A high roller’s heaven, Las Vegas casinos are lavish, over-the-top, and numerous. You’ll find gambling of all forms, from slot machines to craps to sports betting. Whatever your go-to game or bet is, you’ll find a place to do so here in Vegas. You can even find Bingo on the Strip!

If you’re on a tighter budget but still want that classic Las Vegas experience, Bally’s Las Vegas is a fantastic option. For those seeking true gambling luxury, consider stopping by the Bellagio’s high-roller room. There is no shortage of hotels with casinos on the Strip in Las Vegas, so you can always just go for a walk and see what you find!

One of the more popular slot machines in Vegas is the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. These are conveniently located in numerous casinos on the Strip, but if you want to be certain to try your hand at one of them, check out Harrah’s or Park MGM.

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FAQs about Casinos in Vegas

Can my kids stay in a hotel with a casino on the Las Vegas Strip?

Yes. Children are not allowed inside 21+ casinos, but they may stay in hotels that have casinos. Circus Circus is a popular, family-friendly resort that has both casinos and games and attractions specifically for children.

What is the best casino in Las Vegas?

While the “best” may depend on your specific gambling preferences, our overall pick would be the Bellagio’s casino for both its ambiance and generous array of options. Bets can range from $15 to $20,000 per play here, so there’s something for everyone.

Can I smoke inside casinos in Las Vegas?

Many casinos in Las Vegas on the Strip have allocated smoking areas on the casino floor. Many hotels also offer smoking rooms.