Does the Newly Renovated Luxor Live Up To The Legend?

When fully powered, the Luxor Sky Beam can be seen from space. Back on earth, the sleek black pyramid is a must see for millions of tourists worldwide. The 350 foot high Luxor pyramid is one of the tallest in the world. When the mega resort opened in 1993, the pyramid was the tallest building on the Strip. At the entrance to Luxor stands a 110 foot tall replica of the Great Sphinx of Giza. The Las Vegas sphinx is two stories, or 46 feet, taller than the original. 

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Front view of hte Luxor Sphinx in las Vegas
Come and see the great Sphinx at the Luxor in Las Vegas

Earn MGM Rewards at Luxor

Who’s ready to take a selfie with the Great Sphinx of Giza? Don’t plan your next vacation without learning how to get the most out of MGM Rewards. The new loyalty program at MGM Resorts has waived resort fees for mid-tier status members. Formerly Mlife, the loyalty program is expanding the ways rewards can be earned and redeemed. The only drawback is that Tier Credits take longer to accumulate under the new program. 

Earn on Non-Gaming Activities

Under Mlife, $1 was worth 25 Tier Credits. Now, guests earn four Tier Credits for every $1 spent on non-gaming activities. That means you would have to spend more than $18,000 to attain gold status. Unlike before, however, you’ll enjoy no no resort fees at gold and above. 

Earn one Rewards Point for every $1 spent on hotel stay, food and drinks, spa services and entertainment. One MGM Rewards Point is worth one cent, so 10,000 points equals $100.

Types of Rewards

The program offers several types of rewards. Tier Credit establishes your player status at the resort: Sapphire, Pearl, Gold, Platinum, Noir. Rewards Points work like cash at hotels, restaurants, spas and shows. Slot Dollars are redeemable for free slot play. 

Enticing Offers in the Mail

You may get offers by mail or email for free nights and more based on your level of play. Las Vegas visitors frequently report receiving free room offers, and even low rollers are getting in on the action. Ensure the rewards desk has your correct address or you could miss out on a golden opportunity. Accepting an offer you get through the mail has no impact on your points balance.

The Blue Man group standing with arms in the air
The Blue Man Group at the Luxor in Las Vegas. Photo by Joseph Burke

Earn for Hotel Stay, Drinking and Dining

Stay in a basic Pyramid King or a Tower Penthouse Suite and start earning Tier Credits and Rewards Points for every dollar you spend. Rack up even more rewards when you spend at restaurants and bars.

Feast on Mexican favorites at Diablo’s Cantina or dine at the award winning Tender steakhouse + lounge. Whether you’re a loner or the life of the party, you’ll find something to love about the bars at Luxor. Named after the Aurora Borealis, crystals hang from the ceiling above the bar at Aurora. This bar seats 157, and features unique lighting effects across the ceiling based on the Aurora Borealis, also called the Northern lights. Centrally located, Centra is a welcome escape from the crowded casino that surrounds the bar, and Flight bar is open 24-hours. If you’re debating about whether to see a show, keep in mind that your ticket purchase can be paid for with Reward Points. Popular shows at Luxor include Carrot Top, Blue Man Group and America’s Got Talent Las Vegas Live.

the outdoor pools of the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas
Come and enjoy the wonderful pools at the Luxor in Las Vegas

Luxor Las Vegas (from USD $79 )

While many of the properties along the Strip follow traditional architecture, Luxor is located inside its legendary black glass pyramid.

Relax and Earn

Luxor’s five-acre outdoor oasis features four large pools, four whirlpools and a 125,650 square-foot pool deck. Earn Tier Credits and Rewards Points when you order off the poolside menu and spend at the spa or salon. Nurture Spa is a dreamlike sanctuary with a dry sauna, eucalyptus steam room, jacuzzis and a relaxation lounge. Services include massage, facials and body treatments. After a day at the spa, you should experience a sense of tranquility and bliss. From time to time, however, nothing lifts the spirits faster than a new look. Nurture Salon at Luxor offers nail, hair and make-up services for men and women.

Luxor is host to the longest running LGBTQ+ pool party in Las Vegas. The Temptation Sundays season at the Luxor begins May 8, 2022, and runs every Sunday through Labor Day Weekend from 1 p.m. – 7 p.m. LGBTQ+ Temptation pool parties feature live DJs, theme nights and surprise celebrity guests. The entry fee is $15 for MGM Resorts guests, locals and military and emergency service members. For anyone else, it costs $25 to enter the adults only LGBTQ+ event. Space fills up fast, so reservations are recommended. 

Accumulate Points in the Casino

Play slots and video poker to earn Tier Credits, MGM Rewards Points and Slot Dollars. Earn more Tier Credits and Rewards Points when you place a bet at one of Luxor’s 62 gaming tables. Are sports your thing? Collect Tier Credits when you place a wager at the sports bar or on the BetMGM app. 

How Rewards are Calculated

In the long run, the house keeps a piece of every dollar a gambler puts at risk in a casino. That’s why employees at Las Vegas casinos are happy to offer rewards to loyal gamblers. Comps are based on the average dollar amount a player is expected to lose each day, known as average daily theoretical or ADT. It’s unrelated to how much you actually win or lose. 

ADT is determined by the type of game you’re playing, your average bet and how long you stay at the table. In the end, the casino comes up with a dollar figure representing how much it expects you to lose each day, and comps you around 20 – 30%  of that amount.

Comps and Promotions

How to get More Comps

Playing slots or video poker is the fastest way to earn MGM Rewards Points. You can’t get points without a players card, but there are still times it’s best not to use one. Primarily, when you don’t plan to gamble long or invest much money. Pretend you put $600 into play on Saturday, then in a rush to catch your flight the next day, you can’t resist tapping the spin button a few more times. Do that and the high rating you earned Saturday will plummet. In situations like this, go ahead and play Sunday, just don’t use your players card.

It may take some of the fun out of gambling, but you’ll earn the most comps by draining your entire bankroll for the trip in one day at one casino. Gambling $600 on the same day earns a player a higher rating and more comps than betting $200 in chips each day for three days.

Learn About Available Promotions

As part of a 2022 MGM Rewards promotion, slot players receive100 Gift Points for every $1 Slot Dollar earned. MGM Rewards does not disclose how many dollars of coin-in it takes to earn a $1 Slot Dollar. The Holiday Gift Shop Promotion is giving away bonus points June 20 to July 31, 2022.  Players earn 2x Gift Points Friday – Sunday and 3x Gift Points Monday – Thursday. Gift Points can be redeemed for jewelry, electronics, designer handbags and more. Gift Point redemptions can only be made in person at an annual Holiday Gift Shoppe event.

The MGM Rewards Tier Match promo gives guests who have attained top tier status with a participating loyalty program matching status at MGM Rewards. A recent 2x points multiplier promotion gave guests double the Tier Credits for gaming as well as spending in the hotel, restaurants and at the spa. Promotions like this pop up on a regular basis, so whenever possible gamble on a multiplier day.

Inquire About a Casino Host

Think of your casino host as you would a concierge at a hotel. A host will remember what you like and get you the best comps to suit your wants and needs. This includes things like upgraded rooms, limo rides to and from the airport and show tickets. At Luxor and other MGM Resorts destinations, host services are available to players in the Platinum and Noir Tiers. If you’re interested in working with a casino host and you gamble frequently, ask the person behind the rewards desk to review your play to find out if you qualify.

Back-End Comps

Casino guests who gamble frequently can request comps, and many times they’ll be granted. Back-end comps can only be applied to items charged to your room. Before checkout, ask your casino host to evaluate your play and remove any charges possible. Don’t ask for back-end comps until you’re done gambling for the remainder of the trip. You don’t need your own casino host to qualify for back-end comps. Just go to the rewards desk and ask to speak to the host on duty. It takes courage to approach a casino host, but if you can work up the nerve, there’s no downside and you might be surprised by what you save.

Line of Credit

Most Strip casinos, like Luxor, allow players to apply for a line of credit. This gives a player the freedom to gamble without carrying large amounts of cash or being burdened by the constraints of daily ATM limits and fees. The minimum amount that can be requested at Luxor is $2,500. If approved, the casino gives you a marker that can be traded to the dealer for chips. Typically, a player has 30 days to pay off a marker, but casinos usually prefer you settle up before check-out.

How do I Spend my Rewards Credits?

Redeem MGM Rewards Points for hotel stays, food, beverages, entertainment, spa treatments and more in any of over 20 MGM Resorts destinations in the United States. Slot Dollars can be redeemed for Freeplay in the casino. 

The needle at the Luxor hotel and casino
Get to the point at the Luxor, Las Vegas

Protect your Rewards Credits

For all but the bottom tier, rewards points never expire due to inactivity. Only Sapphire Tier members must use their players card at least once every six months or lose their Rewards Points. There’s no minimum amount you have to spend to remain active. All it takes to maintain your balance is one spin of the reels or a quick bite to eat at any MGM property in the United States. Members, however, have to start over each year when it comes to accumulating Tier Credits, which reset to zero every January. The exception is when a member reaches a new tier. He keeps his new status until the end of the current year, as well as for the entire year that follows.

Reward Tiers

Sapphire: up to 19,999 Tier Credits

Guests automatically achieve Sapphire Tier status when they sign up for a players card. All tiers include personalized offers and room discounts.

Pearl: 20,000 Tier Credits

Pearl Tier members are given a dedicated line at participating buffets, a 10% bonus on points earned playing slots and complimentary concert tickets.

Gold: 75,000 Tier Credits

For the first time, Gold Tier status comes with waived resort fees. Other benefits include a priority hotel check-in line, complimentary room upgrades, 4pm late check out when available and a $100 tier achievement dinner. Gold Members also earn a 20% bonus on points earned playing slots. 

Platinum: 200,000 Tier Credits

Platinum comes with all the benefits above, plus a $600 airfare credit, $200 tier achievement dinner and 30% bonus on points earned playing slots. The second tier to the top also includes priority access to valet and taxi service along with a complimentary cruise.

NOIR – By invitation only

This prestigious level allows the chosen few to indulge in all the perks of the other tiers plus collect a 40% bonus on points earned playing slots. Benefits include up to a $1200 airfare credit, a $500 tier achievement dinner and complimentary limo rides to and from the airport.

Games at Luxor Casino


While some players enjoy the social aspect of playing at a table, the ones who prefer to gamble solo typically prefer slots and video poker. Gambling machines are everywhere in Las Vegas. You can find them in bars, drug stores, laundromats, gas stations, convenience stores and grocery stores. There are around 1,400 slot machines at Harry Reid International Airport. Avoid playing at any of these locations because they payout significantly less than nearby casinos. For example, a nickel slot machine on the Strip pays out around 89%, but at the airport it only pays out 85%. The Luxor casino has more than 1,100 slot, video poker and multi-game machines in denominations ranging from a penny to $100. In March 2022, Luxor paid out more than $3 million in slot machine jackpots.

Video Poker

Video poker has some of the best odds in the casino. A player can increase his chance of winning by getting comfortable with video poker strategy charts. Study the charts to learn how to play every possible hand of video poker. They’re available online and at casino gift shops. Most casinos don’t mind if players consult strategy charts while they play.

To initiate play, insert cash or a ticket into the machine, choose a denomination and press “deal.” Five cards are displayed on the screen. The player presses the “hold” button corresponding to the cards he intends to keep and presses “deal.” The cards he did not hold are discarded and new ones are drawn to make the player’s final five-card poker hand. It takes jacks or better to win in most varieties of video poker.


Blackjack can be played with a single-deck, double-deck, six or eight decks. You can count on one hand the number of Strip casinos that offer 8-deck blackjack. The one single-deck game on the Strip isn’t playable because blackjack pays 6:5. A player practicing perfect basic strategy is facing around a 2% house edge at a 6:5 table compared to a 0.50% edge at a table that pays 3:2. Nearly all casinos on the Las Vegas Strip offer 6-deck and double-deck, with the majority of tables devoted to 6-deck. If conditions at the tables are equal, fewer decks is better for the player. Single-deck games have a lower house edge than multi-deck games. calculated the house advantage on multi-deck blackjack.

  • Double decks – 0.46% house advantage
  • Six decks – 0.64% house advantage
  • Eight decks – 0.65% house advantage

Casinos switched from single to multi-deck tables in the 1960’s as a countermeasure to card counters. It didn’t take long for players to find a way around the roadblock meant to drive them away. Using the High-Lo system, a card counter keeps an ongoing tally of how many high to low cards have been dealt. Kings, queens, jacks, 10’s and aces all have a value of -1. Sevens, eights and nines are equal to zero. The low cards, two through six, have a value of +1. Called the running count, it was the only number a player needed to track prior to multi-deck tables becoming standard. To adjust to the new normal, counters divided the running count by the number of decks left to be dealt. Called a true count conversion, dividing by a number no greater than eight has made it possible for counters to continue beating the casino for more than half a century.


Learn how to play craps and gain entrance to the biggest party on the casino floor. When the shooter rolls a winning number, most of the players at the table double their money. That’s because 90% of players bet on the Pass Line, or with the player. The only other opening bet is on the Don’t Pass Line, or against the player. When the shooter rolls a seven or 11 on his first roll, called a Come Out roll, everyone who bet the Pass Line wins even money and those who bet the Don’t Pass Line lose. When the dice land on two, three or 12, the shooter and the players who bet the Pass Line lose. The ones who bet the Don’t Pass Line win when the shooter rolls a two or three and tie when the dice land on 12. Roll four, five, six, eight, nine or 10 and that becomes your Come Out Point. Win the round by rolling your point again, without rolling a seven. Once a point is established, a player can make additional bets including an odds bet. The only wager with no house edge, most Strip casinos allow players to make an odds bet up to 5x their original wager.


When the roulette wheel lands on your number, the payout is 35:1. Called a straight bet, win a $10 wager and get your $10 back plus an additional $350. The payout is so massive because straight bets win less than 3% of the time. Experts caution against making multiple straight bets in the same round. If you want to place a wager on another number, try making an inside bet on two or more. 

An even better choice, outside bets win almost as often as they lose. A bet on red/black, odd/even and high/low pays out nearly 48% of the time. A bet on low/high is a wager on the numbers 1 – 18 or 19 – 36. The column bet and the dozen bet pay out more than 31% of the time. Outside bets payout less because their win rate is so high. While outside bets pay even money, the lowest payout for an inside bet on the field of numbers is five times as big. The higher payout comes with a lower chance of winning.

No one at the table uses the same color chips so that the dealer can tell the player’s bets apart. 

The chips have no cash value, and are only good for roulette, so exchange them for regular chips before you leave the table.


A lower limits version of baccarat, mini-baccarat is played on a smaller table. The players and the dealer take turns acting as the banker in the high-stakes version, but in mini-baccarat, the players aren’t allowed to touch the cards. 

Baccarat is different from other card games because a player can lose with the best hand and win with the worst. Before the cards are dealt, the player makes a guess as to who will win the next hand. When he’s right, he wins the round, even if his hand doesn’t beat the dealer’s. 

He can make a wager on the player or dealer that pays even money, or bet the two will tie. At 8:1, the latter has the highest payout, but ties happen less than 10% of the time. Also called sucker bets, tie bets have a 14.4% house edge. A bet on the banker has the lowest house edge at 1.06%, but the player is responsible for a 5% commission. A bet on the player has a 1.24% house edge.

The player and the banker are each dealt two cards face-up. The highest hand out of a total of nine wins. Ten, jack, queen and king have a value of zero in baccarat, and an ace is equivalent to one. If a player’s cards add up to a double-digit number, the first digit is dropped and only the second is counted. For example, 9-7 totals 16, so it would be counted as six. If either the player or banker has a hand totaling eight or nine, called a natural, it wins and the hand is over. If both do, it ends in a tie. When neither total is eight or nine, the banker consults a rule book to dictate the player’s next move. 

Let it Ride

Don’t like your hand in Let it Ride? No problem! Just take part of your bet back. A player starts out placing three bets and receives three cards. He is given two opportunities to Let it Ride or Pull Back his bet, once after looking at his cards and again after seeing the first community card. The third and final bet remains on the table. If the player chooses to Let it Ride, the second community card is revealed and his five-card poker hand is evaluated. It takes 10’s or better to win at Let it Ride.

Three Card Poker

Before the cards are dealt, each player makes a bet on the Ante and has the option to make a Pair Plus side bet that pays out on a pair or better. Three cards are dealt face down to each player and the dealer. The player looks at his hand, and if he thinks it’s better than the dealer’s, he makes a Play bet the same size as the Ante. Otherwise, he can fold and forfeit his Ante bet. When all bet’s are in, the dealer turns the player’s cards over as well as his own. If the dealer doesn’t have at least queen high, the player wins even money on his Ante bet and his Play bet is returned. When the dealer’s hand qualifies, the winner is the one with the highest ranking three-card poker hand. The player wins even money on his Ante and Play bets if he has the best hand, and loses both bets if the dealer does. The Pair Plus bet pays when the player has a pair or better, even if the dealer has a better hand.

At first glance, a few of the hands on the Three Card Poker hand ranking chart appear to be in the wrong order. For one, three of a kind is ranked higher than a straight, and a straight outranks a flush. The reverse is true in conventional poker where instead of having the most value, three of a kind ranks below both a straight and a flush. The difference is that when you’re only playing with three cards, there are fewer ways to make three of a kind than a straight and fewer ways to make a straight than a flush. 

Progressive Ultimate Texas Hold’em

The more cards a player sees in Progressive Ultimate Texas Hold’em, the less money he’s permitted to bet. A player’s allowed to make one and only one Play bet. Anytime you’re dealt a premium hand, build the pot right away by placing a Play bet when you see your cards. A hand begins when players make equal bets in the Ante and Blind circles and optional Trips and progressive side bets. The player and the dealer are each dealt two cards face down. Once he examines his cards, the player can check, or make a Play bet 3x to 4x his Ante. Five community cards are face-down on the table. The dealer turns over three cards that are shared between the player and dealer to make the best possible five-card poker hand.  A player who checked on the previous betting round, can check again, or make a Play bet 2x his Ante. The final two community cards are turned over and a player who has checked twice is required to make a Play bet the same size as his Ante, or fold. A player who has already bet can only check and proceed to showdown. 

A heads-up game that pays out based on standard poker hand rankings, the dealer compares hands and identifies winners. When the dealer has less than a pair, the player’s Ante bet is returned, and all other bets are live. When the player’s hand beats the dealer’s, Ante and Play bets pay even money. A Blind bet is paid based on a standard pay table, regardless of the dealer’s hand. A player needs a straight or better to make money from a Blind bet. Beat the dealer with worse than a straight and the Blind bet ends in a push. It takes three of a kind or better to win the Trips side bet and a full house or better to win the progressive side bet.

Texas Hold’em Bonus Progressive

The player makes a bet on the Ante and optional Bonus and Progressive Jackpot side bets. Two cards, called hole cards, are dealt face down to the players and dealer. The player looks at his cards and decides whether his hand is good enough to go head to head with the dealer. If it’s not, he can fold and lose his Ante and Bonus bets. He will not be eligible for the Progressive Jackpot, but he’ll still get paid if his hand matches the progressive pay table. If the player wants to continue with the hand, he must place a bet 2x the Ante. The dealer turns over three community cards, called the flop. Players have the option to bet 2x the Ante or check. The dealer turns over the fourth community card, called the turn, then the fifth and final community card, called the river.

After each card, the player can bet double the Ante or check. The object of the game is to make a higher ranking five-card poker hand than the dealer using a combination of your two hole cards and the five community cards. When the player wins, he gets paid even money on everything but his side bets. The Ante pays even money for a straight or better. The Bonus Bet pays all pairs, A-J, A-Q and A-K. The Bonus Bet is based on your two hole cards. 

The side bets pay out according to where the hand ranks on a pay table. Win the Progressive Jackpot with four of a kind and the payout is $300, but win the Progressive Jackpot with a straight flush and the payout rises to $1,500. The Progressive side bet pays if you have a flush or better.

Free Bet Black Jack

In Free Bet Black Jack, splitting your hand costs nothing unless you’re splitting 10s. Doubling nine, 10 and 11 is also free. The trade off: If the dealer stands on 22, the hand ends in a push. Just like blackjack, the object of Free Bet Black Jack is to come closer to 21 than the dealer without busting. Rules vary, but Free Bet Black Jack is typically played with 6 decks, double after split is allowed, re-split pairs including aces, dealer hits on soft 17, blackjack pays 3:2 and no surrender. Studying strategy charts will give you better results, but the first thing to remember is to take every free split and free double opportunity you get.


BetMGM Sportsbook at Luxor is your home for college and pro football, basketball, baseball, soccer, boxing, hockey, mixed martial arts and more. The smoke-free, state-of-the-art sportsbook features 110 individual monitors and Plasma TVs. The sportsbook seats more than 60 and the racebook has room for around 35. A bathroom is nearby.

High Limit area

The High Limit area at Luxor offers players a secluded space to play 6-deck blackjack, double-deck blackjack, Mini-Baccarat and high denomination slot machines. The minimum bet required to play in the High Limit area is $100 a hand if you’re playing blackjack or maxBaccarat. Gain entry for just $25 a hand when you play maxRoulette. Reel Slots range in denomination from $1 to $100. The minimum bet on a video reel or video poker machine in the High Limit area is $.25. The maximum bet in the High Limit area is $5,000. High-Stakes players love the private cocktail station, lounge and attentive staff.

The Future and Latest Renovations of Luxor

colorful shot of Luxor
image courtesy of MGM

Luxor keeps its property up to date, renovating once every five years for the past 25 years. In February 2021, the South Strip resort updated 1,715 rooms in the Pyramid Tower. Some of the furniture in the renovated rooms came from Bellagio, who was remodeling its rooms simultaneously.

A press release from Luxor hotel and casino says the decor was inspired by Moroccan and North African cultures. “The rooms feature bold splashes of orange and blue with brilliant gold accents.”  The release says the bathrooms are modern, and that the remodel  represents, “a fresh take on the authentic Egyptian theme found throughout the property.” 

Does Luxor have a casino?

Definitely. Luxor has a large casino that caters to a wide range of gamblers.

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