Learn more about things to do in Las Vegas from On The Strip’s blog. Our local writers share their expert knowledge and recommendations, whether you’re looking for tourist traps or niche spots. Las Vegas contains a plethora of unique experiences, from amazing foodie tours to resorts that take you back in time. Explore everything Sin City has to offer below.

Things To Do in Las Vegas

Loaded with more activities than anyone has time for, planning a trip to Vegas can be daunting. The trick is to understand your options before your vacation begins, allowing you to prioritize what gets you most excited. The Las Vegas Strip has the best things to do for anyone, from the avid sports fan to the adrenaline junkie.


Bring your dining expectations up a notch when you visit Sin City. Las Vegas is home to many culinary celebrities, all of whom are eager to provide a unique experience for your taste buds.


Have you ever dreamed of staying in a resort so big you get lost? Make that dream a reality with Las Vegas’ distinctive places to stay, each with a particular theme to vibe with your personality.

Las Vegas Services

Taking advantage of all Las Vegas has to offer means understanding the services you’ll have access to in the city, from bus routes to dispensaries and more. Don’t worry; our local experts at On The Strip got you covered.

Get ready for your unforgettable trip to Las Vegas with On The Strip’s local guides on things to do on the Strip. Use our blog to find the best family-friendly spots, the most luxurious hotel suites, and the wildest pool parties. We want you to enjoy a stress-free vacation filled with delicious cocktailsparty buses, and Instagram-worthy photo opportunities. Book your hotel stay now for a unique Las Vegas experience.