Resorts World Casino: The Games, The Rewards, The Strategy

Gamblers Give Praise to the Posh New Casino at Resorts World

The sleek mega resort stands 66-stories tall as it claims its spot among the 30+ hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. With a casino the size of two football fields, Resorts World Las Vegas has more than 1,400 slot machines, 30 poker tables and an impressive array of 117 table games. With a finger on the pulse of technology, Resorts World is the first Nevada casino to offer cashless gaming at slot machines and table games. Players can pay for their gaming by smartphone by downloading the Resorts World app and loading a digital wallet. Ahead of the curve, Resorts World is also the first casino in Las Vegas to use RFID embedded chips to provide 100% accurate reporting of a player’s gaming activity. 

Genting Rewards

Take a gamble at the newest casino on the Strip to earn points good in the Resorts World casino, most restaurants and at select retail shops. The Genting Rewards program also awards points for spending outside the casino. Earn at bars, restaurants, retail shops, entertainment venues and Awana Spa at Resorts World. Register for a players club card to earn Genting Tier Points and Rewards Points at the rates below. 

  • $1 in slot play = 3 pts
  • $3.50 in video poker = 3 pts
  • Table games – $1 in theoretical win or theo = 20 points 
  • Retail – $1 in spend = 5 points

One Genting Rewards Point is worth one-tenth of a cent. One-thousand Rewards Points are equal to $1 in comps. Tier Points have no cash value. By rising up in Tiers, players earn benefits like priority check-in, members-only room rates and exclusive invitations to events and promotions.

Genting Rewards doesn’t give points for a hotel stay, but Hilton Honors has you covered. Hilton, Conrad and Crockfords guests earn points good for free nights at Resorts World, purchases on Amazon, rental cars and more.

Enticing Offers in the Mail

You may get offers by mail or email for free nights and more based on your level of play. Guests at many Strip properties are routinely offered free nights following a stay at a Vegas hotel and casino. Ensure the rewards desk has your correct address or you could miss out on a golden opportunity. Accepting an offer you get through the mail has no impact on your Genting Rewards Points balance.

Earn for Drinking and Dining

With more than 40 restaurants including Famous Foods Street Eats, Resorts World has more dining options than any hotel on the Strip. Even a competitive eater would be outmatched by the quantity of food at the resort… and quality is second to none. The chef at Caviar Bar Las Vegas is Michelin-starred, and his cooking features organic salmon and Wagyu beef with a selection of international caviars. Guests earn Genting Rewards Points at the majority of food outlets and bars at Resorts World. Additional signature dining establishments include a steakhouse, a tapas bar, authentic Chinese cuisine and a Japanese bistro. 

Fine dining in Las Vegas
Too much on your plate? There’s no such thing in Las Vegas

Relax and Earn

Resorts World has an impressive 5.5-acre aquatic complex with five pools and spectacular views of the Las Vegas Strip. Guests earn Tier Points and Genting Rewards Points for food and drinks purchased at the pool. Escape the desert heat with frozen cocktails and covered patio dining at Agave Bar and Grill by the Main Pool. If you’re looking for something your kids will love, check out Bites snack bar at the Family Pool. To access the 1,800 square-foot Infinity Pool and VIP Pool Bar, guests must pay a daily fee or rent a daybed or cabana. Confirm with your server that your restaurant or bar participates in Genting Rewards. 

How Rewards are Calculated

In the long run, the house keeps a piece of every dollar a gambler puts at risk in a casino. That’s why employees at Las Vegas casinos are happy to offer rewards to loyal gamblers. Comps are based on the average dollar amount a player is expected to lose each day, known as average daily theoretical or ADT. It’s unrelated to how much you actually win or lose. 

ADT is determined by the type of game you’re playing, your average bet and how long you stay at the table. In the end, the casino comes up with a dollar figure representing how much it expects you to lose each day, and comps you around 20 – 30%  of that amount.

How to get More Comps

You can’t get points without a players card, but there are still times it’s best not to use one. Primarily, when you don’t plan to gamble long or invest much money. Pretend you put $600 into play on Saturday, then in a rush to catch your flight the next day, you can’t resist tapping the spin button a few more times. Do that and the high rating you earned Saturday will plummet. In situations like this, go ahead and play Sunday, just don’t use your players card.

It may take some of the fun out of gambling, but you’ll earn the most comps by draining your entire bankroll for the trip in one day at one casino. Gambling $600 on the same day earns a player a higher rating and more comps than betting $200 in chips each day for three days.

Close up of poker chips
The healthier way to enjoy chips, in Las Vegas

Learn About Available Promotions

Genting Rewards will match your tier if you’ve attained elevated status with a participating loyalty program. Casino programs for consideration include Mlife, Wynn Rewards, Grazie Rewards, Identity, Caesars Rewards, B Connected, 24K-Select, MyChoice, MyRewards, Cache Club, Club Barona, Club Serrano and The Club. The New Member Milestone Accelerator promotion ramps up the number of points a player earns within the first week of membership. 

Inquire About a Casino Host

Think of your casino host as you would a concierge at a hotel. A host will remember what you like and get you the best comps to suit your wants and needs. This includes things like upgraded rooms, limo rides to and from the airport and show tickets.

People enjoying Champagne in a limousine
Join the Limo-Scene in your very own Limousine! The best way to see Las Vegas

Back-End Comps

Casino guests who gamble often can request comps, and many times they’ll be granted. Back-end comps can only be applied to items charged to your room. Before checkout, ask your casino host to evaluate your play and remove any charges possible. Don’t ask for back-end comps until you’re done gambling for the remainder of the trip. You don’t need your own casino host to qualify for back-end comps. Just go to the rewards desk and ask to speak to the host on duty. It takes courage to approach a casino host, but if you can work up the nerve, there’s no downside and you might be surprised by what you save.

Line of Credit

Most large casinos, like Resorts World, allow players to apply for a line of credit. This gives a player the freedom to gamble without carrying large amounts of cash or being burdened by the constraints of daily ATM limits and fees. The minimum amount that can be requested at Resorts World is $5,000. If approved, the casino gives you a marker that can be traded to the dealer for chips. Typically, a player has 30 days to pay off a marker, but casinos usually prefer you settle up before check out.

POker chips spread out on a table
Keep the fun going by getting a credit line in Las Vegas

How do I Spend my Rewards Credits?

Genting Rewards Points are used as resort credits at most Resorts World restaurants and select retail shops. Points can also be redeemed for Freeplay in the casino. Poker comps can be redeemed at most restaurants and gift shops at Resorts World Las Vegas.

Protect your Rewards Credits

A player has to be inactive for three years before his Genting Rewards Points expire. Members, however, have to start over each year when it comes to accumulating Tier Points, which reset to zero every January. The exception is when a member reaches a new tier. He keeps his new status until the end of the current year, as well as for the entire year that follows.


More than 1,400 Las Vegas slot machines are situated throughout Resort World’s sweeping 117,000 square-foot casino floor. Gamblers can try to get lucky on traditional reel machines or shoot for the stars on progressive slots with growing jackpots. While the jackpots tend to be smaller on non-progressives, the payout percentage is higher. Non-progressive $1 slot machines on the Strip return 95%, while Nevada Megabucks $1 progressive slot machines return around 88%. The Megabucks jackpot starts at $10 million, and a portion of every dollar put into a machine is added to the total. The largest ever Nevada Megabucks Jackpot was $39.7 million.

Blurry slots in Vegas
Keep your focus playing slots in Vegas

Video Poker

The number of video poker machines pales in comparison to the number of slots at the Resorts World casino. According to Wizard of Odds, the average return for $0.25, $0.50 and $1 denomination machines is 96.43%. The maximum return is 96.87%. The average return is 97.41% for $2, $5, $10, $25 and $50 denomination machines, with a maximum return of 97.87%.

A player inserts his money into the machine and presses “deal” to begin the game. Five cards are dealt to the player who presses the “hold” button corresponding to the cards he chooses to keep. The rest are discarded and new cards are drawn. The player’s final five-card poker hand is displayed on the screen and paid based on its position on the pay table. Jacks or better, paying even money, is at the bottom of the vast majority of video poker pay tables. At the top, a royal flush pays 800 to 1.


Uninformed blackjack players think when another player makes a bad decision, it hurts their chance of winning. One of the worst offenses is when the last player to act, called the third baseman, stands when he should have hit, then the dealer gets a good card and beats the table. A card he wouldn’t have drawn if the player had hit like basic strategy dictated. Misplaying your hand on third base is not a crime worthy of the insults that get hurled at players by superstitious tablemates who don’t understand the game. While dumb plays can cause you to lose hands, you can win just as many thanks to poor decisions by your tablemates. Blackjack games, of course, or games of strategy.

The action unfolds as players place their bets. The dealer deals two cards to the players, face up in shoe games, and two cards to himself, one facing down and the other facing up. Starting on the left, each player decides how to play his hand, then it’s the dealer’s turn. A player can hit and take another card, or stand and move on to the next player. When a player has a hand worth an extra investment, he can double down by placing another bet and taking one, and only one, additional card. A player who is dealt two cards of equal value can place another bet and split to turn his hand into two. The dealer adds one card to each of the originals, and the player starts fresh with both of his new hands. Not all blackjack tables allow players to double after split, but it’s to your advantage to play at one that does. Also not permitted at all tables, surrender allows players to forfeit their worst hands in exchange for half their bet back.

The Main Casino at Resorts World Las Vegas has 34, 6-deck blackjack tables. Blackjack pays 6:5 and dealer hits on soft 17. 

Close up of hands playing blackjack
Play your hand against the house, blackjack in Las Vegas


If winning is more fun with friends by your side, you’ll enjoy meeting a lively new crowd of people when you play the most sociable game in the casino. Enjoy the party atmosphere at the table and make bets with a low house edge under 1.5%. Craps has a $10 minimum bet when demand is light. Resorts World Las Vegas has six craps tables.

Around 90% of the table bets with the shooter in craps. When he rolls his point, they double their money and the excitement is contagious. Betting with the shooter is called betting on the Pass Line. The rest bet on the Don’t Pass Line, or against the shooter. When the shooter rolls a seven or 11 on his first roll, called a Come Out roll, it’s called a natural. Everyone who bet the Pass Line wins even money and those who bet the Don’t Pass Line lose. Players who bet against the shooter win when he rolls a two or three and tie when he rolls a 12. Players who bet with the shooter lose when he rolls a two, three or 12. When the shooter rolls four, five, six, eight, nine or 10, that becomes his Come Out Point. Players who bet the Pass Line win when the shooter rolls his point again without rolling a seven. 

Once a point has been established, more bets become available including the Come bet and Don’t Come bet which work just like the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line wagers. The only bet in the casino with no house edge, experts say make the largest odds bet your bankroll permits. Resorts World allows players to bet 3-4-5x their original bets.

A spinning blurry Roulette wheel


Roll your luck with roulette. Spectacular payouts on single-number bets, called straight bets, attract players to this game of chance with a 5.26% house edge. With only a 2.6% chance of success, place a $10 straight bet and the dealer will give you back your original wager and another $350 when your number flashes on the screen. Impressive, but experts warn not to bet on the numbers area of the layout. Known as an inside bet, the returns are so high because they payout so infrequently. Outside bets, made outside the numbers area of the layout, payout less because the best ones win nearly half the time. Red/black, odd/even and high/low pay even money more than 47% of the time.

The casino at Resorts World features seven double-zero and three triple-zero roulette wheels. The minimum bet is $10 when demand is low and $15 and higher when tables start filling up. The technologically advanced casino has a huge selection of computerized games including 78 roulette electronic table games and 193 virtual roulette games.

Close up of a roulette wheel
Take a spin to win! Roulette in Las Vegas


A game based purely on luck, the classic game of baccarat has a low house edge and learning to play takes no more time than reading an email. The casino at Resorts World has a minimum of 17 baccarat tables and can accommodate up to 37 tables based on demand. The minimum baccarat bet outside the Crockfords Casino is $25 and up. The house edge is 1.06% when you bet on the banker, but the player is responsible for a 5% commission. The house has a 1.24% advantage when you bet on the player and a 14.36% edge on the tie wager. Even with the 5% fee, a bet on the banker has the best odds. Bets on the banker and player pay even money.

The outcome of the game depends on the player’s first and only move. He places a bet for the banker, player or on a tie. The player’s hand doesn’t have to beat the dealer’s in baccarat as long as he successfully picks the winner. The winner is the individual whose hand total comes closest to nine, but not higher. To start the hand, the player and the banker are dealt two cards face-up. Any hand totaling eight or nine wins. If both hands total eight or nine it’s a tie. When the totals are anything other than eight or nine, the banker consults a rule book to dictate the player’s next move.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a slow-paced card game that will stretch your bankroll further than just about any other game in the casino. With just over 40% of hands ending in a push, it’s not the game to play if your main goal is winning lots of money. If you care just as much about preserving your funds, Pai Gow Poker fits the bill. Resorts World has six Pai Gow Poker tables with a $15 minimum bet that rises based on demand.

After players place their bets, the banker deals seven cards to himself and seven to every seat at the table, even the empty ones. The cards are arranged into two hands: a five-card poker hand, called a high hand, and a two-card hand, called a low hand. The high hand must outrank the low hand which has to be a high card or pair. The player only wins if he beats both the banker’s hands. It’s a tie if the banker and the player each have one winning hand. The player loses when both the banker’s hands are better than his.

Pai Gow Poker hand rankings are nearly the same as those used in conventional poker, but there are a few differences… and they’re major. To begin with, for as long as poker has been in existence, the royal flush has occupied the top spot on the hand rankings chart. In Pai Gow Poker, that privilege goes to five of a kind, made up of four aces and a joker. A joker is the 53rd card in a Pai Gow Poker deck. While a royal flush drops in value, an ace – five straight, called a wheel, jumps in the rankings. The second highest straight in Pai Gow Poker, a wheel is the lowest straight in Texas Hold’em.

Three Card Poker

A woman dealing cards for poker

Unlike five-card draw, one of the most common forms of poker, the best three-card hand wins at this casino-based poker game. The Three Card Poker paytable has been adjusted to represent the new rankings of hands that have become more or less valuable with only three cards. As a rule, a straight is ranked higher than three of a kind. Atypical in poker, a straight outranks a flush in Three Card Poker. Three of a kind and a straight have also traded places on the paytable. In Three Card Poker, three of a kind outranks straights and flushes, the opposite of standard hand rankings. Resorts World has three Three Card Poker tables. The minimum bet is $10 and up based on demand.

The hand gets underway when each player makes a mandatory Ante bet and has the option to make a Pair Plus side bet. Three cards are dealt face down to the players and the dealer. Based on the strength of his hand, a player decides whether to fold and lose his Ante or make a Play bet equal to the size of his Ante. Optimal strategy says to bet Q-6-4 and higher. Once betting has come to a close, the dealer turns over the player’s cards, as well as his own. A player wins even money on his Ante bet and his Play bet is returned when the dealer doesn’t have at least queen high. When the dealer’s hand qualifies, his cards are compared to the player’s who wins even money on his Ante and Play bets when he has the highest-ranking hand. The Pair Plus side bet pays out on a pair or better according to the strength of the player’s hand.  

Ultimate Texas Hold’em

In Ultimate Texas Hold’em, the player and the dealer are competing to make the best five-card poker hand. A player can wager up to 4x more in the first betting round of Ultimate Texas Hold’em than the last. That’s important because a player can only make one bet once the hand begins, giving an interesting twist to Ultimate Texas Hold’em strategy. The stronger the hand a player’s dealt, the larger the amount he wishes to wager. To build the pot, place a bet at the first available opportunity. Resorts World has four tables of Ultimate Texas Hold’em. The minimum bet is $10 and up based on demand.

To start, players make equal bets in the Ante and Blind circles and an optional Trips Bonus side bet that pays out on three of a kind or better. The players and dealer are dealt two cards face down. Five community cards are dealt face down in front of the dealer. A player examines his cards and can elect to check or make a Play bet 3x to 4x his Ante. The dealer turns over the first three community cards and the players who bet the first round must check. The rest have the option to check or make a Play bet 2x their Ante. The dealer turns over the final two community cards and a player who checked the previous two betting rounds must make a Play bet equal to the size of his Ante or fold. The rest check and the dealer reveals the player’s cards as well as his own. 

The dealer needs to make a pair or better for his hand to qualify. Otherwise, the player’s Ante is returned, but his Blind and Play bets remain in play. When the dealer’s hand qualifies, the player’s Play and Ante bets are paid even money when his hand outranks the dealer’s. The Blind bet results in a push when the player beats the dealer with less than a straight. When the player wins with a straight or better, his Blind bet is paid odds based on the strength of his hand. You don’t have to beat the dealer to win the Trips side bet, and you’re eligible to win even if you fold your hand.

Close up of a croupier dealing poker
Don’t be a lone-star player, jump into Texas Holdem in Las Vegas

Crazy 4 Poker

Resorts World has four Crazy 4 Poker tables. The minimum bet is $10 and up based on demand. As the name suggests, the object of Crazy 4 Poker is to make the best possible four-card poker hand out of five possible cards. To begin with, players make equal bets on the Ante and Super Bonus and an optional Queens Up side bet. The dealer and the players are each dealt five cards. After examining his hand, a player can fold or make a Play bet and challenge the dealer to a heads-up match. The Play bet must be equal to the size of the Ante unless the player’s dealt a pair of aces or better. With top pair+, a player can make a Play bet up to 3x his Ante. When betting is closed, the hand proceeds to showdown. The player reviews his five cards and eliminates one to make his final four-card poker hand. Next, the dealer turns over his five cards, and chooses the best four. 

The dealer needs at least king high, or his hand doesn’t qualify. When that happens, the player wins even money on his Play bet and his Ante bet is returned. When the dealer’s hand qualifies and the player’s hand outranks his, the player’s Ante and Play bets win even money. When the dealer’s hand qualifies and it outranks the player’s, the player loses his Ante and Play bets. Unlike the Ante and Play bets, you don’t have to beat the dealer to win the Super Bonus wager and Queens Up side bet. The Super Bonus wager pays out when you make a straight or better. The Super Bonus bet pushes when you beat or tie the dealer with less than a straight. The Queens Up side bet wins when you’re dealt a pair of queens or better.

Poker Room

Cushioned leather seats and swanky new carpet make Resorts World a contender for most stylish poker room on the Strip. The 30 table poker room has captured the attention of Vegas vloggers. One YouTuber called it one of the best poker rooms in Vegas. Pedro Rigo | Poker Vlogs plays $1/$3 no-limit Hold’em at Resorts World. He recommends it to his viewers and particularly likes the deep buy-in’s at the poker tables. The buy-in for $1/$3 no-limit Hold’em is $100 to $400. The buy-in for $2/$5 no-limit Hold’em is $200 to $1,200 and for $5/$10 no-limit Hold’em it’s $500 to $3,000. The maximum rake is $5. The poker room runs tournaments twice daily at 12:05 p.m. and 7:05 p.m. The buy-in is $160 and the guaranteed prize pool is $3,000. For player convenience, there are two restrooms just steps away from the poker room.

DawgHouse Saloon & Sports Book

At this unique saloon and sportsbook, food, drinks and entertainment take center stage. In addition to big screen TVs and comfortable seating for sports fans, guests enjoy pub fare, free live musical performances and letting loose on the dance floor. The 15,000 square-foot space features live classic rock, country and pop performances daily. Two bars serve craft beers, cocktails and classic comfort food with a Southern twist. Guests earn Genting Rewards Points for their activities at DawgHouse Saloon & Sports Book, a loyalty program similar to many other sportsbooks in Vegas.

A woman using a mobile phone

Crockfords Casino

Crockfords Casino caters exclusively to high-limit slot machine and table game players. The minimum bet in Crockfords Casino is $100 a hand and up based on demand. The casino accommodates up to 21, 6-deck blackjack tables and one, double-deck table. Blackjack pays 3:2 and dealer stands on soft 17 at 6-deck tables. The maximum bet is $10,000 a hand.

The casino features from 12 to 26 baccarat tables, based on demand. The maximum bet at the baccarat tables is $20,000. European Roulette can only be found in the high-limit rooms of upscale casinos. Crockfords Casino has three European Roulette wheels with maximum bets ranging from $1,000 to $20,000. One to two craps tables are available with a maximum bet of $5,000. An exquisite lounge features marble floors and a piano surrounded by plush ivory chairs and couches. The High Limit Bar provides sanctuary for high-stakes gaming guests. 

Crockford's slot machines
Lots of slots at Crockfords, Las Vegas

Sky Casino

A private gaming area on the 66th floor, Sky Casino has a breathtaking view of the Las Vegas Strip. The minimum bet required to gamble at Sky Casino is $100 a hand and up based on demand. The casino has four, 6-deck blackjack tables with a $10,000 maximum bet. Blackjack pays 3:2 and dealer stands on soft 17. Four baccarat tables have a $20,000 maximum bet, and one double-zero roulette wheel has maximum bets that range from $1,000 to $20,000. Gamblers can select from the finest selection of handcrafted cocktails and rare spirits at Allē Lounge on 66.

Local’s Discounts

The self-proclaimed “Local’s Strip Property,” Resorts World Las Vegas is offering exclusive savings to Las Vegas residents. Genting Rewards members who live in Las Vegas receive a 20% discount on rooms at Hilton, Conrad and Crockfords. The savings will be significant for locals who use their 20% discount at a selection of the resort’s 40+ restaurants. The promotion is not valid on weekends or holidays. Resorts World is also offering locals a 20% savings on non-alcoholic drinks and food at Alle Lounge on 66 and a $65 three-course pre-fixe menu at contemporary Asian restaurant Fuhu.

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