet, the whole table can cheer for the same side and celebrate wins together. The Don’t Pass Line bet is a wager against the shooter.

The player is encouraged by his tablemates as he shoots the dice on his come out roll, aiming for a seven or 11. Shoot a natural and all bets on the Pass Line get paid. Roll two, three or 12 and lose instantly. To win the bet, roll your point again before rolling a seven. The LINQ has four traditional craps tables and one “Roll to Win Craps” electronic table. Minimum bets range from $10 to $25. The only time to find $10 minimums at any table game is between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m.

Big Six

Big Six wheel
image courtesy of Caesars

Just correctly guess where the wheel will stop to win.

Pai Gow Poker

One of the ways this poker-based game differs from Texas Hold’em is that the player places a bet before seeing his cards. A Pai Gow deck has 53 cards including a joker that can substitute as an ace or complete a straight or flush. 

The hand rankings are the same as in hold’em with two exceptions. A wheel as ace – five straight is the lowest straight in traditional poker, but in Pai Gow, it’s the second highest, only behind 10 – ace. Now, four aces and a joker is called five of a kind and it replaces a royal flush as the highest ranking hand in the game.

The Pai Gow Poker player has to make two hands: a two card hand and one with five cards. The five card hand has to out rank the two card hand which can only be high cards or a pair.  Beat both of the banker’s hands to win at Pai Gow Poker. The LINQ has two Pai Gow Poker tables. The minimum bet is $10 to $25.

Let it Ride Poker

Unlike at a traditional poker table, you’re not competing with the players seated around you at a Let it Ride game. Only the player’s cards are important in Let it Ride. Draw a pair of 10’s or better and make even money. Hit a royal flush and get paid 1000:1. Make a pair smaller than tens and you lose the hand.

Once you see your hand, tuck your cards under your first bet if you like what you’ve been dealt, and Let it Ride. Not thrilled with your cards? Scratch them on the table to signal the dealer that you want to Pull Back your first bet. Face down on the felt are two community cards which can be used by any player to improve the strength of his hand. The first community card is revealed and the player can Let it Ride or Pull Back his second bet, but the third bet remains on the table. After the dealer shows the second community card, he turns over all the players’ hands and identifies winners.

The LINQ has one Let it Ride Table with a $5 to $10 minimum bet.

Three Card Poker

The rankings are the same as with traditional poker with a few exceptions. In Three Card Poker, three of a kind beats a straight and a straight beats a flush. Straights and flushes in this game only require three cards to be complete. 

To start the game, place a bet on the ante, or the middle triangle. Three cards will be dealt to each player and the dealer. If you like your cards and want to continue, put an equal bet on the play, or bottom triangle, and position your cards face down under your chips. Prefer to fold? Place your cards face down in front of your first bet. 

You don’t have anyone to beat except the dealer, so any king high or better is too good to fold. You win your ante bet and your play bet is returned if the dealer doesn’t have queen high or better. Whoever has the best hand wins at showdown, and the player is paid even money. The LINQ has three three-card poker tables with $5 to $10 minimum bets.

Pair Plus is a side bet the player will draw a pair or better. The house advantage on this bet is a hefty 7.29%. Pair Plus pays even money for a pair up to 40:1 for a straight flush. A Six Card Bonus is a side bet that looks at the best five card hand you can make using all your cards and the dealer’s cards. It takes three of a kind or higher to win.


William Hill Sportsbook at The LINQ casino
image courtesy of Caesars

Catch the game from Caesars Sportsbook at The LINQ. Fill your glass at the self-serve beer tap wall and order food and drinks to be delivered directly to your private Fan Cave. Make a winning wager on your favorite college or pro team or test your luck picking the ponies. Bet on football, basketball, baseball, hockey, auto racing and more. Watch the game in a lounge with comfy chairs, couches and more than 50 large television screens.

Visit The LINQ Casino

blue and red outside of The LINQ building
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Still craving more adrenaline during your LINQ experience? Soar at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour on the Strip’s only zipline, FlyLINQ. Yes, you will earn credits when you buy tickets for this thrill ride. Craving slightly less heart-pounding fun? Check out Brooklyn Bowl at the Promenade, where you can bowl, dine and listen to a rock concert. It all awaits you center Strip at The LINQ.

Frequently Asked Questions About The LINQ Casino

Where is The LINQ casino in Las Vegas?

The LINQ casino is accessible from the middle of the Las Vegas Strip, and is close to other Strip hotels such as Harrah’s and Flamingo Las Vegas.

Can you smoke inside The LINQ casino?

Yes. The LINQ is one of the Caesars properties that allows smoking inside the casino, snd also offers several smoking rooms.

What restaurants are inside The LINQ casino?

The LINQ casino houses favorites such as Chayo Mexican and Off The Strip, in addition to bars around the lobby and throughout the ground floor.

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